How to Watch SBS on Demand from Overseas

Catch up on sought-after TV shows, movies, and sporting events with SBS On Demand. Use ExtremeVPN’s fast servers to access the streaming platform from anywhere, even outside Australia.

With our extra privacy and security, your streaming experience becomes seamless!

How to Watch SBS on Demand from Overseas

Watch SBS On Demand Abroad with a VPN

Experience paradise through your screen by watching SBS channels like NITV, SBS Viceland, SBS Chill, SBS PopAsia, and SBS World Movies.


Step 1

Visit ExtremeVPN’s site, subscribe to its premium plan, and download the app.


Step 2

Join an Australian server.


Step 3

Open a free SBS account and enjoy streaming quality content.

Watch SBS On Demand with Ease

SBS On Demand is undoubtedly one of Australia’s best online streaming platforms. From live sports like the FIFA World Cup to renowned events like Eurovision, the platform has you covered. Sadly, SBS On Demand is exclusive to Australia. That means foreigners and Aussies abroad cannot stream its exciting TV and radio shows.

Don’t be dismayed. There’s a simple solution. All you need to do is connect to ExtremeVPN’s server in Australia. Once connected, you can access SBS On Demand from any country without breaking a sweat. ExtremeVPN has over 6,500 servers worldwide, including Australia. With our extensive server list, rest assured you won’t have any issues replacing your IP address origin with an Australian one.

Note that SBS uses unique mechanisms to track viewers’ IP addresses to exclude them from streaming its content outside Australia. By getting a virtual Australian IP address with ExtremeVPN, you’ll appear as if your location is in Australia. Not just that, ExtremeVPN helps improve internet connection, provide online anonymity, load videos in 4K, and ensure safety on public WiFi.

Securely Choose an Australian Server for SBS On Demand

We highly recommend using a reputable VPN with multiple server locations in Australia. This way, you can connect instantly to SBS On Demand and enjoy bufferless streaming all day!

ExtremeVPN has multiple ultrafast Australian servers in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. With our extensive network of servers, you can enjoy an extra layer of encryption and avoid overcrowded networks. To join a server, click Australia and watch SBS content within seconds.

What’s more? Apart from SBS On Demand, you can unblock other Australian platforms like 9Now, Kayo Sports, Binge, and 7plus using ExtremeVPN servers. With our global servers, you can stream beyond limits in different languages from channels like Spain TV, Korean TV, and Thai TV.

Access SBS On Demand on Multiple Devices

It’s one thing to subscribe to a VPN service and another for it to support your device. You can use ExtremeVPN to watch SBS On Demand on any device. The VPN supports mobile devices, desktop devices, laptops, and smart TVs.

ExtremeVPN has a native app for primary operating systems like iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. It works excellently on Apple, Android, and Amazon Firestick TV. Besides, the app is easy to use and excellent for beginners.

ExtremeVPN also comes with a router for protecting devices like PlayStation and Xbox. Enjoy uninterrupted protection on up to 10 devices simultaneously. That means you can share your account with loved ones.

Setting up a VPN router is simple, but if you ever need assistance, contact our 24/7 customer support. We assure you of a prompt response.

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Access SBS On Demand on Multiple Devices

Watch SBS in High Quality

For a smooth streaming experience, you need fast servers to load videos in HD without interruption. Nobody wants to stare at a buffering screen while watching their favorites on SBS, as it ruins the fun.

ExtremeVPN offers blazing and consistent speeds no matter how far you are from a server. Our Australian servers let you watch SBS lag-free. On a standard 100Mbps internet connection speed, you can get 329.92Mbps in uploads and 303.93Mbps in downloads, which is enough for high-end streaming.

Our native apps offer three top-notch protocols by default, including OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IPSec/IKEv2. But you also get the option to set up your preferred protocol for uninterrupted viewing manually.

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Watch SBS in High Quality

Ensure Online Anonymity

VPNs that don’t uphold users’ privacy are better off alone. In terms of protecting your data, you can trust ExtremeVPN.

We have a strict no-logs policy, assuring your information will not be shared with third parties. We also take pride in the “Data Not Collected” tag on our app in the App Store. That means ExtremeVPN doesn’t collect users’ origin IP address, VPN session timestamp, DNS requests, and browsing activities.

Not private enough? We’re headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, famous for its strict laws ensuring individual privacy. Besides, our IPv6 leak protection feature keeps you anonymous from government, ISPs, and hackers while watching SBS On Demand abroad.

