How to Stream British TV with a VPN

Using a VPN is essential for watching UK-exclusive channels like Sky Sports, ITV, and BBC on the go. ExtremeVPN helps UK expats and foreigners bypass geo-restrictions and connect to a UK server. Start streaming British TV with ExtremeVPN and tune into British entertaining shows from anywhere in the world!

Stream British TV with a VPN

3 Basic Steps to Stream British TV with ExtremeVPN

Follow these three easy steps to watch British TV globally:

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Step 1

Visit ExtremeVPN and subscribe to its premium plan. Download and Install the app.


Step 2

Locate and connect to a UK server


Step 3

Say goodbye to geo restrictions and start streaming British TV to the fullest!

How ExtremeVPN Unblocks British TV

People living abroad can’t access many UK streaming websites due to copyright agreements and regional licensing issues. As a result, popular British TV shows limit international streaming by blocking access through your IP address. Over 600,000 UK services, including music, video, torrenting, sports, and reality shows, are inaccessible overseas. The only way around this is to get a British IP address and trick the website into believing you’re in the UK.

When watching British TV online, a fast and secure network is important. ExtremeVPN has an extensive network of secure server locations across the UK, allowing you to connect to the one closest to you. That means minimal buffering, high-quality videos, and faster streams.

When you’re on ExtremeVPN, your actual IP address becomes unreadable to your ISP and UK network operators. As a result, they can’t slow down your online activity or block access to your favorite shows. This provides an additional layer of security and anonymity while watching British TV.

Be careful with free VPN providers, shady browser extensions, and free proxies. They are usually less trustworthy and reliable than premium VPNs for accessing UK Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other British TV streams. With a premium VPN like ExtremeVPN, you can connect to a streaming platform, hit play, and enjoy!

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Unblock British tv

Why Is British TV Not Available Abroad?

As a British TV subscriber, you may have trouble accessing British shows for different reasons. Geo-restrictions and ISP blocks are common obstacles that can hinder your viewing pleasure from abroad.
So, any attempt to access British TV outside the UK will block your device from streaming. Don’t lose hope, though. By using an excellent VPN service like ExtremeVPN, you can virtually relocate by connecting to a UK server. This way, you can stream any British show to your heart’s content.

Encrypt and Anonymize Your Traffic on Any Network

It’s safe to say that British TV offers some of the best entertainment worldwide. Hence, it’s unsurprising that channels like Channel 5, ITV, BBC, and Channel 4 are popular outside the UK.

If the UK is your resident country, you only need mobile data or a WiFi network to log in and stream British shows. You’re good to go as long as your local WiFi operator or ISP doesn’t restrict your preferred content. However, if your school blocks access to the internet, your ISP throttles connection speed, or you want to stay safe on public WiFi, a VPN is necessary.

ExtremeVPN gives you the peace of mind to conduct online activities while enjoying privacy and security. This provider features ultrafast UK servers, a British IP address, and unrestricted internet access.

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Encrypt and Anonymize Your Traffic on Any Network

What Entertaining British TV Programs Can I Stream Online?

From dramas to comedies, British TV offers exciting content for every viewer. Whether you prefer reality shows like Love Island or classic shows like Coronation Street, British TV channels provide it all!

Can I Access My Existing UK Streaming Platforms?

It can be frustrating when paying for a service you can’t access while travelling abroad. Thankfully, ExtremeVPN can fix this. That means you can still catch up on your Premier League live stream and new episodes of 2024’s summer series.

Remember, you need an existing subscription account to your preferred UK service before streaming with a VPN. With ExtremeVPN, you can privately watch British TV on a public WiFi or school network.

Can I Access My Existing UK Streaming Platforms

Free British TV Channels to Watch

Major British networks offer free live-streaming, on-demand, and simulcast content for endless entertainment. ITVX, My5, BBC iPlayer, and E4 are popular Brit channels that air free shows.

