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How do I Contact ExtremeVPN Customer Service?

Go to the Contact Us page to find all the help you need using our service. For example, do you need help connecting, can’t unblock specific websites, or have issues logging in to your ExtremeVPN account? We can get it fixed right away.

Support Centre

We committed a lot of effort to ensure our support center is tuned to meet our customer’s every need perfectly. We have many helpful articles relating to VPN usage and more. These articles and the painstaking work put into curating the help tools on our support page so that the help you need is prompt, updated, excellent, and sufficient.

Find Solutions to all VPN-Related Issues from the ExtremeVPN Support Centre


Find fixes for login, connectivity, and other common VPN-related issues.

VPN Installation Guides

Watch detailed tutorials on installing ExtremeVPN on your mobile device, personal computer, router, or smart TV.

General Information

Get acquainted with our exceptional services, such as VPN privacy and security protocols, special features, secure streaming, and more.


Get payment information, from invoices to refunds, to subscriptions and other related issues.

Contact Us Via Email

It can be stressful to comb through many articles to find a fix for your tech-related issues. As a result, we have provided you with the option of resolving your VPN problems by email. Therefore, if you need swift and direct assistance, email us detailing your issue. We ask that you make the email as detailed as possible for better service.

Regardless of the issue, whether you want to know more about our no-logging policy, you must know the best servers for P2P (torrenting) activities or purchase a dedicated IP address. Please do not waste time contacting us; our customer support team is friendly and responsive. We are ready to take your feedback and complaints and are committed to resolving your issues with just one email.

Get Instant Help through Live Chat

We have a way to offer users instant help via our live Chat. Pick a relevant subject, such as an issue with connection, and you will be instantly transferred to our representative. Our agents are very knowledgeable about ExtremeVPN’s services. They are very dedicated and passionate about helping any and every customer with whatever the issue is.

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Why People Love ExtremeVPN

Find out why millions of people are talking about us.

Best VPN I have ever used! No hassles.

It’s so far the best VPN I have come across with. All the features work; I have no reason not to recommend it.

Warren S. Hoover CEO/Founder at Tech Sumalent
Excellent Customer Support!

I was frustrated with not being able to upgrade to the newest version, but Gloria from chat support instructed me and resolved my issue by helping me get to the more recent version. Thank you!

Darla Cole Director at Haoli Associates
It’s getting better every day!

ExtremeVPN has been getting better every day. The newer version of ExtremeVPN has bug fixes and faster connection to the UK and US. The connection rarely drops.

Natalie Valdez Agency Owner
Internet Kill Switch is a Bliss!

The internet kill switch that ExtremeVPN offers is bliss for me! Despite plenty of connection failures, I was not tracked by the streaming service I tried to access with ExtremeVPN.

Verrill Lambert Tech Lead Instructor at Daride
One of the best VPN tools!

I recommend ExtremeVPN to everyone because it offers the best services at affordable prices. The connection is super fast, and my support connection via chat was exceptional.

Sabine Vaillancour Twitter User!
Best VPN at an affordable price.

I did not expect this VPN tool to be effective because of its low price, but to my shock, it turned out to be the best VPN I have ever used, and trust me when I say that I have tried various VPNs.

Lilly Watkins Sr. Associate at Soylent Holdings, LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

What languages does ExtremeVPN customer service support?
Our default language is English, but we also support several other languages, such as Korean, Japanese, French, German, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Danish, Polish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), and Norwegian. Live Chat is available mainly in English.
Does ExtremeVPN support phone calls?
Unfortunately, ExtremeVPN does not have a call center, but we make up for this with our top-notch Live Chat. You can quickly initiate a session on our Contact Us page.
Where can I read ExtremeVPN’s money-back policy?
If you want to read the full text detailing our money-back policy, you can check it in the General Terms of Service – Refund and Cancellation policy. It reads: “Our initial payment comes with a 30-day money-back offer policy, and you can claim a refund for any payments made within 30 days of the claim. Please note that we cannot refund ongoing subscription fees if you discontinue the services after a renewal, except where applicable law mandates.”