Enjoy Quality Streaming on TVA Canada with a VPN

Access carefully curated French-language TV shows and movies on TVA+. Use ExtremeVPN to bypass restrictions and stream TVA to your heart’s content.

Evade throttling and stream TVA+ in crystal clear HD with super-fast servers. Let the streaming follow you everywhere, and watch on every available device.

Quality Streaming on TVA Canada

How to Stream TVA Canada in 3 Simple Steps

Streaming TVA+ is super easy with ExtremeVPN. You only need to follow these three steps:

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Step 1

Visit ExtremeVPN’s website and register using your preferred credentials


Step 2

Download and open the app, then connect to a Canadian server


Step 3

Start streaming TVA+ on the app or website

What is TVA Canada?

TVA Canada is a French-language terrestrial television network, primarily from the French-speaking region of Canada, Quebec. Initially, the network operated various French TV stations in multiple Quebecian regions, but it has now expanded to New Brunswick and Ontario.

TVA+ is the online streaming platform that the network provides, offering programming for a diverse audience. It has blockbuster action movies, sports, drama, and cartoons, providing entertainment for the entire family. TVA’s content catalog also covers French podcasts and radio broadcasts, which are also available for streaming.

What is TVA Canada

How to Watch TVA Canada on Your TV with ExtremeVPN

TVA+ diverse content library means that it has a high entertainment value. As a result, its viewers list continues to grow. However, this platform is only available in Canada, stranding many TVA+ enthusiasts abroad.

To get TVA+ regardless of where you are, you can follow these steps here:

  1. Use a VPN-configured router: Set up ExtremeVPN on your router to provide advanced level security for any device that connects to it. Even devices that can’t install a VPN benefit from being connected to the router.
  2. Set up a connection via an HDMI cable: Although less common, you can port VPN connections from a supported device to a non-supported device via a cable. Get an HDMI cable and connect your computer to your smart TV. If you cannot do this, you can try screen casting or mirroring.
  3. Find and download the app from your TV store: Most smart TVs have stores where you can download apps like a VPN. You simply need to visit the app, find the name of the VPN, and then download it. You can now log in using your credentials and start streaming TVA+ afterward.
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Watch TVA Canada on Your TV with ExtremeVPN

Why Doesn’t TVA Work outside Canada?

You may be surprised to hear that TVA+ doesn’t work even in all regions of Canada. To deliver audience-tailored programming, the network decided only to serve Quebec, the French-speaking province, and its various regions. After serious deliberation, the company expanded support to other regions, especially the capital, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

If you’re not in any of these regions, you can’t access TVA+. It’s a geo-blocked streaming service, and you’ll get an error message whenever you try to stream any content from the website. The error message typically reads, “ This content is currently not available in your country.”

Unlike most geo-restricted streaming platforms, TVA+ doesn’t block you from accessing the website. You can still create an account without a VPN and browse the website to see its content offerings. However, you can’t watch any show or listen to any podcast unless you connect to a high-quality VPN like ExtremeVPN.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Stream TVA outside Canada?

ExtremeVPN hosts and operates over 6,500 servers in various locations worldwide. You can connect to a Canadian server on the app, get assigned a Canadian IP address, and bypass TVA+ georestriction without stress.

Watch TVA on Any Device with ExtremeVPN

Get multi-device experiences when streaming TVA+ with ExtremeVPN. Whether on your laptop, computer, or tablet, let the shows be where you are. ExtremeVPN has apps for various devices, including Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android. Find TVA+ on any of these devices and be safe online in just one click.

You can bolster your secure connection by setting up ExtremeVPN on your router. This way, any device that you connect to the router gets secured, even if they don’t support VPN download and installation.

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Watch TVA on Any Device with ExtremeVPN

Dodge Throttling and Stream TVA Canada in Blazing HD

ISPs can throttle your internet speed when they observe that you’re sending an unusually large amount of data. This is unavoidable, though, when you’re streaming videos on a platform on TVA+, where videos have high quality. ISP throttling can significantly reduce connection speed, affecting video quality. In extreme cases, it may cause videos to start lagging or buffering.

ExtremeVPN helps you provide a solution to these. By running your data and traffic through an encrypted tunnel, it hides your activities, not just from ISPs but other petty snoopers. This ensures that your connection speed stays intact, providing high-quality, crystal-clear videos every time.

GET EXTREMEVPN 30 days money back guarantee
Dodge Throttling and Stream TVA Canada in Blazing HD

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ExtremeVPN unblock TVA Canada? Up
ExtremeVPN can easily unblock TVA Canada due to its multiple servers. If you couldn’t previously access TVA+, open the ExtremeVPN app, connect to a Canadian server, and refresh the app or website.
Does ExtremeVPN come with a TVA Canada subscription? Up
ExtremeVPN isn’t in any partnership with TVA Canada, so it has no TVA+ subscription. You won’t even need any subscription to watch TVA+ shows and videos. The television network offers its entire content catalog without charge.
Can I stream TVA Canada free of charge? Up
Yes, TVA Canada is a free streaming service. You need to create an account to access most, if not all, of its content. You can create an account by visiting the website, going to the registration page, and providing your email address and desired password. Then, you need to verify your email address.
Is TVA+ available outside Canada? Up
Currently, you can only access TVA+ inside Canada. Considering the network’s strong presence and deep roots in Canada, there are also no signs of expansion anytime soon. However, you don’t need to move to Canada to watch the shows from this service. A subscription from a reputable VPN service like ExtremeVPN is all you need.
Can I use a free VPN to Stream TVA? Up
Certain free VPNs may be powerful enough to help you bypass TVA Canada’s restrictions. We, however, do not recommend this due to their poor security protocols. Many free VPNs also have daily data limits that, if reached, cut your access to the VPN’s services.
What else can I do with ExtremeVPN? Up
ExtremeVPN allows you to do a whole lot more than bypass TVA+. You can unblock all major streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. Its advanced privacy and security features also help you stay hidden from snoopers, save costs, and work safely from any device.
Does a VPN slow down my connection? Up
VPNs create a tunnel between your device, the source, and the destination of your online traffic. This additional layer of encryption fractionally slows down your connection speed. Most quality VPNs, like ExtremeVPN, have features such as extensive server networks, fast protocols, and ISP throttling that boost connection speed.