Stream DStv with a VPN

Do you want to access African content from anywhere? DStv is the go-to option to access African sporting events, TV shows, and movies. On your preferred device, ExtremeVPN lets you anonymously watch your favorite African content from DStv.

  • Access DStv on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Smart TV, or Apple TV.
  • Connect to a fast, dedicated streaming server in Africa from an extensive server network.
  • Enjoy fast connection speeds and stream without any delays.

Watch DStv Online – Easy Steps

Step 1

Download the ExtremeVPN app on your preferred device. Sign up for an ExtremeVPN account and subscribe to its premium plan.

Step 2

Connect to a server based in Africa to get access to DStv.

Step 3

Download and Install the DStv app on your device. Sign up and subscribe to DStv and enjoy streaming your favorite content.

What is DStv?

DStv is a South African-based live broadcasting and streaming platform that offers popular original shows, films, and sporting events to viewers across the African continent. This satellite service provided by Multichoice has a viewership of approximately 11.9 million people.

With ExtremeVPN, you can easily access DStv even if you are not in South Africa. You can watch movies, TV shows, news, and sports in HD on your Smartphone, Smart TV, Apple TV, Desktop, and more.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch DStv outside South Africa?

Unfortunately, due to licensing and distribution agreements with content providers, DStv Now is only available for viewers located in South Africa. If you try to access it from any other region, you will receive a message saying, “Sorry, DSTV Now is unavailable in your area.”

In this case, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can assist you in bypassing geo-restrictions. By altering your IP address to that of another country, a VPN can make it seem as if you are in a different region. For instance, if you acquire a South African IP address through a VPN, your online activities will appear to originate from South Africa. It can trick DStv Now into believing you are browsing from South Africa, enabling you to enjoy its content without restrictions.

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How to Watch DStv outside South Africa on Various Devices?

Follow these simple guides to access DStv on various devices:

Watch DStv outside South Africa on Android

  1. Download and Install the ExtremeVPN app from the Play Store on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. Launch the ExtremeVPN app, sign up, and subscribe.
  3. Connect to a server in South Africa.
  4. Download and Install the DStv app from the Play Store or head to its website.
  5. Sign up and subscribe to DStv.
  6. Start streaming your favorite content.
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Watch DStv outside South Africa on iOS

  1. Download and Install the ExtremeVPN app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod from the App Store.
  2. Launch the ExtremeVPN app, sign up, and subscribe.
  3. Connect to a server in South Africa.
  4. Download and Install the DStv app from the App Store or visit its website.
  5. Sign up and subscribe to DStv.
  6. Bingo! Now, you can stream your favorite content.
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Watch DStv outside South Africa on Smart TV

  1. Download the ExtremeVPN app for your router.
  2. Sign up for ExtremeVPN and select a subscription plan that suits your budget.
  3. You can follow these router setup guides to set up ExtremeVPN on your router. ExtremeVPN supports the following routers: Arris, Asus, Belkin, Buffalo, Cisco, Cuddy, D-Link, DD-WRT, Dovado, and DrayTek.
  4. Connect to a South African-based server.
  5. Connect your Smart TV to the Wi-Fi router.
  6. Download the DStv app on your Smart TV. You can get the DStv app on your Android, Samsung Smart, and Apple TV.
  7. Sign up and subscribe to DStv.
  8. Voila! Enjoy streaming on the big screen.
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Watch DStv on Public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi at coffee shops, hotels, or airport lounges can be tempting when you’re out and about. Although it could appear convenient, it’s crucial to be aware that these networks could be dangerous, and hackers can use these to steal your data. To protect your data, it’s preferable to err on caution and use a secure network whenever possible.

Even when using public Wi-Fi, you may securely view DStv with ExtremeVPN. We use military-grade 256-AES encryption to secure internet traffic and protect your personal information and online behavior. Also, our VPN protocols include OpenVPN and WireGuard, which keep your data completely safe, and you can watch without worrying about potential security issues.

