How to Stream Channel 4 with a VPN Worldwide

Channel 4, or All 4, is a Britain-based OTT streaming service that presents an extensive library of local and international classic TV shows, movies, documentaries, and sporting options, both live or on-demand.

Wondering how to access Channel 4 while visiting abroad or in the US? Subscribe to ExtremeVPN and enjoy your favorite content on Channel 4 securely and hassle-free around the globe.

  1. Buy an ExtremeVPN subscription.
  2. Install its application on your device; ExtremeVPN built dedicated apps for various devices.
  3. Download and Install the Channel 4 app, or simply open its website through your browser and enjoy binge-streaming!

Why is Channel 4 not Available in My Country?

A subsidiary platform of Channel Four Television Corporation, Channel 4 is a free streaming service accessible only inside the UK and Ireland. It is unavailable outside these two countries because of its licensing and distributional agreements. To meet its terms and conditions, Channel 4 employs geo-restrictions to restrict its content within the borders of the UK and Ireland.

Using a premium VPN like ExtremeVPN, you can easily go around such restrictions and access Channel 4 to watch your favorite content wherever you are, posing as if you are on British premises.

How to Stream Channel 4 in the United States?

If you are an American resident or just visiting the country for work or vacation and want to continue your favorite TV show or movie on Channel 4 from where you left off last time, ExtremeVPN is all you need. Simply purchase its subscription, carry out the following steps, and enjoy your favorite programming on Channel 4.

  1. Become an ExtremeVPN subscriber.
  2. Download and install the ExtremeVPN application on your device.
  3. Choose any of its UK-based servers.
  4. Indulge in watching your favorite content on Channel 4!
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How Do You Create Your Account on Channel 4 in the US?

To watch content on Channel 4 from anywhere, you must first create your profile on the platform. For this purpose, you need a reliable VPN enabled on your device. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Buy an ExtremeVPN subscription and install its application on your device.
  2. Tap on any UK-based server.
  3. Open Channel 4’s official webpage and click “Register” to begin your free trial.
  4. Put in your email and passcode and click “Next.”
  5. Here, you will need to provide your personal information, such as your first name, last name, gender, DOB, and residential address.
  6. After providing your personal information, choose any UK postcodes and click “Register.”
  7. At this stage, you will have to confirm your identity by clicking on the verification email Channel 4 sent to your email address.
  8. After verifying, you can start streaming your favorite content!
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How Does a VPN Help You to Stream Channel 4 Worldwide?

As mentioned above, Channel 4 is only accessible inside the UK and Ireland. When accessing it from any other country, you will encounter an error message: “The platform is inaccessible in your area.” This is where a good VPN comes to your rescue.

A VPN operates by routing your internet traffic through a server of your preferred location. So, if you want to access Channel 4 from outside the UK, all you need to do is relocate your IP address to the UK. In this way, you can trick Channel 4 into thinking you are a UK resident, and it will then allow you to stream its content.

Channel 4 Content-range

If you are an avid lover of British culture and its lifestyle, then Channel 4 is the apt streaming choice for you. One of the top British-based streaming services, Channel 4, showcases a wide array of exciting content for all generations. On Channel 4, you can stream many superhit movies, such as The God Father 1,2 & 3, The Lincoln Lawyer, Top Dog, Paula, Tempting Fortune, Guy Martin’s Great British Power Trip, and Pet Semetry. If you are into TV shows, you have multiple options to choose from: Rise & Fall, Deceit, It’s A Sin, The Good Doctor, ER, The Light in the Hall, and Tempting Fortune.

How to Stream Channel 4 with a VPN on Streaming Devices?

How to Access Channel 4 with a VPN on Apple Devices?

To watch Channel 4 exciting content on your iOS devices, follow these super-easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to ExtremeVPN and install its app from the App Store marketplace.
  2. Once turned on, tap on any of the UK-based servers.
  3. Download and install the Channel 4 app from the App Store and log in.
  4. Click on any of your favorite content and enjoy!
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How to Access Channel 4 with a VPN on Android Devices?

