What is a VPN Tunnel?

A VPN tunnel, also called VPN, an abbreviation for virtual private network, is a safe connection between your devices and the internet. The connection is secure by using data encryption. With an active VPN connection, no one can alter, interrupt, or monitor your internet interactions.

VPN Tunnel

How Does VPN Tunneling Work?

Tunneling is the process in which your online activity and data transmission are secure through the internet. But how does it work exactly? When data travels in a VPN tunnel, it splits into ” packets ” pieces. Then, the packets enter inside other packets through a process known as “encapsulation.”

With the entire packets and encapsulation process, encryption protects all your data from prying eyes. VPN tunneling also protects your actual IP address from intruders, including your internet service provider, ISP, by providing them with an entirely different address.

The address in question is an address by the VPN provider that multiple subscribers use. This way, no one can tell which activity is yours when you have an active connection.

In general, a VPN tunnel protects your chatting, internet surfing, and other online communications from prying eyes, such as the government, hackers, ISPs, or anyone else trying to intercept or monitor your online activity.

A VPN Connection