Access Discovery+ from Anywhere Using a VPN

We understand that it can be frustrating if you consistently come across the “We’re sorry. Discovery+ is only available inside the US. Thank you for your interest” error message. However, we have come up with a solution you’ll love. While Discovery+ was specially created for people in the United States, you can easily access its content range from anywhere using ExtremeVPN.

Discovery+ from Anywhere Using a VPN

What is Discovery+?

Discovery+ is an on-demand streaming platform centered around non-fiction content, ensuring you learn and have fun simultaneously. Owned by Discovery Inc, the streaming service offers real-life entertainment.

What is Discovery

Where is Discovery+ Available?

Discovery+ is only available in certain regions. You can access Discovery+ without restrictions in Canada, the USA, the UK, Denmark, Ireland, Brazil, India, Italy, and Spain. Discovery Inc. also plans to expand its regional reach to places in Europe and Latin America.

Why Can’t You Access Discovery+ in Your Country?

You may not be able to access Discovery+ in your location for one primary reason: licensing rights. The streaming service has censored its content because it is only available in the United States, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. On the other hand, there is talk of expanding to other countries in due time.

In the meantime, Discovery+ is restricted to specific regions, making for geo-restricted content. With VPNs, you can easily bypass the restrictions since they mask your actual location and make it appear as if you’re connecting from a different location. Additionally, this location is within the permitted broadcasting regions for the service.

Can’t You Access Discovery+ in Your Country

How to Watch Discovery+ outside the United States

A VPN service gives you immediate access to Discovery+ from outside of the United States. However, you must download the ExtremeVPN application and install it on your device to connect to a server in the US. Here’s are the steps to follow:

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Step 1

Subscribe to ExtremeVPN.

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Step 2

Download the client app for your device.


Step 3

Connect to a US server and stream Discovery+ on your selected device.

How to Get an Account for Discovery+ outside the US

A Discovery+ registration or signup process is quite straightforward. You can sign up with your email address, Google Plus, or Facebook account. Once you complete the signup, the website will redirect you to a webpage with payment information for various service packages.

Here’s how to get your Discovery+ account:

  1. Sign up to ExtremeVPN and connect to a server in the US.
  2. Navigate to the Discovery+ main page.
  3. Sign in to your PayPal account.
  4. Choose Paypal US Gift Card, then Categories, then Arts & Entertainment.
  5. Purchase Discovery+ with a PayPal gift card.
  6. Next, check your email for the PayPal gift card information.
  7. Redeem your Discovery+ gift card.
  8. Stream Discovery+ from any country.

Discovery+ Packages

Ad Lite Plan Discovery+ Ad Lite Plan

The Discovery+ Ad Lite plan is the most affordable package. It costs $4.99 monthly. A Discovery+ Ad Lite Plan subscription comes with broadcast channels, including CNN, Disney Channel, Freeform, ESPN, and more. This package allows you to stream live shows or on-demand entertainment. However, you may find limited ads in the movies or shows you stream.

free Discovery+ Ad-free Plan

This package costs $6.99 monthly but comes without ads. When you subscribe to the Discovery+ Ad-free plan, you get channels tailored to give you maximum entertainment and all the latest news. Among the channels are FOX Sports, Discovery, NFL Network, SYFY, TrueTV, E!, Fox News, MSNBC, Fox, TLC, USA, National Geographic, FX, HLN, and NBC. With this package, you can stream up to three different devices simultaneously.

Discount free Discovery+ Student Discount

The student discount gives you access to the most enjoyable entertainment content. However, it only works for students in the United States. This package costs $2.99 monthly, which allows you to save up to 40% monthly if you’re a student. Discovery+ verifies your details to ensure that you’re a student. You also need to go through this verification process after 12 months.

Why Must I Use a VPN to Stream Discovery+ outside the United States?

Discovery+ presents its users with never-before-seen features, setting it apart from the competition. It is the first app-based TV platform that allows its users to stream unlimited content, watch live events for hours, and get add-ons. However, despite these amazing qualities, Discovery+ is only available in the US, and its content must also comply with the censors.

Yet, with a VPN service, you can bypass these restrictions and access excellent Discovery+ content from any country. ExtremeVPN is the number one VPN service for streaming on the platform. It connects you to a United States server, hides your original IP address, and provides a new IP address in the US to evade the restrictions.

On What Devices Can You Stream Discovery+?

Discovery+ is available on all major platforms, operating systems, and devices. Whether it’s the Android or Apple devices (iPod touch, iPhone, Apple TV, and iPad), you can also use Discovery+ on your browser, which works well with MacOS and Windows.

In addition, if you prefer smart streaming devices, Discovery+ is available for Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV streaming devices. It is also available on Chromecast, LG TVs from 2018 and newer, and Samsung Smart TVs from 2017 or newer. Console owners can rest assured, too; it is available on the Xbox One series X and S. It is unfortunately not available for PlayStation users.

Devices Can You Stream Discovery

HBO Max and Discovery Plus Merger: Max

In May 2023, Discovery Plus and HBO Max merged into a new streaming service, Max.

This latest streaming service has content from both fresh and old collections of movies and shows from Discovery Plus and HBO. It means that all your favorite HBO, Harry Porter, Cartoon Network, and DC titles are available to stream. The entire Discovery+ catalog is present there too. However, Discovery Plus will operate as its own with its exclusive content and lower subscription prices.

How Much Does Max Cost?

The pricing model of max is divided into three categories, which are:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to stream Discovery+ with a VPN? Up
If you currently reside in the US, you can watch Discovery+ without using a VPN. However, if you live outside the US, you cannot access Discovery+ or its services due to regional limitations. Hence, you must use a robust VPN like ExtremeVPN to avoid being blocked.
Is it possible to stream Discovery+ when I’m abroad? Up
If you travel within the US, the answer is Yes, but if you travel abroad, then unfortunately, you can not watch Discovery+. But this is easily fixed with a VPN; we recommend using ExtremeVPN.
Can I use my smartphone to stream on Discovery+? Up
Yes. You can access Discovery+ through your smartphone.
Can I stream Discovery+ with a free VPN service? Up
Yes, you can watch Discovery+ with a free VPN, but you may not want to — and for good reasons. Free VPNs have limited security protocols and are notorious for stealing and selling data.
How can I update my Discovery+ location? Up
To change your location, go to your Dashboard, then to Locations. Once opened, select Settings and manually fill in your location.
Can I access Discovery+ in Europe? Up
Unfortunately, Discovery+ is currently not available in Europe due to geo-restrictions. But with a VPN, you can access Discovery+ from Europe. And this goes for Discovery+ International as well.