What is a VoIP VPN and Why do You Need One?

VoIP technologies like Skype and Zoom are innovative replacements to the regular and, in years to come, archaic landlines. However, only some countries have access to these services. Here’s the good thing– you can use VoIP software anywhere without worrying about geo-restrictions with ExtremeVPN.


VoIP VPN for Secure Communication

The introduction of VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, released ease into a fundamental part of our everyday life– communication. Now that internet users can get a more affordable phone service while using the internet, they don’t need to spend extra money buying airtime for regular calls. The technology offers the best of both worlds– internet, and phone service.

VoIP appeared in the technological space around the mid-1990s. However, there were identifiable flaws in its primary purpose– making and receiving calls. Innovators and experts addressed these flaws and developed state-of-the-art technology facilitating seamless user communication.

In our world today, numerous VoIP technologies are offering premium services. Some include Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Vonage, and Viber. However, these services are blocked in specific countries in the Middle East and Asia. So if you’re accessing the internet from a country like that, you’ll need a top-notch VPN, like ExtremeVPN, to change your location before you can use these services.

With a VoIP VPN, you can change your IP address to any country you choose and protect your device and data from third parties. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about a VoIP VPN, its advantages, and what to consider when buying one.

What is a VoIP VPN?

A VoIP VPN is a VPN technology that combines a virtual private network and voice-over-internet protocol services to provide private and secure voice calls. The VPN utilizes the standard encryption mechanisms of a VPN’s collection of internet protocols to achieve voice encryption.

As VoIP traffic passes through an encrypted tunnel, users can bypass any restriction and make crystal-clear calls. Like a typical VPN, VoIP VPN conceals a user’s IP address, assigning a new one based on the selected VPN server. While promoting anonymity online, it also allows users to gain access to VoIP technologies even if they are restricted in their countries.

Countries that have Blacklisted VoIP

Here’s a list of countries that have blocked VoIP services:

You should note that only some countries on this list permanently blocked VoIP services within their borders. Some took it as a measure to suppress political dissent or mass protest, enforcing it only for a specific period.

Advantages of Using ExtremeVPN for VoIP

Consider the benefits of ExtremeVPN for VOIP below:

1. Premium Security

If you don’t use technologies with premium security features, anybody can intercept and pry into your VoIP calls. All they require is the right equipment and know-how. Although some VoIP services may claim to have incorporated encryption features, reviews have shown how hackers have capitalized on security flaws to tap or eavesdrop on users’ calls.

In addition, ISPs can also monitor VoIP traffic, which they can share with the government upon request. You can avoid this and maintain private and secure VoIP calls using ExtremeVPN.

2. Zero ISP Throttling

ISP throttling is an attempt by internet service providers to regulate users’ data usage. For example, your ISP may throttle your bandwidth if you spend multiple hours online making and receiving calls. When this happens, you’ll experience a reduction in your internet speed and voice quality once you exceed a threshold.

ISPs state they throttle bandwidth to reduce network congestion or regulate bandwidth traffic. This claim may be partially accurate, as reports have shown that ISPs enforce this to frustrate users into upgrading to a higher data plan. However, by using a VoIP VPN to hide your traffic and prevent ISP throttling, you can get around this.

3. Affordable Deals

While it’s established that you don’t need to pay extra for international calls, you’ll have to subscribe before you can use VoIP services. These subscription plans may differ based on the VoIP software you’re using and your location.

For example, the Skype subscription for users in the United Kingdom is higher than the subscription available to users in the United States.
While United Kingdom subscribers must pay as much as £6 monthly, United States subscribers must pay $2.99 to use Skype services.

Here’s a VoIP VPN’s role: once you connect to ExtremeVPN, you can access different servers to compare the subscription fees and choose the best one.

4. Unrestricted Communication

The premium services that VoIP technologies offer, their accessibility, and affordability have increased the popularity of VoIP services. However, VoIP has threatened the expansion of telecommunication industries and has resulted in certain countries blocking them within their territories.

These countries block VoIP services to enable telecommunication industries to maximize profits and prevent people from breaching censorship laws and sharing confidential information. However, you can get around these restrictions and achieve complete freedom online with a VoIP VPN.

How to Unblock Online Voice Chat When Using VoIP VPN

Online gaming has become a big industry, with popular games like Call of Duty, League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and Battlefield taking center stage. However, one feature that cuts across these online games is that they all support teamwork. They achieve this by enabling voice chat among team members.

