How Can You Hide IP Address?

Bruce Schneier, a famous cybersecurity expert, once said, “In the digital age, privacy is a myth, and secrets are an illusion.” The internet is like a permanent marker; what you leave here remains forever. For this reason, people hide their IPs to avoid online surveillance and to access geo-blocked content.

It’s quite evident that government agencies, peeping toms, ISPs, and attackers can trace your online activities. Hence, hiding IP addresses is the only way to avoid this unwanted surveillance.

Hide IP

What Does IP Address Stand For?

IP addresses are the unique numbers that differentiate your device or computer on a greater worldwide web. It’s usually in a numerical sequence, such as As every house has a physical address, each device has a unique IP by which they recognize you and your online location. Hence, your identifier (ISP) can expose sensitive information when browsing websites from a particular location. Government, ISPs, and online platforms can use this data to restrict you from visiting websites. Looks pretty invasive, right? Therefore, people aware of the risks associated with exposing their sensitive data understand that changing their IP address is the finest way to protect themselves. This guide will teach you how you do it effectively.

7 Simple Methods to Hide Your IP Address

We will provide detailed instructions on changing or hiding your IP address. Doesn’t matter if you’re a tech expert or not; anyone with basic knowledge can easily follow the directions listed here:

1. Install a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If you don’t know about a VPN, it’s a tool that makes you anonymous, and many people use it to access geo-blocked streaming services and games. It masks your current IP address and gives you a new one, which looks like you are using the internet from a different location. Simply put, once you turn on a VPN before browsing the internet. It will encrypt your online activity for maximum security and privacy.

How to Connect to a VPN?

  • Download and set up the ExtremeVPN application.
  • Sign up and log in with your credentials.
  • Select and connect to the country server you want.
  • Your IP has changed now. It’s as simple as that.
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Install VPN

2. Use the Tor Browser

Tor browser, also called the Onion Router, helps to encrypt web activities and change IP addresses. Users can use this browser for free and get an advanced level of protection for their security. When people run this browser, their traffic streams through the proxy server, encrypting incoming data. But the Tor has many drawbacks. You’ve to face a slow internet connection frequently. Moreover, this browser requires much time to encrypt your online activity and searches.

How Can You Use the Tor Browser?

You can use it by downloading and installing the application on your device. The browser is also available on Android or iOS phones. People say that Tor is the dark web. However, it functions the same way as any other browser, such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

Tor Browser

3. Connect Proxy Servers

If you don’t like using Tor, proxy servers could be another option for you These servers act as a channel between the internet and your online activity. Many companies and tech-savvy individuals use these servers to avoid surveillance. Plus, these servers allow you to access blocked sites and services. However, they don’t offer similar quality as a top-notch VPN. For example, if your internet speed goes down on these servers, your information can get exposed easily. Moreover, these servers lack strong protection standards and encryption protocols like VPNs, which is another limitation of these servers.

How to Use a Proxy?

Note that we’ve warned you about its drawbacks. However, here are the steps to use it:

  • Tap the WiFi button at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Click on the “Network and Internet settings,” then select “Proxy” from the dropdown menu.
  • You will see the options “Automatically Detect Settings” and “Use Setup Script.” Turn on both.
  • It will ask for the script address. Enter it and click save.
Connect Proxy Servers

4. Use Public Networks

Keen to protect your actual IP from the world? Try using a friend’s or neighbor’s WiFi. This may not be the best choice, but your IP changes as soon as you connect to public WiFi. But it’s not safe to use this method. Since there are a lot of connections in public places (bookshops, coffee bars, restaurants, etc.), a single unprotected device can give hackers access to all. Hence, we always advise you to using security measures to protect your identity. The security status of public networks is as basic as the encryption strategies supporting them. But a VPN helps you to stay anonymous even if you’re using public WiFi.

How to Find Your IP Address?

Step 1: Search “Give me my IP” on Google; or
Step 2: Visit our page to get your actual IP address.

Use Public Networks

5. Request The ISP to Provide a New IP Address

If your current IP address is restricted or blocked, simply ask the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to give you a new one. Many ISPs already offer dynamic IP addresses for users, but some can’t. Yet, you can still request them to allot you a static or new IP address. Although you might have to pay for a new IP, it’s worth considering since it’s much safer to use than the actual IP address.

New IP Address

6. Disconnect Your Internet Modem to Change the IP

Some ISPs offer static IP addresses for users. However, most IP addresses have a dynamic IP given by their Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. These servers assign a timespan to your Wifi router or MAC address, a device’s unique and private identifier. This time can expire after 20-30 minutes or sometimes after a day. Let’s say you want to change your IP address; simply reset the DHCP server by disconnecting the modem. It will give you a new IP address instantly.

Disconnect Internet

7. Switch Back to Your Mobile Data

It is certainly the easiest approach. Disconnect the WiFi and turn on your mobile network if you’re using a phone. It will instantly change your IP address just by using two buttons. You can check it right now. However, this process consumes much of your data and can impact the connection speed. Moreover, if you have an iPhone, you may know that switching to phone data can decrease the battery power. It’s important to understand that you don’t become anonymous by changing your IP address. Your ISP still recognizes you. Although it’s a convenient method to change your IP, it’s unsafe.

Mobile Data

Why People Change Their IP Addresses

Your IP address is a key that many attackers or agencies use to access your sensitive information. Moreover, a blocked or blacklisted IP address prevents you from accessing online platforms or websites. This is why people tend to hide or get a new IP address. With a new IP, you can:

  • Access geo-blocked content
  • Prevent blacklisting and IP-based bans
  • Hide your location and online activity
  • Protect yourself from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks
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Why People Change IP Address

What Benefits Do You Get With ExtremeVPN

You can always trust our VPN to protect your identity anywhere, anytime. ExtremeVPN is compatible with all devices and provides 10+ connections to every user. It means you can use the VPN without compromising your security. We understand and respect your privacy rights and take every step possible to protect you, no matter what it takes. Here are some features of ExtremeVPN:

  • Provides access to more than 400,000 IP addresses
  • Offers AES encryption to hide or change your IP address
  • Stops IP tracking and throttling
  • Prevents IP leaks and unknown attacks
  • Encrypts internet traffic
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Benefits Of ExtremeVPN

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hide my IP address? Up
There are many ways to do it. You can use either VPNs, proxy servers, or Tor browser to hide your IP. However, proxy servers and Tor have some drawbacks. They are slow, unstable, and many websites block them. Hence, a much better solution is to use ExtremeVPN. We provide a 7-day free trial for our users with a 100% money-back guarantee.
Is it legal to hide IP addresses? Up
Hiding IP addresses is legal. But, some countries restrict VPNs, proxies, and methods of changing IPs. It’s always a good choice to research before using a service.
Does hiding your IP address make you anonymous? Up
Yes, it does. Hiding your IP is the optimal choice if you want to stay anonymous. Moreover, it improves your privacy and security.
What other features does a VPN offer besides just hiding IP addresses? Up
ExtremeVPN not only just hides your IP address but also protects your online activities. Our VPN layers your sensitive data whenever anyone tries to spy on your traffic.
What happens when you change your IP? Up
If you’re hiding your IP address: 1. No one can trace you, not even the ISP. 2. If someone accesses your data, it will only show gibberish. 3. The websites you’re browsing will never know your actual location and let you access the content safely.