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Online Anonymity

Stop ISP Throttling

If you experience slow internet speeds while watching SBS, your ISP is throttling your bandwidth. ISPs often use this tactic to force you into purchasing a more costly internet subscription. Once you download a large file or stream movies, it throttles you.

On the bright side, ExtremeVPN stops ISP throttling. You don’t need to struggle for fast speeds anymore with our 256-bit AES encryption. This feature blindsides your ISP, allowing you to watch SBS and browse the web to your heart’s content.

Say goodbye to data caps and bandwidth limits with ExtremeVPN!

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Stop Your ISP from Throttling Your Speed

Watch SBS on Public WiFi

Streaming SBS on free public WiFi can be comfortable. You can stream your favorite shows without limits, but this comes with risks like data theft and malware attacks.

To protect yourself from these threats, look no further than ExtremeVPN. It encrypts your data, making it unreadable for potential hackers to intercept on an unsecured network. With our cutting-edge security features like split tunneling and a kill switch, third-party spying is impossible.

So whenever you’re in public spaces like shopping malls, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, and airports, connect to ExtremeVPN to binge-watch SBS.

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Watch SBS on Public WiFi

What Does SBS On Demand Show?

SBS On Demand hosts a variety of live and on-demand shows. Tune in to watch your Australian favorites from around the globe. The streaming platform operates seven radio networks and five TV stations. They include:

TV Channels
  • SBS
  • SBS Viceland
  • SBS World Movies
  • SBS Food
  • NITV
  • SBS WorldWatch
Radio Networks
  • SBS Radios 1, 2 and 3
  • Arabic24
  • SBS Chill
  • SBS PopDesi
  • SBS PopAsia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SBS On Demand? Up
Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is a free Australian broadcasting platform that airs documentaries, comedies, sports programs, movies, and cooking shows.
What can I stream on SBS On Demand? Up
You can immerse yourself in over 10,000 hours of shows worldwide on SBS, so there’s a lot to watch. Mulan, Lion 2016, Loving Pablo, Vikings, Brooklyn 99, and Temple are some SBS top shows that’ll keep you glued to your screen. The streaming service also hosts sporting events like Motor Sports, English Premier League, NBA, and Champions League and food content like Amazing Wedding Cakes, Carnival Eats, The Layover, and Bake with Anna.
Can I stream SBS from the UK? Up
You cannot watch SBS if your resident country isn’t Australia. However, with ExtremeVPN, it becomes possible to stream SBS from the UK, Germany, Canada, or any country.
How much is an SBS subscription? Up
The good news is that SBS On Demand is entirely free. The streaming service doesn’t require any subscription fee. Simply open an account using an Australian postal code to stream SBS.
Can I use a free VPN to watch SBS On Demand? Up
No. Regarding streaming, free VPNs lack the technical capability to bypass geo-restrictions. Many have limited server locations, and you’ll rarely find one with servers in Australia. Even if you’re lucky to use a free VPN with an Australian server, you may experience slow connection speeds, buffering, and video lags due to server overload. Bid farewell to internet delays while watching movies on SBS On Demand. Test ExtremeVPN risk-free by enjoying the 30-day money-back guarantee to see if it suits your needs.
What devices does SBS On Demand support? Up
SBS On Demand supports personal computers, tablets, phones, internet-enabled TVs, and gaming consoles. This means you can watch your favorite series on Chromecast, Firestick, Roku, Android TV, PlayStation, Xbox, and Roku. You can stream the service on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows via a browser. SBS also offers an iOS and Android app, so smartphone and smart TV users can stream the service.
Why is my VPN not working with SBS? Up
The SBS On Demand app may not work with a VPN due to internet connectivity issues or a blocked IP address. To resolve any of these issues, join another server. ExtremeVPN has several Australian servers in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane. So you can switch servers without hassle. Alternatively, contact our customer support for a comprehensive guide.
Is a VPN necessary to view Australian TV channels? Up
A VPN is unnecessary to watch Australian TV if you’re currently in the country. However, you’ll need ExtremeVPN to access SBS if you’re traveling.
How can I watch SBS on my Android smart TV? Up
To watch SBS on your Android TV, open an SBS account. Go to Google Play Store or App Store to download and install the SBS app. Then, boot the SBS app on your smart TV to start streaming!
How long do programs air on SBS? Up
The duration of TV shows and movies on SBS varies depending on their copyright agreements. Some titles are usually available indefinitely, while others have an expiry date of three or six months.