How to Watch Amazon Freevee outside the US

Amazon Freevee is a free ad-supported American streaming service that comprises thousands of TV series and movies, both on-demand and live. The platform is only accessible inside the US, the UK, and Germany, and it puts together more than 150 live TV channels for its users to stream.

If you are abroad or outside these regions and want to access Freevee to stream your favorite content, you need a reliable VPN like ExtremeVPN. With ExtremeVPN, you can stream Freevee from anywhere worldwide smoothly and securely.

Watch Amazon Freevee outside the US

Unblock Freevee with ExtremeVPN in 3 Easy Steps

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Step 1

Buy an ExtremeVPN subscription to enjoy its excellent streaming features.


Step 2

Relocate your location by selecting any US, UK, and Germany server.


Step 3

Open your Freevee profile and begin watching your favorite content!

What is Amazon Freevee?

Launched in Jan. 2019 by Amazon, Amazon Freevee is a free streaming service that earns revenue from advertisements. It incorporates an extensive range of TV shows, movies, and 24/7 selective live TV content. Freevee also streams its Originals like Alex Rider, Leverage: Redemption, Jury Duty, Moment of Truth, and Top Class. Moreover, the streaming platform offers an interesting blend of entertainment content from third parties like Sony Pictures Entertainment, Disney, MGM Studios, Warner Bros., and Universal Pictures.

The only negative about the Freevee channel is that it is only accessible inside the US, the UK, and Germany due to its distributional rights. But don’t fret! Using a reliable VPN, like ExtremeVPN, you can access Freevee and all other streaming platforms through its location spoofing and IP masking features.

What is Amazon Freevee

Why is a VPN Necessary to Stream Freevee Worldwide?

As mentioned earlier, Freevee employs a geo-blocking strategy to safeguard its licensing and distributional agreements with its partners. When you visit overseas and want to access Freevee to enjoy its content, you will see an irritating error: “Not available in your region.”

Thankfully, a good VPN like ExtremeVPN allows you to get around these restrictions irrespective of your actual location. By opting for any of the US-based servers, you can trick the streaming service as if you are accessing it from inside the country and enjoy its entire range of content.

Why Should You Use ExtremeVPN to Unblock Freevee?

ExtremeVPN has raised the competition among its rivals because of its excellent security features and blazing-fast connections at a super affordable price. It has a wide network of servers across the globe, allowing you to relocate yourself to wherever you wish. Besides this, ExtremeVPN also boosts the following features:

Bypass Bypass ISP Throttling

ExtremeVPN enables you to go around ISP throttling and watch any content on Freevee without any interruptions.

Blazing-Fast Streaming Speed Blazing-fast Speeds

Enjoy Freevee with smooth browsing and reliable connection speeds.

Access Unlimited Bandwidth

With ExtremeVPN, you can download as much as you wish, bypassing your ISP download restrictions.

security Secure Sessions

Once ExtremeVPN is enabled, you can indulge online without worrying about risking your personal information or data leakage.

Customer Support Icon 24-Hour Live Customer Support Chat

Are you stuck somewhere? Don’t worry; ExtremeVPN has a dedicated team to guide you in overcoming any hurdle relating to its services.

Compatability Connect on 10 Devices Simultaneously

You can enjoy ExtremeVPN’s features on all your devices (at least 10) simultaneously.

Access Freevee on Your Smart TV with ExtremeVPN

Utilizing ExtremeVPN means you value your privacy and want to enjoy your streaming experience interruption-free! You can access Freevee on your Smart TV by performing any of the 3 ways with ExtremeVPN, mentioned below:

  1. Download and Install ExtremeVPN on your Smart TV. ExtremeVPN facilitates its dedicated app for all types of Smart TVs, such as Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and many more. Just search ExtremeVPN on your TV’s app marketplace and install it.
  2. Connect your ExtremeVPN-enabled device to your Smart TV through an HDMI cable. If HDMI is unavailable, try your device’s casting or mirroring functionality.
  3. You can also access Freevee on your Smart TV by installing ExtremeVPN directly on your internet router. In this way, you can access ExtremeVPN’s features on all your devices inside the network.
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Access Freevee on Your Smart TV with ExtremeVPN

Frequently Asked Questions

How is ExtremeVPN the best VPN to stream Freevee? Up
ExtremeVPN presents top-notch security features to encrypt your online activities so that third parties like advertisement agencies, ISPs, or your government can’t take note of online sessions, making it the best VPN to stream online. Moreover, ExtremeVPN enhances your safety when you unblock Freevee using public Wi-Fi.
Do ExtremeVPN and Freevee subscriptions come together? Up
No! Both ExtremeVPN and Freevee are individual services. To use ExtremeVPN services, you need to buy its subscriptions. On the other hand, Freevee is a free streaming service requiring you to sign up on the platform.
Can I stream Freevee using an Amazon subscription? Up
Yes! You can watch your favorite content on Freevee for free using your Amazon account.
Why can’t I access Freevee using my VPN? Up
ExtremeVPN provides dedicated apps for Windows, iOS, Linux, and all types of smartphones. It’s highly unlikely that you will face any roadblocks accessing Freevee utilizing our services. Sometimes, with overcrowding on a particular server, you might encounter some speed lag. Connect to another server where Freevee is available and continue streaming without further troubles.
In which countries is Amazon Freevee available? Up
At the moment, Freevee is available to access only inside the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.
Does Freevee have an app for smart devices? Up
Yes! Like ExtremeVpN, Freevee also has dedicated applications for Smart TVs and smart devices, such as Amazon Fire Tablet, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and series S/X, iOS, and Android. Besides this, you can stream Freevee on your laptop or PC, irrespective of the OS, through Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers.
Is it legal to stream Freevee using a VPN outside the US? Up
Yes! It is perfectly legal to stream Freevee with the help of a VPN from where you are unless utilizing a VPN is prohibited in your region. You don’t need to worry about using a VPN service if you don’t reside in Belarus, Iraq, North Korea, or Turkmenistan. China and Russia do allow the use of a VPN, but they employ certain restrictions around its usage.
Can I access other streaming services using ExtremeVPN? Up
Absolutely! With ExtremeVPN enabled on your device, you can watch your favorite content on almost all streaming platforms, such as HBO Max, Hulu, Sky Go, Sky Now, NBC, Peacock, Amazon, and Netflix.