ExtremeVPN offers a kill switch that immediately stops data flow if your connection disconnects. Sensitive data is always kept secure with this feature against unintentional data breaches. By turning on the kill switch, customers get the best online privacy, and their online activity stays safe, even if they lose the VPN connection.

Why Use ExtremeVPN?

Extensive Server Network

You get access to 6500+ servers spread across more than 78 countries. So you can access anything without any interruption.

Up to 10 Simultaneous Connections

ExtremeVPN allows you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Unlimited Bandwidth

ExtremeVPN allows its users to stream without any limits. So, you can enjoy anything with ExtremeVPN anytime and anywhere.

Bypass Geo-restrictions

Users can access anything they want from around the globe with ExtremeVPN. You can watch different countries’ libraries and access geo-restricted websites.

Fast Speeds

ExtremeVPN’s fast servers ensure that users get lightning-fast speeds. With a high-speed connection, its users can access anything without slowing down.

24/7 Customer Support

With ExtremeVPN, you can get customer support around the clock. Our support staff is available 24/7 to help you with any issues or queries they face. Also, you can reach out to our social media platforms or email us.

ExtremeVPN for Mac, Android, PC, iOS, and More

Your ExtremeVPN membership covers all devices in your home, including Android (smartphones, tablets), iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad), Routers, Computers (Windows, Linux, Mac), game consoles (PlayStation and Xbox), and smart TV platforms (Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick).

For some of these devices, you can get user-friendly apps or set up ExtremeVPN on your router to connect the rest and browse securely.

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Get a Risk-free VPN to Watch DStv

You are entitled to a full refund within the first thirty days if you are dissatisfied with ExtremeVPN’s performance while watching DStv. This assurance gives you the peace of mind that your money is safe and the provider will live up to your expectations.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ExtremeVPN work with DStv?
The South African high-speed servers of ExtremeVPN ensure quick, throttle-free access to DStv without sacrificing security, privacy, or video quality.
Is it illlegal to watch DStv with a VPN?
No, using a VPN to access DStv Now is not illegal. It may be against the terms of service for the streaming provider.
Is DStv free with ExtremeVPN?
ExtremeVPN does not replace the premium membership accounts offered by DStv. Instead, it works with your existing DStv account to provide quick and secure access to content.
Can a free VPN grant me access to DStv online?
Most free VPNs often have limitations such as slow speeds, fewer server options, and data caps. For fast and reliable access to DStv Now, nothing beats a premium VPN like ExtremeVPN.
Will ExtremeVPN slow my DStv streaming?
ExtremeVPN is an excellent VPN service. It offers dedicated servers for streaming and offers fast speeds. If you have any issues, our support team is always available. Using a VPN can also improve your DStv viewing experience if your internet provider limits your bandwidth for streaming.
What channels can I watch on DStv?
M-Net, Via, AfricaMagic Family, Newsroom Afrika, SuperSport, Vuzu, 1Magic, and KykNET Nou! are a few of the most well-liked TV channels available on DStv.
Can I use ExtremeVPN to watch DStv on my phone?
You can use any device to watch DStv. We offer user-friendly apps for mobile phones that you can get from the Play Store or App Store. You can also watch DStv on computers using our apps for Windows and Mac. To watch DStv on Smart TV, Apple TV, FireStick, and Roku, set up the ExtremeVPN app on your router and connect your device to Wi-Fi.
Which VPN is best to stream DStv?
Although there are countless VPN solutions, many people use ExtremeVPN to stream DStv because of its robust encryption, quick speeds, and extensive worldwide server network, guaranteeing dependable access to DStv Now content with increased privacy and protection.
What else can I do with ExtremeVPN?
Access to websites like YouTube, Twitter, and Google may be prohibited in some countries. However, you may get around these restrictions by utilizing ExtremeVPN. With this service, you may watch streaming videos from well-known websites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max/Go and browse the web anonymously and securely. On a variety of streaming devices, including Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV Stick, and Roku, ExtremeVPN can be used. Try ExtremeVPN on your wireless network to connect more Wi-Fi-capable devices, such as gaming consoles or smart TVs, for even greater ease.