What is a Business VPN?

A business VPN allows a company’s staff members to access the internet without being physically in the office. Also known as a Company VPN or Corporate VPN, the business VPN adds a new layer of encryption to protect businesses and companies against data theft, surveillance, and ransomware attacks.

Business VPN

Why Your Business Requires a VPN

Over the past few years, attacks on small businesses and extensive corporate network systems have increased. Companies have been brought to their knees after the leakage of crucial data and ransomware attacks on their computers. And this calls for network systems with enough cyber security tools, including VPN.

Many businesses use GPS to allow their employees to access the company’s intranet and use sensitive resources. Government and quasi-government organizations also require corporate VPN services to enforce their staff members’ safe internet use. Universities and schools worldwide use VPNs to help teachers and students access learning materials only available on the institution’s network.Business Requires a VPN

Noteworthy, the business VPNs are only helpful in protecting the company’s sensitive resources and not necessarily the individuals who use them. When using your corporate VPN to access websites, your IP address and other information will be hidden from the website but visible to your company.

So you will require a powerful personal VPN such as ExtremeVPN to protect your info and guarantee secure website access. ExtremeVPN keeps your computers, TVs, and other devices safe. In short, you get a fast connection to access the internet.

Also, ExtremeVPN offers security to company devices and networks, ultimately protecting employee information, company secrets, and customer details. Hence, if you live in a country with tight online censorship, ExtremeVPN will help employees access blocked content, giving you a business advantage.

What Do Business VPNs Provide?

The business VPNs provide security and privacy from hackers’ malicious attacks, snoops, and surveillance agencies. They protect you from the internet’s underworld that could easily access your personal information and lick you are company secrets. Also, private networks allow your staff members to access your company’s confidential information relevant to their work.

Hands-on Installation

While personal VPNs require downloading and installing the software onto your desktop or mobile device, business VPNs are sophisticated. The business VPN software requires the hands-on effort of the company’s department and the VPN provider to configure settings for all employees. The maintenance of such a complex security layer requires advanced cybersecurity knowledge.


Fair Pricing

A business VPN is more expensive than a personal VPN and has a larger device connection capacity. Usually, business VPNs have more features than personal VPNs. Private VPNs retail a monthly or annual subscription license. But, the price range for business VPNs can vary depending on your company size.

So, the business VPN’s pricing is tailored to your business’s specific needs. The company just pays off one centralized invoice for all staff members and users of the VPN instead of sorting out individual users’ subscriptions.

Also, a business VPN will bring you a dedicated IP address, extra online security and protection, and easier remote access to company information. Such a tool will also provide better technical support, especially for hosting services.

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Dedicated Business Servers

While personal VPNs have limited servers, business VPNs come with private servers custom-made for corporate needs. So, they provide a reliable connection with higher performance than personal VPNs.

Dedicated business servers beat business servers in terms of security, speed, and performance. Personal VPNs typically have several users connected to one server simultaneously.

Deticated Business Servers

Account Management Function

The dedicated account management feature is exclusive to business VPNs. The account managers have the authority to add, remove or monitor their users. Also, the VPN account managers can configure the network’s global settings to apply changes to everyone on the company’s network around the globe.

You can also dictate the specific servers and web applications network users can access. The tweaks allow you to safeguard and maintain your company secrets on the network.

Account mangement

Why You Need Extreme Business VPN for Your SME or Corporate

ExtremeVPN comes with top-grade security and protection, which encrypts your internet traffic. We have a vast VPN server network in major cities across the world. Also, you will enjoy 24/7 support and a compatible application for every device.

If you live in high censorship country, ExtremeVPN will unblock the whole internet for you and give you a business advantage. And it’ll protect you from any monitoring by your government agencies.

Encrypt your internet traffic
Enjoy 6500+ servers location
Connect up to 10 devices at a time
Dedicated applications for Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and more
RAM-based service with zero log policy
24/7 active customer support via email and live chat
Hide your IP address

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Does My Company Need a Static IP

A company may require a static IP address if its staff use computers that can only connect to their network through an IP address. Also, a static IP address could be necessary if the company uses remote network services to manage its employee’s dashboards. Most businesses don’t need a static IP address, which is more expensive.

Is Extreme Business VPN Safe?

ExtremeVPN for business is safe because it prevents third parties from viewing your online activity or accessing your company’s data. ExtremeVPN has RAM-based servers which delete all the information we have on you immediately after we reboot.

Our zero-log policy binds us not to keep any of your info in our storage facilities. However, your company has full rights to view, filter, or monitor their employees’ internet log activities as long as the devices are connected to the corporate VPN.

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Types of Business VPNs

The following are the two main types of business VPNs: the site-to-site VPNs and the remote access VPNs.

Site-to-site VPNs

When you want to connect multiple corporate networks, you use a site-to-site VPN. The VPN safely connects all the networks of a company and its branches in different global locations. The site-to-site VPN will connect the corporate departments to remote data centers for easier access and management.

  • Network Access Server (NAS)

The network access server is a device that stores data to act as a gateway between the remote resources and the user. In short, users of your corporate network do not access it directly but instead do it through a secure storage device.

  • VPN Client

The software application that you install onto your device to secure your connection between the user and VPN servers is the VPN client.

Site to site vpn

Remote Access VPNs

Remote Access VPNs are helpful if you have employees or other staff members who need to access the corporate network remotely. The Remote access VPN usually consists of a client and a network access server (NAS).


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my business need a corporate VPN? Up
The privacy and security of your business data and secrets are always at stake with the current rise in cybercrime. You need a corporate VPN to protect your business information, remote employee portal, and resources. The virtual private network connects your business networks in a secure and robust infrastructural solution.
Can small businesses use VPNs? Up
Small and medium enterprises can benefit from corporate VPNs by keeping devices, internet connections, and business networks safe and secure from snoops and cybercriminals. A small business needs a business VPN to protect its computer systems and network infrastructure. Also, the private network successfully secures your secrets, staff formation, customer details, and other business intelligence.
Which are the main features to look for in a business VPN? Up
A business VPN must offer features that serve all company devices and computers and encrypt the corporate network and traffic. The corporate VPN provides easy and secure connections to the company’s servers.