What is a Business VPN?

A business VPN allows a company’s staff members to access the internet without being physically in the office. Also known as a Company VPN or Corporate VPN, the business VPN adds a new layer of encryption to protect businesses and companies against data theft, surveillance, and ransomware attacks.

Business VPN

Why Your Business Requires a VPN

Over the past few years, attacks on small businesses and extensive corporate network systems have increased. Companies have been brought to their knees after the leakage of crucial data and ransomware attacks on their computers. And this calls for network systems with enough cyber security tools, including VPN.

Many businesses use GPS to allow their employees to access the company’s intranet and use sensitive resources. Government and quasi-government organizations also require corporate VPN services to enforce their staff members’ safe internet use. Universities and schools worldwide use VPNs to help teachers and students access learning materials only available on the institution’s network.Business Requires a VPN