Directv Stream (AT&T) at Your Fingertips With ExtremeVPN

DirecTV Stream is your companion for the entire entertainment spectrum. It gives you unrivaled access to local and national TV channels, movies, TV shows, sports, and a lot more.

However, you must have access to it first to enjoy these benefits. This is what ExtremeVPN and this handy guide want to help you achieve.

Watch DirecTV Stream with ExtremeVPN in 3 Simple Steps

Hit the road running. Get DirecTV with ExtremeVPN by following these simple steps:

Step 1

Visit ExtremeVPN’s website to register and purchase a plan.

Step 2

Download the ExtremeVPN app on your computer or mobile phone.

Step 3

Launch the app and connect to a US server. Stream all of DirecTV’s channels and content.

What is DirecTV Stream? How’s it different from DirecTV Now and AT&T TV?

DirecTV Stream is a streaming service in the US owned by DirecTV, a subsidiary of AT&T. It offers a broad selection of sports and premium channels, attracting the attention of millions of subscribers. Currently, the platform has over 13 million subscribers and is constantly ranked in the top 10 of the best streaming platforms in the United States.

DirecTV Stream aims to eliminate annual contracts by offering a monthly subscription-based premium service. Content categories on this platform are vast, and you can easily switch from sports to news and entertainment.

DirecTV Stream Vs. DirecTV: Differences and Similarities

Whether DirecTV Now, AT&T TV, or DirecTV Stream, all refer to the same streaming service. DirecTV Stream is the current name, while the other two are its old names, with which many customers still refer to it.

DirecTV Now, the platform’s name when it started, was an alternative to cable TV. Individuals who couldn’t install satellite dishes could choose this easier, stress-free option without long-term contracts or commitments.

AT&T, the telecommunications giant, later acquired and rebranded the service, but the operations remain unchanged.

Why Watch DirecTV Stream with ExtremeVPN?

DirecTV Stream is a US-exclusive streaming service. If you try to visit the website outside the US, you’ll receive an error message.

This is why you need ExtremeVPN. With over 6,500 servers in 78 countries, including the US, you can unblock any website. ExtremeVPN servers in the US are super fast and cover 14 different cities. This far-reaching and rapid server network brings DirecTV Stream directly to your palms, giving you unrestricted access to all of its content.

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What Does DirecTV Stream Offer?

Being an entertainment hub, DirecTV Stream offers a vast catalog of shows and hundreds of channels. These are available under its four packages below:

DirecTV Entertainment

Entertainment is DirecTV’s most affordable package at $74.99. This plan gives you access to over 75 channels and is highly recommended for sports, news, and entertainment lovers. Its channel lineup includes Cartoon Network, Cinemax, TNT, Comedy Central, and CNN.

DirecTV Choice

Choice is a massive upgrade over Entertainment and is DirecTV’s most popular package. Its library contains over 105 channels, including MLB, NBA, and college sports networks. You can watch trusted entertainment channels, like AMC and BET, or be in the know of the latest events around the world with BBC and CNN International. Choice costs $9.99 and includes American sports channels, which aren’t available on Entertainment.

DirecTV Ultimate

Ultimate is relatively pricier than Choice but proportionately increases its entertainment and streaming value. This package costs $109.99 and contains a whopping 140+ channels. As the name suggests, its lineup is the ultimate collection of sports, news, and entertainment channels. As an added benefit, you can stream American sports channels or watch other local content.

DirecTV Premier

DirecTV Stream’s priciest yet most captivating package, Premier, is your portal to a universe of endless entertainment. It has an unmatched 150+ channels, including HBO Max, SHOWTIME, and STARZ, and conveniently serves a diverse audience. Premier may cost $154.99, but its quality is also one of the best that a streaming platform can offer.

Enjoy DirecTV Stream in Blazing HD with ExtremeVPN’s Ultrafast Servers

ISPs can sometimes reduce your connection speed when they notice you’re sending a large volume of data. This process, called throttling, can cause your videos to lag or buffer, leading to a poor streaming experience.

ExtremeVPN eliminates throttling by masking your IP address and hiding it from ISPs. With this, you can watch every content on DirecTV Stream in crystal quality.

ExtremeVPN hosts a network of super-fast servers in the US, ensuring you get the best streaming experience. You can connect to servers in the best US cities, including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago. With thousands of servers in 14 US cities, there’s a limited load on each server. This reduces server latency and further enhances browsing speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ExtremeVPN come with a DirecTV Stream subscription?
No, ExtremeVPN doesn’t come with a DirecTV Stream subscription because both are different services. You can subscribe to DirecTV Stream by visiting its website, registering, and choosing one of the four available packages. If you’re outside the US, though, you need ExtremeVPN to access DirecTV’s website.
What sporting tournaments can I watch on DirecTV Stream?
DirecTV contains various popular sporting channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, NBA TV, and MLB and NHL networks. You can watch all the sporting tournaments these channels have the license to cover.
Can I use ExtremeVPN for free to watch DirecTV Stream?
First, you need to order an ExtremeVPN subscription before you can use it to watch DirecTV Stream. ExtremeVPN has monthly, half-yearly, and yearly packages, so you can choose a package as per your budget.
Are there data limits with ExtremeVPN?
Like most premium VPNs, ExtremeVPN doesn’t put any data cap on your online sessions. Browse as much as you want and stream videos of any quality you desire on DirecTV Stream.
On which devices can I watch DirecTV Stream?
DirecTV Stream is available on various platforms and operating systems. This is to cater to the needs of its ever-growing customer base. They currently have dedicated apps for iOS and Android devices, Fire TV stick, Apple TV, and Samsung TV.
Does DirecTV Stream have a free trial?
Yes, DirecTV Stream has a 5-day free trial to enjoy any of its packages, no holds barred. If you also subscribe to a package, you get a 10% discount for the first three months, after which regular billing resumes.
What other benefits do I get with ExtremeVPN?
ExtremeVPN is an advanced, feature-rich, privacy-focused VPN that does more than help you stream on-demand TV. You can use this VPN to bypass restrictions in heavy censorship countries or stream videos on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV.