How to Stream Mediaset Infinity with a VPN

Enjoy exclusive Italian movies and TV series on Mediaset Infinity. Use ExtremeVPN to bypass geo-restrictions and stream Mediaset Infinity effortlessly.

Stream Mediaset Infinity with a VPN

Mediaset Infinity & ExtremeVPN: Your Best Bet for Streaming Premium Italian Content

Considering recent times, where the world’s entertainment landscape is at our fingertips, there is an undeniable attraction to diving into the interesting realm of the various available streaming platforms.

As you may know, the desire to enjoy the latest Italian TV shows, movies, and many more transcends borders. But sadly, streaming platforms like Mediaset Infinity often limit access based on your physical location. So, you need to learn how to overcome these geographical restrictions to make sure you can access all the exciting content.

Thankfully, this guide comprehensively explores the key to unlocking your full potential of Mediaset Infinity, and it goes by the name of ExtremeVPN. Get ready to break free from the restrictions and engage in a world of Italian entertainment like never before with this VPN service.

What is Mediaset Infinity?

Mediaset Infinity, launched in July 2007 and previously operating under the separate names of Mediaset Play and Infinity+, is a well-known Italian streaming platform. Initially, it was a television portal dedicated to Italia 1, Rete 4, and Canale 5. However, over the years, it has been expanded to all Mediaset networks.

Mediaset offers an extensive library of content sourced from the extensive Mediaset TV catalog, offering viewers a vast range of live and on-demand programming. For those seeking a premium experience, Infinity+ offers exclusive movies and TV series for streaming in stunning 4K quality.

The platform brings viewers a blend of Italian and international TV series, animated shows, and movies, all available for your pleasure anytime, anywhere, and on any device you choose. Notably, each week also features an entire title release from Warner Bros Studios, adding an extra layer of entertainment to your viewing journey.

What is Mediaset Infinity

Quick Steps to Stream Mediaset Infinity with a VPN

Enjoying the exciting world of Mediaset Infinity with a VPN is a breeze. It is worth mentioning that the platform generously extends its compatibility to an array of devices, including Linux, Windows, Android, Firefox, macOS, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and many more. Below are the simple and quick steps to elevate your streaming experience easily:

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Get Started with ExtremeVPN

To begin your Mediaset streaming journey, kick things off by signing up with a VPN service. Our top recommendation is ExtremeVPN, as it is renowned for its robust security features and lightning-fast connectivity. Signing up with ExtremeVPN guarantees a dependable and seamless VPN experience.


Choose a Secure and Reliable VPN Server in Italy

With ExtremeVPN in your corner, you must select a secure Italy-based server. This step boosts your online security and grants you unrestricted access to Mediaset Infinity‘s region-locked content easily.


Access MediaSET Infinity’s Rich Library

After setting up ExtremeVPN and choosing a trusted Italian VPN, you can enjoy MediaSET Infinity’s extensive content. Regardless of your location, ExtremeVPN ensures you can enjoy every moment in high definition on any compatible device you prefer.

With these steps, you can unlock the full potential of Mediaset Infinity, bringing Italian entertainment to your fingertips, regardless of your location in the world. Now, let’s delve deeper into why a VPN is necessary when accessing Mediaset Play in the United States.

Why Must I Access Mediaset Play with a VPN in the United States?

In the United States, accessing MediaSET can be quite a challenge without a VPN, mainly because of the content licensing restrictions that limit the availability of the streaming service. Mediaset Play memberships, often called an infinity, are only available for Italian citizens.

To enjoy International access to Mediaset Infinity, a VPN is essential to conceal your IP address and make it appear like you are accessing the streaming service from within Italy. A VPN establishes a secure, encrypted tunnel between your device and the VON server. This secure pathway allows your data to travel through a private channel whenever connected to the VPN.

When you access your internet, your true IP address disappears, and your location changes. The VPN swaps your real Internet Protocol address with one from the server country of your choice. This trick can make it seem as though you are in Italy, even when you are physically elsewhere.

A top-tier VPN service like ExtremeVPN fortifies your online security against potential threats from hackers and government surveillance. This ensures your digital activities remain in safe hands. So, with the power of a VPN, you gain access to your cherished shows on your preferred channel regardless of the region they call home.


As earlier stated, the world of streaming keeps evolving, and Mediaset Infinity emerges as a gateway to Italian entertainment at its finest.

Although geographical restrictions may pose a challenge, the solution is clear — the partnership of Mediaset Infinity and ExtremeVPN. With ExtremeVPN’s robust servers and security, you can unlock a rich content library, ensuring that borders confine your digital adventures.

So, remember this combination whether you are an expat yearning for a taste of home or simply a fanatic of Italian cinema and television. Mediaset Infinity’s catalog awaits you, and Extreme VPN is your trusted companion in this journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can I stream Mediaset Infinity on? Up
You can enjoy Mediaset Infinity on various arrays of devices, including: 1. Smartphones and Tablets: Should you use an iOS or Android device, MediaSET Infinity is at your fingertips. 2. Computers: You can get your viewing fix on Windows, Mac, or Linux systems, making it available across most laptops and desktops. 3. Smart TV Systems: You can stream Mediaset Infinity and elevate your home cinema experience on Android TV, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, or Samsung Smart TVs. 4. Game and Media Consoles: You can access Mediaset Infinity via game and median consoles like Razor Forge and Nvidia Shield. It is noteworthy that ExtremeVPN offers user-friendly apps for many of these devices. However, even if your specific device doesn’t support ExtremeVPN directly, you can connect it to an ExtremeVPN router.
Can I access Mediaset Infinity freely? Up
The fundamental Mediaset Play streaming service comes to you without a price tag. However, a subscription fee is involved for the premium experience known as Infinity+. You can opt for a monthly, 6-month, or annual subscription to unlock the entire library of premium content.
Why is my VPN not compatible with Mediaset Infinity? Up
Mediaset Infinity performs optimally when you connect via a server closest to your physical location. However, should you ever face connectivity hiccups, remember that ExtremeVPN’s support team is at your service 24/7. You can contact them via email or live chat for prompt assistance and troubleshooting.
How does ExtremeVPN work with Mediaset Infinity? Up
When you tune into Mediaset Play Infinity using ExtremeVPN’s lightning-fast Italian servers, your internet traffic is secured within an encrypted tunnel. This privacy ensures that nobody, not even your internet service provider (ISP), can pry into your online activities. What’s more is that if you have ever faced the frustration of your ISP putting a pause on your streaming activities by throttling bandwidth, a VPN could be your secret weapon. It might just give your streaming experience the turbo boost it deserves, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment at its finest.