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Antena 3 Spain With a VPN

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Step 1

Become an ExtremeVPN subscriber and download and install its application on your device.


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Connect to any of our Spain-based VPN servers.


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Open your Antena 3 account and enjoy binge-watching!

What is Antena 3?

Launched in 1990 by Altresmedia media group, Antena 3 was Spain’s first private TV channel. Its headquarters is based in Madrid, and the streaming platform garners the most recognition on the world stage because of its popular dramas, movies, news, series, and international shows. Moreover, it broadcasts all of its content online via Antena 3 Live.

Over time, Antena 3 has aired a number of popular content, such as Aqui no hay quien viva, El Barco, Los Simpson, Fisica o Quimica, Los Protegidos, and El Internado. Many of its popular shows, like Fisica o Quimica, Tu cara me suena, and La Casa de Papel, received tremendous popularity and appreciation across the globe and have been re-produced in different languages worldwide.

Antena 3 Live is now recognized as the world’s top streaming platform showcasing Spanish content and enjoys decent viewership in the Caribbean and Latin America regions.

What is Antena 3?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access Antena 3 with ExtremeVPN? Up
Absolutely! ExtremeVPN facilitates you to unblock Antena 3 anywhere outside Spain with our Spain-based VPN servers.
Is Antena 3 Live free? Up
No, Antena 3 Live is a subscription-based streaming platform. By purchasing its subscription plan, you can stream Antena 3 shows, movies, and news, live or on-demand.
Does a VPN slow Antena 3 browsing? Up
Potentially, all free or unreliable VPNs tend to slow your internet connection while streaming. But you don’t need to worry, as with ExtremeVPN’s fastest servers, you can say bye to lagging or buffering.
What devices can I watch Antena 3 on? Up
You can stream Antena 3 on various types of devices, such as: – Mobile phones and tabs, with all operating systems, such as iOS and Android, through the ATRESplayer app. – Personal computers with various OS, like Windows, Linux, and Mac. – Smart TVs like Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV Stick, and Samsung Smart TV.
What are the other benefits of using ExtremeVPN? Up
By using Extreme­VPN, you can overcome censorship impose­d by specific nations. This way, you can access platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Google that might otherwise be restricted. More­over, ExtremeVPN e­nsures online privacy and security whe­n accessing popular streaming services like­ Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Sky Go, Disne­y+, and HBO Max/Go. ExtremeVPN’s compatibility exte­nds to popular streaming media consoles such as Apple­ TV, Fire TV Stick, and Roku as well. To connect other Wi-Fi-enable­d devices like gaming console­s or smart TVs, you must install ExtremeVPN on your wirele­ss router.
I am not able to access Antena 3. What should I do? Up
If you are facing problems accessing Antena 3 or any other website, feel free to contact our Support Team.