Best VPN for Gaming

  • 6500+ ultra-fast VPN servers in more than 78 countries globally
  • Play multi-player games with our advanced features
  • Prevent your bandwidth from ISP throttling while gaming

What is a Gaming VPN?

Do you enjoy playing the hottest new games on your devices? Perhaps, you also use games as a way to bond with your friends. Or, make new ones across the internet while going toe-to-toe online?

ExtremeVPN helps you protect your privacy and security while you enjoy your games, especially if you play them online. Moreover, it can enhance your user experience regardless of the game or platform.

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Why Do You Need ExtremeVPN For Gaming?

A top-notch gaming virtual private network (VPN), like ExtremeVPN, helps with a secure connection and fast internet speed, eliminates lagging by boosting connectivity, and allows multiple players on games.

A gaming VPN can be useful if you’re interested in international or P2P multiplayer games. ExtremeVPN can greatly help your gaming needs, making it a seamless ride. The following are several reasons for using a VPN while you game:

Playing Games Anonymously

VPN conceals your online presence from prying eyes by redirecting your internet connection through an encrypted and secure channel. It helps when you’re hiding what games you’re playing or want to remain incognito while you do.

ExtremeVPN will completely erase your true identity and data and ensure your privacy.

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Protect Against Swatting

Although swatting is not very common, there have been instances in multiplayer games where opponent gamers stalk other players. Stalking is possible when they get a hold of your IP address and some other information.

When an angry player gets your IP address, they can easily determine your physical location and gain unauthorized access to your social media accounts.

In extreme cases, they can call in a fake emergency and send SWAT teams to your home. This is a precarious situation, and someone can get hurt in the process. ExtremeVPN can help reduce the risk of swatting.

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Access Geo-Restricted Games

Some online games use geo-blocking to ensure you connect to your region’s server. A game can have different versions for different regions, while it can be completely unavailable for some other regions.

ExtremeVPN ensures your access to any version of the game you prefer. You just have to pick the server of your choice. You can also access unreleased games in your region.

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Prevent DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is when someone overloads a user’s or server’s IP address by sending excess requests and making it unstable.

However, it is only possible when there is an IP address to identify in the first place. ExtremeVPN can help prevent DDoS attacks by hiding your IP address.

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Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can slow down your connection for one reason or the other. When they detect specific traffic, or you exceed the data cap (like gaming), they can throttle you automatically.

ExtremeVPN can help you avoid it by encrypting your data so your ISP cannot tell if you’re gaming or browsing. It can help you with data caps and hide your data.

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Reduce Lag Times

Lagging when you’re about to go into battle is such a dampening experience. It occurs due to the time it takes your device to send/receive data from the game server, and distance is a factor. ExtremeVPN can allow you to connect to a closer server, reducing lag times.

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Multiplayer Gaming Over Local Area Network (LAN)

Local area network allows you to enjoy multiplayer games with friends and family. Although both the latest and classic games are compatible with LAN, setting it up over the internet is quite difficult. Usually, people use these two options:

  • Either they get direct internet access by connecting their gaming consoles with public Wi-Fi networks. Or;
  • They set up port mapping on their router to attain a stable internet connection. However, this technique requires technical knowledge, and you must get the router owner’s consent, especially for rental devices.

But what if you can’t do both? Don’t worry; ExtremeVPN got you covered. Now. you don’t need to do the complex setup for playing multiplayer games. Simply run the ExtremeVPN application, and connect to a fast server location. That’s it. Host private matches, invite your friends, and enjoy secure multiplayer gaming with a single click.

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How to Use ExtremeVPN for Gaming

Here are the ways you can secure your gaming activities and improve your gaming experience with ExtremeVPN:


You can get ExtremeVPN from the Apple or Google Play stores. There is also a downloadable version for your PC and tablets to make the most of your experience.


After you have installed ExtremeVPN, you can choose the region you want. Selecting a region tells the software to route your traffic through the service provider’s servers in that location.


You now have access to whatever game you want to play in the location of your choice. So get your game on!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best VPN for gaming?
The best VPN is fast, safe, and secure. It has servers in your chosen location, is compatible with the platform you want to game on, allows a P2P connection, has no data cap, and allows you to configure it. ExtremeVPN has these and more.
What is a good ping for gaming?
A ping rate lower than 50ms is great and is helpful for professional gamers. A ping rate over 150 ms is terrible for a gaming experience.
Do pro gamers Use VPNs?
They do even more than regular gamers. They benefit from VPN’s stability, security, and speed.
What is distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) in gaming?
It is a malware attack on gaming servers and devices. DDoS is when multiple bots strike a vast number of requests on the target that it can’t stand and ultimately becomes offline. While playing, some gamers use these attacks on their opponents and secure victory. However, with its advanced encryption standards, ExtremeVPN protects you against many potential threats, including DDoS.
Is there a free gaming VPN?
Although you can find many free VPNs today, they aren’t trustworthy. Many free VPNs collect users’ information and use it to advertise or sell it to third parties. ExtremeVPN has a strict no-data-logging policy which keeps your data safe from everyone, even from ISPs.
Do VPNs improve lower ping rates?
Free VPNs can affect your connection speed, which results in low latency rates. ExtremeVPN never slows down your internet and improves your ping if your ISP is throttling the internet connection, giving you the best gaming experience.