Stream Hulu outside US with ExtremeVPN

Those who own a Hulu account know how troubling it is to stream from abroad. It’s common knowledge that Hulu is available only in American and Japanese territories. Elsewhere, you’ll experience geo-blocks. Installing ExtremeVPN on your device can help you avoid this impediment. Go Extreme, and watch Hulu’s series and movies from anywhere!

Stream Hulu Outside US with ExtremeVPN

A Step-by-Sep Guide to Watch Hulu from outside the US

Aren’t you sure of the process you should follow to stream Hulu from abroad? Follow these easy steps.

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Step 1

Choose the ExtremeVPN subscription plan for your needs.

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Step 2

Open the server network list, and connect to a fast US server.

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Step 3

Stream Hulu uninterruptedly, with faster connections.

Watch Live TV Channels like CBS, ESPN, ABC, FX, and More from Abroad

Use ExtremeVPN to access Hulu and watch live TV channels. These are some of the live channels you’ll be able to stream.

CBS logo CBS

Fans of classic TV have a safe source on the CBS channel. From timeless classics to the most updated content, CBS is all in one.


A quintessential sports channel. It has the best sports-related content, documentaries, and numerous sports review shows.

abc logo ABC

Fans of popular shows have the best time on ABC. Acclaimed movies and TV shows are available for binge-watching.


Another popular channel that offers the best entertainment. All genres amalgamate into a single content source. From comedy to sci-fi, the FX channel has it all.

Hulu’s AvailabilityHulu Availibality



The major setback for Hulu users is the availability of the streaming service. Currently, Hulu is only available in the United States and Japan. Any user elsewhere on the map needs a VPN service to access the platform.

While Hulu is also available in Japan, the libraries from each country vary intensely. For example, Hulu in Japan offers mainly Japanese movies and anime.

Creating a Hulu Account from outside the United States

Creating a Hulu account is restricted to using an American or Japanese payment method. Users who want to create a Hulu account from abroad need a Hulu Gift Card to avoid payment-method-related issues. To subscribe and create a Hulu account outside the US, follow these smooth steps to acquire a Hulu Gift Card.

  • Visit Type “Hulu” in the search bar or click the Hulu button below the bar.
  • Select an amount for your Gift Card: Pick the Gift Card amount of your choice ($25, $50, or $100).
  • Select your payment method: Proceed to the checkout and select the payment method of your choice. Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and ApplePay.
  • Check your inbox: After buying your Hulu Gift Card, check your email for the code (The process may take 1-3 minutes).
  • Open ExtremeVPN: Launch ExtremeVPN application and connect to a US server.
  • Visit Hulu’s website and redeem your Gift Card: Go to and complete your account registration. Then, select a subscription plan, and proceed to the checkout. Once there, use your Gift Card code to pay.
  • Stream freely from anywhere: After completing the payment process, it’s time to stream Hulu’s content from anywhere.
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Unblock All Content Types with the Best Hulu VPN

There are plenty of options for users; they can choose a single Hulu subscription, the duo bundle Hulu + Disney, or the trio bundle Hulu + Disney + ESPN. Moreover, users can include premium add-ons from numerous networks like HBO Max, Starz, Showtime, and Cinemax.

Unblock All Content Types with the Best Hulu VPN

With ExtremeVPN, unblock the most popular content in all streaming libraries with Hulu. Binge-watch shows like American Horror Story, Welcome to Chippendales, and The Handmaid’s Tale. Also, Tiny Beautiful Things, Glee, Quasi, and more.

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Tips for Resolving Hulu’s Connection Issues with a VPN

Sometimes users can experience trouble connecting to Hulu, even using a VPN. Follow these recommendations to resolve Hulu’s connection issues:

  • Connect to a different server location: Connect to other US-based servers. Sometimes if Hulu receives much traffic from a single connection, it can block that server to protect copyrighting laws. Try as many servers from the US as possible; after a few minutes, you should find one that works.
  • Clear your cookies and cache memory: If you have visited the website before using your regular connection, chances are the website has identified your location because of cookies or cache memory. Clear them and try again!
  • Disable device geo-location: Some devices extract your location for different purposes without you knowing it. See what applications have access to your physical location and disable it.
  • Contact support: If you have tried the previous tips but still have difficulties connecting to Hulu, contact customer support. ExtremeVPN has support 24/7; an agent will help you resolve your issue.

ExtremeVPN Users’ Testimonials on Our Hulu VPN

I finally made it!

I’ve been looking for a VPN to unblock Hulu for several months. A friend recommended ExtremeVPN, tried it, and… IT WORKED. I finally made it!

Michael Lehman
Michael Lehman Co-founder at EUN Industries
Quality service, fair price

After trying the service for three months, I decided to go for an annual subscription. I’m very much satisfied with the performance of the VPN; I keep my privacy while I unblock the best streaming websites.

Steve Halker
Steve Halker Sales Director at Robolt, LLC
Wonderful customer support

I was having issues installing the VPN. I contacted customer support through email, and they gave me detailed instructions with screenshots and video tutorials. Excellent service!