  • ITVX: Streams content from ITV Classics, ITV 1, CITV, ITV 4, ITV Be, and ITV 2.
  • BBC iPlayer: Streams content from CBBC, BBC One, BBC Three, S4C, BBC Two, Radio 1, BBC News,
  • BBC Alba, BBC Parliament, Cbeebies, and BBC Four.
  • All 4: Shows content from More4, E4 Extra, Channel 4, 4seven, and Film4.
  • Now TV: Streams content from Fox, Sky Cinema, Sky, and Sky Atlantic.
  • Sky Go: Streams content from Sky Sports, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, and BT Sport ESPN.
  • My5: Streams content from 5SELECT, 5ACTION, Channel 5, 5STAR, and 5USA.
Free British TV Channels to Watch

What Makes ExtremeVPN the Best Choice for Watching British TV?

If you want to prioritize online safety and privacy, opting for a VPN service with ultrafast servers, AES 256 encryption, and a strict no-logs policy is necessary. Thankfully, ExtremeVPN offers these features and more.

Compatible with All Devices

ExtremeVPN supports all major operating systems and devices. With it, you can securely watch British TV on the big screen in your room or with your laptop on a flight.

As the name implies, you can enjoy extreme privacy on Android, Windows, Firestick, iOS, Kodi, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Linux, Mac, and more! And the best part? With ExtremeVPN’s basic subscription, you can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. So you can share the VPN with friends and family.

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Compatible with All Devices

Ultra-fast Servers

On the Google Play Store and Apple Store, ExtremeVPN has a high star rating due to its speedy servers. While using this service, it’s unlikely to experience lags or buffering during streaming. Besides, the VPN take more than a few seconds to download files.

Since VPNs redirect your traffic and encrypt your data, there’s every tendency that they will slow down your connection. However, thanks to ExtremeVPN’s superfast servers that cater to streaming high-quality movies and downloading large files, you won’t experience network slowdowns. What’s more? It helps you evade ISP throttling.

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A VPN Connection Hide your Network

Intuitive and Simple User Interface

As a VPN novice, you’ll appreciate ExtremeVPN’s user-friendly design. The app is sleek and modern, making it easy to use. You can easily connect to a UK server network with the click of a button.

Setting up ExtremeVPN on your device shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Besides, you can rely on its 24/7 responsive and friendly customer service via email, live chat, and phone for assistance.

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Intuitive and Simple User Interface

Watch British TV with ExtremeVPN Today!

Rest assured, once you subscribe to ExtremeVPN, unblocking your favorite British shows from any country becomes a walk in the park!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch British TV on a smart TV? Up
Here’s how to watch British TV all day on your smart TV: – Download and Install the ExtremeVPN app onto smart TV systems like Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Amazon Fire TV. – Connect to a British server. – Connect to the VPN’s network in the router’s admin. – You’re all set to watch entertaining UK content!
Is it legal to watch British TV channels with a VPN? Up
Definitely! It’s perfectly legal to use a VPN service for watching British programs.
How can I stream British TV from abroad? Up
You can watch British TV from countries like the USA, Spain, France, Australia, and Germany through the ExtremeVPN app: – Open the VPN app on your device. – Go to All Locations > Europe > United Kingdom. – Connect to a server in the UK. Alternatively, you can let ExtremeVPN’s intelligent algorithm find a suitable server. – Start streaming your favorite British TV show!
Which streaming platform has the best British TV programs? Up
BritBox is your number one source for streaming entertaining new and old British content. Fans of classic UK shows can watch Fawlty Towers, Mr. Bean As Time Goes By, Line of Duty, and Waiting for God. This streaming service also covers genres like crime series, drama, and comedies. BritBox works on Samsung smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android, and iOS systems. Viewers in Canada, the USA, South Africa, and Australia can access it without a VPN.
Can I watch British TV without a subscription? Up
To access a variety of British drama, entertainment, and comedy, subscribing to a British TV channel is essential. Consider visiting your preferred British TV to sign in and create an account.
Can I access UK bookies with a VPN? Up
Of course! You can access UK bookies like Betway, Sky Bet, Betfair, Bet365, and 888sport with a VPN. We advise that you check the gambling law in your current location before using a VPN to bypass gambling blocks.