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Activate Split Tunneling in ExtremeVPN Android TV App

How to use Split Tunneling in ExtremeVPN Android TV App
May 3, 2023
June 8, 2023
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Experience enhanced online privacy and unrestricted access to websites and services with the remarkable Split Tunnelling functionality. Regardless of your location in countries with stringent internet censorship or government surveillance, you can browse securely and seamlessly on the majority of operational websites and services.

In order to avoid DNS leaks, when your VPN is connected, all of your DNS requests—even those from programs that are configured to utilize VPN—are always sent through the VPN network.

Your local network and the devices connected to it won’t be lost with the Split Tunneling VPN feature. This feature allows simultaneous connection to your local network and the internet through VPN. Don’t worry about anything else when using this feature!

To enable split tunneling, kindly follow the step-by-step instructions provided below: 👇

  • From the upper left, click the Hamburger icon (≡).

  • Tap Settings.

  • Go to the tab for Advanced options from General settings.

  • Locate the Split Tunneling option.
  • Click on the Arrow icon to access the Split Tunneling setup.

  • By default, the setting is configured to have all apps use the VPN.

  • Choose “Allow only selected apps” option for VPN usage.
  • Specify the apps you want to use with VPN.
  • Set VPN IP for those selected apps.
  • Keep the rest of the apps to use your ISP IP.

  • Choose the option to prevent selected apps from using VPN.
  • This will ensure that specific apps are not routed through the VPN IP.
  • Use this setting if you don’t want certain apps to run through the VPN.

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