How to Stream Channel 4 with a VPN Worldwide

Channel 4, or All 4, is a Britain-based OTT streaming service that presents an extensive library of local and international classic TV shows, movies, documentaries, and sporting options, both live or on-demand.

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  3. Download and Install the Channel 4 app, or simply open its website through your browser and enjoy binge-streaming!
How to Stream Channel 4 With a VPN Worldwide

Why is Channel 4 not Available in My Country?

A subsidiary platform of Channel Four Television Corporation, Channel 4 is a free streaming service accessible only inside the UK and Ireland. It is unavailable outside these two countries because of its licensing and distributional agreements. To meet its terms and conditions, Channel 4 employs geo-restrictions to restrict its content within the borders of the UK and Ireland.

Using a premium VPN like ExtremeVPN, you can easily go around such restrictions and access Channel 4 to watch your favorite content wherever you are, posing as if you are on British premises.