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Samuel Felix

Samuel is a freelance journalist with over a decade's experience in the VPN industry and digital marketing. He wants to educate people about online privacy and how to take it back. Aside from his work, Samuel enjoys spending his time on the Baseball field. He is also an avid streamer and gamer.

Geo-blocking: What is it and How to Bypass it?

Samuel Felix Last Updated: November 19, 2023
Sometimes, you see the message This content is unavailable in your country while browsing the internet. Sadly, that means you’ve…
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Take Google’s Critical Security Alerts Seriously: Secure Your Digital Identity

Samuel Felix Last Updated: October 3, 2023
Are you getting Google critical security alert emails but don’t know whether they are counterfeit? Don’t worry. We have covered…
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Is Grindr Safe? A Closer Look at Safety Concerns and Protective Measures

Samuel Felix Last Updated: September 24, 2023
We thoroughly discussed Grindr’s security, emphasizing potential dangers and providing guidance for more secure online dating. Here, you will get…
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Is TikTok a Sеcurity Risk? Here’s What to Know

Samuel Felix Last Updated: September 6, 2023
Discovеr whеthеr TikTok is safе to usе and what arе thе risks of using it. From allеgations on TikTok for…
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The Best Cheap VPN Services in 2023

Samuel Felix Last Updated: August 27, 2023
As much as cheap VPNs seem like a good idea because you know you are saving money, it may have…
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