How to Access Japanese TVer with a VPN

Are you an avid viewer of TVer, a popular Japanese ad-supported video-on-demand streaming service, and want to access it abroad? Use ExtremeVPN and access all of your favorite content on TVer, such as movies, TV dramas, comedy, and news, with top-of-the-line security protocols and ultra-fast connection speed.

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Access Japanese TVer with a VPN

Access TVer Worldwide with a VPN – 3 Easy Steps

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Step 1

Purchase an ExtremeVPN subscription and install its application.


Step 2

From the list of countries, select Japan and connect to any of its VPN servers.


Step 3

Open the TVer app, click on your favorite content, and enjoy streaming!

What is TVer?

Launched in 2015, TVer is an ad-supported video-on-demand streaming platform owned by Japan’s top 5 commercial broadcasters. These broadcasters are Nippon TV, TBS Television, TV Asahi, Fuji Television, and TV Tokyo. TVer is completely free and earns revenue through advertisements like traditional TV channels.

The platform showcases an extensive content library built from over 115 TV channels broadcasting nationwide. It enables viewers to watch their favorite content live and on-demand for up to 7 days after their release on the platform.

If you love watching Japanese content, TVer is the right platform. On TVer, you can access many captivating Japanese TV series, documentaries, animes, movies, and more. For sports enthusiasts, the platform also airs various live sporting events, such as Fuji Boxing, the 2021 Super GT Series, professional baseball, and soccer.

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How to Stream TVer outside Japan with a VPN?

If you are outside Japan, you won’t be able to stream on the TVer platform, as it employs geo-restriction techniques to restrict its content only within the country. This is because of their licensing and distributional agreements with other content partners and providers. So what would it take for you to access TVer while visiting abroad for business or vacation? Get a VPN!

A reliable VPN lets you change your actual location to wherever you want in the world. Suppose you are visiting the US on a business trip and want to watch your favorite show on TV; log in to your ExtremeVPN app and select a VPN location in Japan. The ExtremeVPN will then hide your location and assign you a virtual IP address from its servers in Japan. In this way, you will bypass the geo-restrictions of your desired content platform and have protection for the entire duration of your online session. In addition, because of its high-speed fleet of self-optimized servers, you can feel assured that your entertainment time will be buffering-free.

How to Configure TVer outside Japan on Multiple Devices

How to Set Up TVer on Apple Devices

To access TVer on your Apple devices outside of Japan, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Buy an ExtremeVPN subscription and install its iOS-supported app from your device’s app store.
  2. After entering your login details, select a Japan-based server VPN.
  3. Download and Install the Tver app from the App Store and enter your account’s credentials.
  4. Click on any of your favorite content and enjoy streaming!
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How to Set Up TVer on Apple Devices

How to Set Up TVer on Android Devices

If you want to access TVer on your Android device outside Japan, you need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Grab an ExtremeVPN subscription and install its Android-based app from your device’s Google Play Store.
  2. Once Installed, launch the app and put in your credentials.
  3. From its considerable list of servers, choose a server VPN based out of Japan.
  4. Open the TVer official webpage or install its app from your device’s marketplace.
  5. Tap on any of your favorite shows or movies and enjoy streaming!
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How to Set Up TVer on Android Devices

How to Configure TVer on Smart TV

To stream TV on your Smart TV outside Japan, perform the following actions:

  1. Purchase an ExtremeVPN subscription.
  2. Download and install the ExtremeVPN application from your TV’s application marketplace.
  3. Choose a Japanese server location.
  4. Plug in your Smart TV to the WiFi router.
  5. Download and set up your TV app from your smart TV’s application store and open your profile.
  6. Begin enjoying your favorite content on TVer on your TV wherever you are in the world!
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How to Configure TVer on Smart TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access TVer using ExtremeVPN? Up
Absolutely. ExtremeVPN’s blazing-fast Japan servers allow you to stream your favorite on TVer anonymously securely. It also assists you in going around any content restrictions based on your location stipulated by your school, office, ISP, or public WiFi networks.
Is TVer free to stream? Up
Yes, TVer allows viewers to watch its content for free of charge. In fact, you are not even required to configure an account to stream its exciting content.
Does a VPN impact my connection speed? Up
No. Even though most VPNs may reduce your internet speed while streaming, ExtremeVPN facilitates its community with self-engineered and streaming-optimized servers. This means that with ExtremeVPN, you will not even face a minor difference in your connection speed while streaming.
What other things can I do with ExtremeVPN? Up
Apart from bypassing geo-restrictions, ExtremeVPN safeguards your online activity by encrypting your internet connection, shielding your data on public WiFi networks, and preventing tracking and monitoring your ISP.
Am I legally allowed to stream TV with a VPN? Up
Absolutely. Using a VPN to access TVe­r is legal, as both Japanese and inte­rnational regulations do not prohibit using VPNs to bypass ge­o-restrictions. Although certain streaming platforms may have­ terms and conditions against VPN usage, it remains a lawful practice.