Certain governments also block in-game voice chat in enforcing VoIP restrictions, hampering a seamless gaming experience. However, connecting to ExtremeVPN lets you easily bypass any restrictions and communicate with your teammates online.

All you need to do is select a VPN server close to you and in a country with unrestricted VoIP services.

How to Place Free Calls Using VoIP VPN

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to place free calls using VoIP VPN, we’re sorry to disclose that it’s not possible right now. This is because VoIP services get their only revenue from the subscription plans that users pay.

Although it’s impossible to make free calls using a VoIP VPN right now, you can get cheaper rates for your calls using the VPN.

Things to Check Out When Buying a VoIP VPN

The best VoIP VPNs must have certain features, such as secured conversation, premium call connection, and quality. Here’s a list of factors you must consider when buying a VoIP VPN:

1. Device Compatibility

You can access VoIP services on any device, including mobile devices and computers. All you need to do is to configure a VPN on the device from which you want to place the call. Here’s the good thing– all great VPN producers, like ExtremeVPN, are easy to use on various devices.

2. Connection Speed

Typically, VPNs slow down your internet connection due to the encryption it provides. You must inspect the connection speed if you want the right VoIP VPN. ExtremeVPN offers a blazing-fast internet connection while maintaining its degree of security.

3. Anti-Logging Policy

Look out for VPNs that enforce an anti-logging policy. VPNs that support logging may be compelled to expose your data and private information to a third party, like the government. However, if there’s no log, there’s no information to share. ExtremeVPN has a strict no-logging policy, so we can’t further collect and share your information.

4. Server Distribution

Lags can frustrate your VoIP and online experience generally. One factor contributing to this lag is the distance between you and your remote server. Therefore, you should select a VPN service with densely distributed servers. You can eliminate lags by choosing a server close to your location. ExtremeVPN comes with more than 6500+ fast servers from over 78 countries worldwide.

5. Premium Features

Apart from the standard features every VPN should have, looking for advanced features when buying your VoIP VPN would be best. Every VPN service should have standard features like anonymity, security, and privacy. Internet Kill Switch is an example of a premium feature you should check out. ExtremeVPN has an incredible Internet Kill Switch that stops your VoIP traffic if your connection drops at any point.

6. Privacy-Friendly Jurisdiction

Finally, it’s advisable to choose VPNs registered in countries with legal instruments supporting privacy. For example, VPN providers in countries with strict logging laws would be compelled to store your online activity and provide it to the government when they ask.

ExtremeVPN – The Perfect VPN for VoIP

ExtremeVPN is the best VPN for VoIP. In addition to the regular features, we provide advanced features to ensure seamless voice chats and online calls. We also provide proprietary software and applications for virtually all platforms. In addition, our head office is in a country with pro-privacy laws. Hence we ensure optimum security and privacy.

ExtremeVPN has over 2000 servers distributed to ensure a lag-free VoIP experience. In addition, our advanced features like WebRTC Leak Protection, Internet Kill Switch, and Ozone and Gravity secure our position as a top VoIP VPN.

How to Configure a VoIP VPN

Follow the steps below to set up your VoIP VPN and use it:

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Step 1

Pay for an ExtremeVPN subscription that ticks all your boxes.


Step 2

Download the ExtremeVPN application or software from your application store.

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Step 3

Connect to your desired server before placing your call.

Use ExtremeVPN to Access VoIP on the Following Services

Conclusion – Final Words

What is worth doing is worth doing well! Hence if you’re looking for a reliable VoIP VPN, you should only settle for ExtremeVPN. On the other hand, if you want premium security, advanced call quality, and privacy, you should get ExtremeVPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VoIP? Up
VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technology that allows devices connected to the internet to make and receive calls.
Can VoIP work without the internet? Up
No, you need an active internet connection to use VoIP. Without the connection, you cannot make or receive VoIP calls.
Is VoIP call quality better than traditional call quality? Up
The quality of a VoIP call is better than the call quality of a traditional phone. This is because the quality of VoIP calls relies on your internet connection. Hence, if the connection is ultra-fast, the quality would be better than a traditional call.
Does 911 work with VoIP? Up
Yes, VoIP systems often include 911 or other emergency services.