Best VPN for Cryptocurrency

Safe and secure internet access for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • More privacy and anonymity
  • Advanced encryption standards to keep your online activities hidden

3 Simple Steps to Trade Cypto Securely Using ExtremeVPN

Step 1

Get ExtremeVPN and subsribe to a plan.

Step 2

Connect to a fast server location.

Step 3

Get encrypted crypto transactions anywhere, anytime.

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin: What are They?

Cryptocurrency is digital money used for transactions. Cryptocurrency is an alternative payment system developed using encryption methods and managed by a decentralized system. Because of encryption technologies, cryptocurrencies can serve as a currency.
Using cryptocurrencies as a form of payment has recently grown in popularity. Almost everyone knows what Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin are. Because of the increased awareness of cryptocurrencies, there is a greater need to protect your crypto assets from scammers.
The idea of a virtual private network (VPN) is to encrypt your internet connection to protect your data.
This protection is essential when dealing with valuable assets such as cryptocurrency. A reputable VPN, such as ExtremeVPN, can protect your data from hackers and other dangerous internet actors.

Why is a VPN Required for Cryptocurrency?

ExtremeVPN will give trustworthy encryption while concealing your identity from internet hackers. When you use ExtremeVPN, your online presence becomes undetectable and practically challenging to track.
It will prevent tracking, ensuring that your physical position remains hidden. Here’s why we recommend ExtremeVPN for trading cryptocurrencies.

To Unblock Geo-Restricted Trading Sites

Cryptocurrencies are subject to numerous geo-restrictions. Bittrex, for example, prohibited US users from trading 27 altcoins in 2019. In a similar move, DEX barred users from 29 countries from accessing their platform. ExtremeVPN can assist you in overcoming problems like this by allowing you to circumvent geo-blocked trading websites easily. ExtremeVPN also provides 6500+ VPN servers in different regions to grant you access to various platforms.

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Allows You to Bypass Security Firewalls

Firewalls are sometimes used in corporate settings such as schools, universities, and businesses to restrict specific websites on their networks.

These institutions frequently ban cryptocurrency-related websites because they do not want any link with them. Another reason for blocking such sites is that they do not wish to allow their bandwidth for activities that could encourage fraud. However, using ExtremeVPN will encrypt your IP address, making the rule not apply to you.

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Keeping Your Crypto Activities Encrypted

Your internet service provider (ISP) can see your website whenever you visit. Your ISP, on the other hand, will not be able to see the specifics of what you did on a particular site, but they will be aware that you utilized the platform.

This ability of your ISP to see your activities does not give the impression of privacy, highlighting the importance of using a VPN, mainly when trading cryptocurrency. Your online activities can no longer be visible to your ISP when using ExtremeVPN, as they can only see the IP address of ExtremeVPN.

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Benefits of ExtremeVPN for Crypto Trading

Although cryptocurrency is anonymous, you can use it without revealing your identity. However, it is still dangerous because your ISO can still identify your IP address, actual geographic location, and online identity. Because of this ability to track cryptocurrency, it has become vulnerable, necessitating the deployment of good VPNs such as ExtremeVPN when dealing with cryptocurrency.

Improved Speed

Good VPNs can boost the speed of certain services under certain conditions. When using a VPN, internet speed typically decreases, and ISPs may throttle or artificially slow down specific types of traffic. ExtremeVPN protects against throttling and boosts internet speed to ensure a stable connection.

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Optimum Encryption

At the time, the best VPN encryption is AES-256. No one has indeed been able to crack AES 128-bit; it is also theoretically true that AES 256-bit encryption is more difficult to breach than AES 128-bit encryption.

As a result, for optimum encryption, a VPN using AES-256 encryption algorithms is your best bet. ExtremeVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption, the most robust and powerful encryption standard currently available.

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Premium Anonymity

Your ISP may be able to determine which websites you visited and when. This ability to see your visited websites by your ISP is because website cookies will continue to keep basic information from your last visit. Although a VPN encrypts your traffic, online anonymity entails leaving no record of your presence, making it impossible to track you. ExtremeVPN provides this anonymity, the superb option to shield your online activity from web trackers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a VPN to trade cryptocurrencies?
Yes! Trading cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly risky. It would be best to account for everything from hackers taking your money to crypto exchange vulnerabilities disclosing your info. Using a VPN is The only way to trade bitcoins safely and without risk.
Are cryptocurrencies secure?
Cryptocurrencies are, by definition, highly secure forms of online payment transactions. However, they are not entirely anonymous because crypto transactions can be de-anonymized, revealing your genuine identity. As a result, the importance of using a solid VPN is paramount.
Is there a free VPN service available?
There are various VPN services; however, using a free VPN for sensitive transactions such as cryptocurrencies is not suggested. Free VPN services are not secure, and you should not consider them at all. ExtremeVPN offers a complete 7-day free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Get ExtremeVPN now!
How does a VPN keep you safe while doing online transactions?
A VPN creates an encrypted route between the Internet and your device. Thus, it hides your online traffic from ISPs and other third-party organizations. ExtremeVPN has advanced security protocols that protect your online transactions and traffic. Your ISP will never know what you’re doing on the web and what transactions you are conducting.