Smith Warth
Smith Warth Twitter User!
New to VPNs, satisfied customer

I never used a VPN before, but then I traveled to Costa Rica for six months and had to. Now I can watch my usual libraries on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

Vijesh Kumar
Vijesh Kumar Company head at Vipaya Industries
Thank God no more bank account blocks

While traveling to Europe, I blocked my bank account for opening it abroad. It was a major issue that almost ruined my trip. Now I always use ExtremeVPN when outside. Excellent service.

Stone Halk
Stone Halk General Manager at MDV
I have a dedicated IP

I was blocked many times from different websites because they identified my proxy connection. Now I have a dedicated IP with ExtremeVPN, and everything works smoothly.

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Employee at Vehmans Corporation, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

My VPN is not working with Hulu. How can I fix this? Up
Using a VPN to stream Hulu works depending on the VPN service you’re using. For example, free VPNs are inefficient in unblocking these streaming platforms due to DNS leaking. Use ExtremeVPN to fix this issue and stream Hulu hassle-free.
Why is ExtremeVPN not unblocking Hulu after connecting to a US server? Up
In some cases, it could be a problem with the speed of your Internet Service Provider. Try restarting your router to fix this issue. Similarly, it could be because of technical problems. Contact customer support to get assistance.
If I get a Proxy Error, what should I do? Up
Some streaming services have more robust proxy detectors than others. Some platforms can identify proxy connections. In such cases, try connecting to a different server to circumvent the error. If the problem persists, you may need a dedicated IP; contact customer support for more information.
Does using a Hulu VPN make my connection slower? Up
You may experience slow connections if you use free VPNs. For-free VPN services drop your connection speed to an average of 5-10 Mbps. Streaming with such deficient speed makes an overall poor experience with on and off buffering issues. In contrast, premium VPNs like ExtremeVPN provide stable and ultra-fast connections ideal for binge-watching your favorite movies and TV shows. Our Hulu VPN makes your movie night a whole sensation.
Can I use a free VPN to watch Hulu? Up
Using a free VPN is not a good solution for watching Hulu. Free VPNs don’t count with an extensive server network. Hence, at most, you’ll have one US server to connect from. Additionally, the connection speed of a free VPN ranges from 2 to 10 Mbps, making the streaming very slow and with potential buffering issues. It’s also to bear in mind that accessing services like Hulu, available only in certain territories, classifies as a copyright infringement. Private VPNs eradicate this problem by protecting your privacy. However, for-free services don’t count with encryption protocols to keep your identity anonymous.
How can I bypass geo-restrictions on Hulu? Up
It’s as simple as connecting to a US server on a private VPN service. Nevertheless, some streaming platforms have evolved their detection systems and have become efficient in identifying proxy connections. To resolve this issue, ensure selecting a rugged VPN like ExtremeVPN with an extensive server network and dedicated IP. Like this, you will have several servers to connect from or an exclusive IP address to remain undetectable by Hulu.
Can I watch live channels on Hulu? Up
Yes. Hulu has different subscription plans to entertain its users. The most affordable plan includes on-demand content from Hulu, such as movies and TV series. On the other hand, there are several other plans. One of them includes over 40 live channels for you to stream.
Is it possible to watch live sports on Hulu? Up
For sure! The subscription plan with live channels includes 40+ live TV sources. You can find ESPN, which you can tune in to stream popular matches of your favorite sports teams worldwide.
How can I avoid streaming location blocks? Up
The definitive solution to avoid this issue is using a top-notch and private VPN service like ExtremeVPN. You can connect to a vast range of servers with ExtremeVPN. Additionally, your identity won’t be at stake. The encryption protocols will protect your anonymity at all times. On the other hand, you’re likely to experience location blocks on streaming platforms if you use a free VPN. Even worse, you may be liable for copyright infringement.
What’s the best server location for Hulu? Up
Some VPNs have specific servers for users to use with certain streaming platforms. With ExtremeVPN, you have a range of US server options to connect from, any of which should unblock Hulu’s geo-restrictions. Additionally, you can get a dedicated IP address for unbreakable protection on geo-location blocks.
Would a dedicated IP help me with Hulu? Up
As VPN services gain popularity, streaming platforms become more competent in identifying proxy connections. Correspondingly, some VPN servers experience difficulties unblocking streamings like Hulu because of IP bans. Although a VPN with a vast range of servers should not experience any issues, a dedicated IP will definitively erase this problem. A dedicated IP is a unique proxy connection the users can receive so no one else can connect to that server. Thus, IP bans vanish.
Is it illegal to use a VPN with Hulu? Up
VPN services are not illegal except in countries with substantial censorship laws, like China or North Kore. Yet, accessing streamings outside the permitted region can be classified as copyright infringement. In any case, this won’t be an issue with Private VPNs as they keep users’ anonymity due to encryption protocols.
What Hulu channels does a VPN unblock? Up
When you use a top-notch VPN like ExtremeVPN to unblock Hulu, you access all the content the platform provides. Through this, you will be able to interact not only will you interact with on-demand content but also with live channels such as ESPN.