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Safely stream German shows from anywhere on RTL+ (formerly called TV Now).

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What is RTL+ (TV Now)?

TV Now (now known as RTL+) is a German streaming platform. It provides live streaming of numerous channels, including RTL, Super RTL, and VOX. TV Now, which has one of the most extensive German-language streaming libraries available, has become a household name, particularly after it began producing exclusive content in 2019. In November 2021, TV Now became RTL+.

What is RTL

Live Stream RTL+ (TV Now) with ExtremeVPN in 3 steps

You can livestream shows on RTL+ using these three easy steps.

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Step 1

Subscribe to ExtremeVPN.


Step 2

Select and connect to a German server.


Step 3

Start streaming your favorite shows.

Stream Your Favorite RTL+ Shows Now

Whether in Germany or not, you can stream your favorite RTL+ shows. Yes, RTL+ has an extensive list of channels that showcase content ranging from reality TV shows, documentaries, movies, and live sports. With ExtremeVPN, you can have access to all your favorite RTL+ shows.

The geo-restriction on RTL+ makes it accessible to only German residents, which may make it seem impossible to stream outside of Germany. However, ExtremeVPN allows you to connect to a German server, which changes your IP address to a German one. With this German address, you can stream RTL+ without restrictions at ultra-fast speeds and in UHD quality.

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Stream Your Favorite RTL+ Shows Now

Connect to German and International Servers

If you are outside Germany, watching RTL+ is nearly impossible as there are settings that only allow full access in Germany, which is why ExtremeVPN has a vast number of over 6500 international servers, including servers in Germany.

All you have to do is connect to the German server, and you will get a new IP address and can stream all the content you want. ExtremeVPN also has ultra-fast servers with streaming optimization, granting you easy access to RTL+.

Set Up German IP Address on All Your Devices

The lightest device anyone travels with is a phone. It is the most convenient device ever. Also, a laptop would suffice, but what if you want to avoid carrying it on a trip? You can set up a German address on all your devices using ExtremeVPN. You can download the ExtremeVPN app on Android and iOS, Windows, MAC, Linux, and Amazon Fire Stick.

However, if some of your devices cannot accept the app, you can configure ExtremeVPN to a router. ExtremeVPN allows you to connect to multiple devices with a single subscription and has no restrictions. You can stream your favorite reality show on your laptop, while someone with your login details can stream something else on another device. Also, ExtremeVPN allows you access to these features with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Set Up German IP Address on All Your Devices

Watch TV Now in UHD Quality

Watching TV Now in UHD quality means requires a blazing-fast internet connection. This is what ExtremeVPN offers – an ultra-fast VPN server. ExtremeVPN offers unlimited bandwidth to stream content across all your devices without internet limitations.

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Watch TV Now in UHD Quality

Watch German TV Anonymously

The idea of using a VPN is to be anonymous, and ExtremeVPN can help you watch German TV anonymously. ExtremeVPN has encryptions and a stern no-logs policy, unlike your Internet Service Provider, which means there is zero logging of your online activities as long as there is a connection between your device and an ExtremeVPN server.

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Online Anonymity

ExtremeVPN Allows You to Stay Private and Undetected

Using ExtremeVPN is an excellent way to stay private and undetectable online. Your ISP cannot offer you as much privacy as it can reveal everything to third parties. But, with ExtremeVPN, you have nothing to worry about.

There are multiple VPN protocols, such as IKEv2, WireGuard, L2TP, and OpenVPN, that ensure a secure, private, and undetectable connection. ExtremeVPN also has a 256-bit military-grade encryption that protects your internet connection and an automatic kill switch that keeps all traffic out if there is a brief loss in connection.

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Private and Personal VPN

Stop ISP Throttling When Streaming

ISPs can throttle your internet connection when streaming, and it can be inconveniencing streaming a show and noticing subtle attacks. With ExtremeVPN, ISP throttling will become obsolete. The 256-bit AES military-grade encryption on ExtremeVPN will keep your ISP from throttling your connection by hiding your online activities.

Offering unlimited bandwidth and data, ExtremeVPN will never throttle your connection streaming a show on RTL+. You can stay undetectable and enjoy a buffer-free connection with ExtremeVPN.

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Stop Your ISP from Throttling Your Speed

Why Can’t I Watch RTL+ (TV Now) with an Active Connection to a German Server?

Do not panic if you notice an active connection to a German server but cannot watch RTL+. It means that there are restrictions on that server, and typically, ExtremeVPN will connect you to a different server. But if it does not automatically connect to a different server, all you have to do is disconnect from the server and reconnect again.

What Can I Watch on RTL+?

With its vast network, RTL+ lets you stream original content and watch live sports. But the question now is, what can you watch on RTL+? Below are some live channels you can watch on RTL+.

Live Channels
  • RTL
  • RTL II
  • Super RTL
  • Nitro
  • Toggo Plus
  • RTL Passion
  • Vox
  • RTL Crime
  • Now!
  • N-TV
  • RTLplus
  • Geo Television
  • RTL Living
Movies and Reality Shows
  • Line of Duty
  • American Housewife
  • Freakish
  • Die Bachelorette
  • CSI: NY
  • The Good Doctor
  • The ABC Murders
  • Dexter
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • New Amsterdam
  • Shin chan
  • Shopping Queen
  • Mr. Bean
  • Charming Boys
  • The Killing

Why are there Geo-restrictions on RTL+?

RTL+ has a geo-restriction for licensing reasons, and to comply with the license, RTL+ analyzes each visitor’s IP address to verify there are no violations. If the search identifies the IP address outside of Germany, it will display a location error message to the user.

To avoid violating agreements with content producers and copyright holders, RTL+ must limit its service to only Germany. However, you can alter your IP address by connecting to a German server with ExtremeVPN. This allows you to restore access to your RTL+ account outside Germany quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices are compatible with RTL+ (TV Now)? Up
RTL+ (TV Now) is compatible with multiple devices like smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, and browsers. With ExtremeVPN, you can stream your favorite shows on any device you choose by downloading the ExtremeVPN app or configuring a router.
What countries can I stream RTL+ (TV Now) from? Up
Ideally, you can stream RTL+ from only Germany, but with ExtremeVPN, you can stream RTL+ from anywhere worldwide as long as you connect to a German server. ExtremeVPN has over 6500 servers in diverse locations, and Germany is one of them.
Is using ExtremeVPN to stream RTL+ (TV Now) content legal? Up
Yes, it is legal to use ExtremeVPN to stream RTL+ (TV Now) content. Nothing is illegal about it, as ExtremeVPN only allows you to change your true IP address to a German address so you can stream shows online. However, connecting to ExtremeVPN servers and performing illegal activities is a crime.
Can I stream RTL+ (TV Now) with a free VPN? Up
The truth is, yes, you can stream RTL+ content with a free VPN. But we do not advise it. Using a free VPN to hide your IP address so you can stream shows on RTL+ is not a good idea. Free VPNs are susceptible to hacking, the connection speeds are slow, and they cannot provide the necessary privacy.