Unblock YouTube with a Risk-free VPN

Are you unable to access YouTube in your region? Don’t fret! Regardless of the reason behind its restriction to your area, subscribe to ExtremeVPN and access your favorite content on the giant video-sharing platform. Furthermore, unblock all streaming services online while remaining anonymous, protecting your online activities from your ISP, government watchdogs, or the platforms’ geo-restrictions.

Unblock YouTube Now with a Risk-free VPN

Access YouTube in 3 Simple Steps

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Step 1

Purchase an ExtremeVPN subscription for ultra-high connection speeds.


Step 2

Select a server from a country where YouTube is accessible completely, like the US, the UK, or Australia.


Step 3

Open YouTube and enjoy your entertainment time by watching whatever you want, wherever you are, anonymously.

Access All YouTube Services with ExtremeVPN

Youtube (Free)

With ExtremeVPN’s high-speed servers, you can access the original YouTube streaming platform and enjoy all its content for free. The giant video-sharing forum enjoys over a billion viewers worldwide. Moreover, it presents content in 76 languages and local versions in various countries globally.

Once you’ve subscribed to ExtremeVPN, you can access local versions of each country by selecting the server from that country as if you are physically residing there.

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Youtube Free

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a digital streaming platform whose content library showcases over 60 broadcasting channels, video-on-demand, and cloud DVR. Even though it is only available in the US at the moment, with ExtremeVPN, you still can access it by sitting in any part of the world by connecting to US servers.

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YouTube TV

YouTube Premium (YouTube Red)

Originally launched as YouTube Red, YouTube Premium lets you enjoy content without ads. This paid service allows subscribers to access content on YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Originals offline. Currently, YouTube Premium service is available in select countries, such as the United States, the UK, Australia, South Korea, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, and many in the European and Asian regions.

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Youtube Permium

YouTube Music

Just like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Pandora, YouTube Music is an online music platform. It is available in both versions, free and paid. If you are not a fan of ads in between listening to your favorite track, you can subscribe to YouTube Music Premium. Like YouTube Premium, YouTube Music service is currently available in selective countries. These countries include the US, Australia, the UK, Mexico, Canada, and a few Asian and European regions.

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YouTube Music

Vevo on YouTube

Ever tried to access the Vevo musical video of your favorite artist on YouTube? Only to find out it is unavailable in your area and blocked on YouTube. With ExtremeVPN, you can bypass such restrictions and access the videos you wish to see. With a single click on the ExtremeVPN app, connect to a server location where it is accessible, and enjoy your favorite content and songs on Vevo at your convenience!

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Vevo on YouTube

Explore New YouTube Channels, Artists, and Videos!

YouTube employs a recommendation mechanism depending on your IP address. For instance, if you are in the UK, you will see content trending in Britain at that moment. After becoming an ExtremeVPN subscriber, connect to any country you want to see what is trending and explore their culture by following their entertainment trends.

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Explore New YouTube Channels, Artists, and Videos!

Why Do YouTube Videos Get Blocked?

There could be various reasons behind YouTube’s inaccessibility to your region. These reasons could be geo-blocking to school, college, or organizational restrictions for beating laziness, restrictions put by video owners, and many more. We will discuss a few common reasons why YouTube may be inaccessible:

Network Blocking

YouTube can be a useful resource for students if used accordingly because of its whopping library of educational content available with a single click. On the contrary, it can be a big source of distraction when used just for the sake of watching invigorating and inappropriate content all the time. To curb this problem, many educational institutions and working organizations put network restrictions on YouTube’s entire network accessibility within their vicinity.

Network Blocking

Age Restrictions

YouTube enjoys giant viewership on the platform, with roughly 500 hours of content uploaded at any minute. This content could be based on various themes ranging from entertainment, sports, reality shows, cringe game shows, child safety, nudity, sexually suggestive content, vulgar language, or violence.

To keep the youth under 18 from watching inappropriate content, YouTube puts age restrictions on particular videos. YouTube video-sharing guidelines, in particular, state that the platform may place age restrictions on video even if it follows its policies but is deemed unwatchable for kids under 18.

