How to Stream Sky Go Safely with ExtremeVPN

Want to watch Sky Go UK at home or overseas? Use ExtremeVPN and enjoy your favorite British movies, series, sports, or live content with ultra-fast connection speeds, smooth browsing, and advanced security features.

Download Sky Go and ExtremeVPN applications on your TV, phones, tabs, or PCs with a single click, and access your favorite content on British TV safely and securely within seconds.

What is Sky Go?

As the name suggests, Sky Go is an online application for streaming Sky TV’s at your luxury. Sky TV integrates all its programs, shows, movies, or live sporting content on its online streaming app. British internet users can access Sky Go for free if they are Sky TV subscribers.

If you are visiting abroad or want to access Sky Go’s top-of-the-line programs as a non-UK resident, ExtremeVPN is your go-to solution. Select any of its UK-based self-optimized and secure servers network and enjoy your time streaming the content you love.

How to Unblock Sky Go with ExtremeVPN?

Step 1

Get ExtremeVPN. It’s highly secure with a user-friendly interface.

Step 2

Connect to any UK-based server.

Step 3

Enjoy watching Sky Go!

ExtremeVPN operates as a VPN service; users shouldn’t use it to evade copyright limitations. Please check ExtremeVPN Service Policy and Sky Go’s Terms of Service for further information.

Watch All Sky Sports Content Online

Sky Go shows almost all sporting events, live or otherwise, on the platform. So if you are an athlete or a sports fan and want to see your favorite game online, you only need a Sky Go subscription and a stable internet connection.

Sky Go has consistently streamed the world’s premium sports events, live or highlights, for its users. These events range from ICC Cricket World Cups, World Snooker Championships, World Championship Boxing, HSBC World Rugby Seven Series, and Soccer’s premium championships. It also shows Sky Sports 1 & 2, Sky Sports News, Eurosport 1 & 2, and Sky Sports Mix through the platform for its subscribers.

What is the Sky Go’s Content Range?

If, for any reason, you couldn’t see your favorite program on Sky TV. Dont worry! We got you covered. Sky Go covers all the content its television platform brings, depending on your subscription package. You can also use this streaming platform to watch your content in HD quality securely while on the move.

Sky Go subscribers can watch various genres on the forum. These genres and their channels are detailed below:

Three Benefits of Using Sky Go

Significant Range of Channels and Content

On Sky Go, you can watch pretty much all outstanding content from various channels such as TLC, Sky Sports, Fox, Disney Channel, and 5Star, Universal. It comes in handy when you are on the go or overseas.

Watch Your Content Anytime

The Sky Go streaming service keeps all its content for a considerable time, so you don’t need to worry if you can’t see your content live. With a Sky Go subscription, you can prioritize your time between your job, social circle, and entertainment.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

Sky TV package facilitates you to utilize its online streaming service for up to 2 days. If you want to share it with your family and extend this allowance, you can opt for its Sky Go Extra package. This package gives you the luxury of downloading or watching your content on a maximum of 4 devices.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Sky Go?

Sky Go is accessible to stream only in Great Britain and Ireland due to its distributional rights. However, Sky TV is also available in European countries like Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. However, some of its content may not be available because of its restrictions.

If you are in these European countries or any other part of the world and can’t stream on Sky Go, you need a VPN. It is because Sky Go determines your location using your IP address. With a VPN enabled, you get a virtual IP address, making it difficult to trace.

ExtremeVPN has a network of self-engineered and speed-optimized servers dedicated to unblocking streaming services like Sky Go. Just select any of our highly secure UK servers, and you’re good to go.

Grab the Best Server to Unblock Sky Go

ExtremeVPN allows its subscribers to determine which server is at optimum speed at a specific time. For this, you need to conduct a Speed Test on each of our VPN locations. A VPN server with a higher speed index, which depends upon the download speed and latency, should be the one you choose to connect. Once connected, enjoy your time streaming on Sky Go!

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How to Connect Your TV with ExtremeVPN?

Having an ExtremeVPN subscription means you value your privacy and quality time/ It lets you watch your favorite content online without any unwanted disruption. Besides your PC or laptop, you can also stream your favorite series or movies on TV. You can connect ExtremeVPN to your TV by following these super easy steps:

  1. Download and Install ExtremeVPN on your Smart TV. ExtremeVPN is also compatible with Amazon Fire TV and Android TV; just look for our app in their application marketplace and install it.
  2. You can also enjoy streaming content on your TV via HDMI cable. All you need to do is connect your device (with ExtremeVPN installed) to your TV. Couldn’t find HDMI at home? You can also try casting or mirroring features of your device as well.
  3. Connect your TV with an ExtremeVPN-installed router. This way, all devices connected to your router possess all the necessary VPN features you desire.

Why Should You Use ExtremeVPN?

ExtremeVPN leads its way among the competitors due to its exceptional high-quality features and fast connection speed at affordable prices. It enhances your data security with a wide network of 6500+ super-optimized servers across the globe.

User-friendly and Intuitive Application

If you have had enough of dealing with other VPNs’ complex applications, ExtremeVPN got you covered! We have built an easy-to-use application to cater to all your needs. Just tap on the connection button, and your device will be connected within seconds.

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Ultra-Fast and Smooth VPN Connection Speed

ExtremeVPN is exceptional when streaming or playing games. Thanks to our blazing-fast VPN servers, you enjoy the optimum speed and security.

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Unbreakable Security with Comprehensive Privacy

ExtremeVPN employs iron-clad AES-256-bit encryption to ensure digital privacy. With ExtremeVPN enabled, your ISP or third parties can’t get access to your browsing activities. It also hides your IP address utilizing its server shields.

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Zero Logs Policy

ExtremeVPN vowed to provide its consumers with complete privacy. We don’t track your online sessions. In other words, nobody gets to know about your web activities at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ExtremeVPN come with a Sky Go subscription?
No. You must purchase ExtremeVPN and Sky Go subscriptions to enjoy your content
Can I use my ExtremeVPN to watch Sky Go on multiple devices?
Yes! With a Sky TV subscription, you can use Sky Go on up to 2 devices. If you want to extend this facility to more devices, purchase the Sky Go Extra subscription instead. With Sky Go Extra Subscription, you can use Sky Go on a maximum of 4 devices.
Can I stream Sky Go overseas?
Since Jan. 1, 2023, Sky Go has blocked its streaming service outside the UK and Ireland. Besides these countries, it is still accessible in a few European countries like Germany, Austria, and Italy, but it shows limited content in those regions.
Which types of devices are compatible with Sky Go?
Sky Go works well on almost all kinds of devices, such as: – Phones and Tabs with iOS and Android OS – Personal Computers with Mac, Windows, and Linux OS – Gaming systems, such as Xbox and PlayStation ExtremeVPN has user-friendly web apps for all these devices. Our valuable users can utilize our services on at least 10 devices simultaneously.
Will using an ExtremeVPN impact the video quality?
Potentially, all VPNs decelerate your internet speed. ExtremeVPN, on the other hand, is super fast and allows users to stream smoothly. In fact, it may also increase your download speed when your ISP applies bandwidth throttles for using streaming services.
What additional functionalities does ExtremeVPN offer?
ExtremeVPN works well on all streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, etc. In other words, you can access all your favorite content on the web with impenetrable security, total privacy, and complete freedom.