Both ExtremeVPN and the Channel 4 platforms have dedicated applications for Android devices. On your Android smartphone, do the following to access Channel 4’s content.

  1. Become an ExtremeVPN subscriber and download its application from the Play Store.
  2. Enable ExtremeVPN and connect to a UK-based server.
  3. Download and install the Channel 4 streaming app from the Play Store and log in.
  4. Enjoy your content!
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How to Stream Channel 4 with a VPN on my Smart TV?

ExtremeVPN has built dedicated applications for all versions of Smart TVs, such as Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon TV, etc. By following these super easy steps, you can stream your favorite content from Channel 4 on your TV.

  1. Download and Install ExtremeVPN on your Smart TV from its apps marketplace.
  2. Buy an ExtremeVPN subscription and enable it with a single click on its intuitive interface.
  3. From the list of its 6500+ servers, tap on any server placed in the UK.
  4. Download and install the Channel 4 app via your Smart TV marketplace, or simply open its webpage on your browser and log in to your profile.
  5. Click on your favorite series or movie and stream on your big screen!
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How to Access Channel 4 with a VPN on Roku?

You can also access Channel 4 using ExtremeVPN on your Roku streaming device. Unfortunately, Roku devices do not facilitate an inbuilt VPN application. Thereby, you can benefit from ExtremeVPN services on your Roku device by configuring it on your main router or by making your PC a virtual router. Follow these super-easy steps and enjoy your favorite content.

  1. Buy the ExtremeVPN subscription.
  2. Set up and enable ExtremeVPN on your router.
  3. Choose any of the UK-based servers provided by ExtremeVPN.
  4. Connect your VPN-enabled Wi-Fi router to your Roku device.
  5. Download and install the Channel 4 app from your Roku’s built-in marketplace and log in to your profile.
  6. Start enjoying your favorite Channel 4 content!
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How to Access Channel 4 with a VPN on Your FireStick?

To access the Channel 4 streaming service on your FireStick, follow these steps:

  1. Become an ExtremeVPN subscriber.
  2. Download and Install the ExtremeVPN user-friendly application on your FireStick.
  3. Select a UK-based server.
  4. Get a Channel 4 streaming application from the Amazon marketplace and log in.
  5. Enjoy your favorite Channel 4 content without any interruption.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stream on Channel 4 for free?
Yes, you can watch anything on Channel 4 without paying any charges, as it is a free streaming service. However, if you move on to Channel 4+, then you will have to buy a subscription to watch its content.
Can I stream Channel 4 on my browser?
Yes, besides providing a dedicated app for its consumers, Channel also allows you to watch its extensive library of excellent content via its official website.
Why am I not able to access Channel 4 with my VPN?
It might be because the streaming platform has detected you as a non-British resident and blocked your access. One other possible reason could be that you are using a free VPN or unreliable VPN to access Channel 4. If you want to fix this situation, subscribe to ExtremeVPN and enjoy streaming on Channel 4 or other top-notch streaming services without worrying about getting detected.
Can I watch Channel 4 anywhere globally with a VPN?
Yes! By subscribing to a premium quality VPN like ExtremeVPN, you can relocate your IP address to anywhere you choose worldwide. With ExtremeVPN, you can have your entertainment on Channel 4, outside the UK. Besides Channel 4, you can access other British free-to-air TV channels like Sky Go, Now TV, My5, ITVX, or BBC iPlayer to watch shows and movies, regardless of location.
Does ExtremeVPN offer a money-back policy?
Absolutely! Although it’s highly unlikely that you will fail in loving ExtremeVPN’s exciting features that make your streaming activities smooth and secure. Still, for whatever reason, if you aren’t satisfied with our services, you can contact our Support Team to revoke your subscription with a complete refund within 30 days.