Age Restrictions

Copyright Violation

To protect the rights of content providers and to keep the illegal distribution of copyrighted content from being misused, YouTube has set out a clear set of rules. If the content violates the platform’s copyright policies, the platform can remove or block such content.


Geographical Restraints

On YouTube, the content provider can set territorial restrictions on their content because of their licensing agreements. The term “geo-fencing” is completely in the hold of the content provider – YouTube doesn’t have any say in this regard. Content owners do this to restrict their content for a particular area. It won’t be accessible in other regions.


Government Censorship

Many countries ban the entire YouTube platform to keep their citizens from accessing unregulated information as they deem it to be harmful and inappropriate. These countries include China, Turkmenistan, Iran, and North Korea. There are also a few regimes that banned YouTube because of religious or political reasons from time to time. In addition, content that includes violation of a particular country’s law and order and criticism of government, rulers, or organizations also gets banned by such countries.

Government Censorship

Use a VPN to Access Anything Online

A Virtual Private Network connects you to the webpage via a server located in a distant place. When you visit websites or use services like YouTube, they identify the IP address of the remote server, not your actual IP address. In this way, you can trick the web forums as if you are accessing them from the countries you’ve selected. With ExtremeVPN, you can access a server network across 78 countries. Selecting the IP address of your desired country allows you to access YouTube by side-stepping the geo-restrictions, as mentioned earlier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access YouTube with a VPN? Up
Absolutely. A reliable VPN like ExtremeVPN works well with YouTube. Because of its streaming-optimized fleet of servers, you won’t even feel a minor buffering while watching your desired HD content on any streaming platform like YouTube.
Why is YouTube inaccessible? Up
There could be various reasons behind YouTube’s inaccessibility in your area. The most common reasons are: – Your country restricts the accessibility of YouTube or other video-sharing platforms for political or religious reasons. – The network on which you are connected blocks the availability of YouTube due to security reasons. – Almost all educational and working institutions block access to YouTube in their network to keep students and employees from getting distracted.
On what kind of devices can I stream YouTube with a VPN? Up
You can access YouTube on various devices, such as: – Mobile phones and Tabs, having iOS and Android operating systems – Computers and Laptops, including Windows, Mac(Apple), and Linux – Smart TVs and separate TV box systems that include Android TV, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick – Gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. ExtremeVPN built user-friendly apps for all the above devices and can connect to 10 machines simultaneously. If, for any reason, you aren’t able to install the ExtremeVPN app on your device, you can still enjoy its exciting features by connecting with your home’s router directly.
How to access YouTube on Chrome? Up
ExtremeVPN allows browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and other renowned browsers to make it easy to access YouTube whenever you want.
Is VPN usage illegal? Up
Not at all! It is perfectly legal unless your country prohibits you from utilizing VPN services(rear case). Millions of internet users worldwide use VPNs online to keep them hidden and protected. A VPN also allows you to access restricted content in your area.
Is a VPN good for accessing YouTube while traveling overseas? Up
Yes! You can access YouTube even if you are traveling abroad through a VPN. Just sign up to ExtremeVPN and access any website on the internet you want, regardless of your location.
What are the other benefits of using a VPN to access YouTube? Up
When connected to a public Wi-Fi network, your data safety will always remain at risk, as they can allow third parties to peek into your online sessions and take away your valuable information, like bank details or credentials. It is always considered a best practice to have a VPN in your armory when you visit the web. Apart from accessing YouTube anywhere in the world, a premium VPN allows you to remain safe and secure while on the streaming platform.
What else can I stream with a VPN? Up
Once you are an ExtremeVPN subscriber, you can’t just access YouTube around the globe. You can also access other world-renowned streaming and social media platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Twitter (Now called ‘X’), Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Which is the best VPN for accessing YouTube? Up
With an enormous fleet of 6500+ servers across 78 countries, self-optimized, impregnable encryption, and ultra-fast speeds, ExtremeVPN should be the top choice for streaming YouTube. Test it yourself, and if, for whatever reason, you don’t find it meets your requirements, you can cancel your subscription with a guaranteed refund within the first month.