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How to Access My IP Camera Through Port Forwarding

How to Access My IP Camera Through Port Forwarding
May 8, 2023
July 16, 2023
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This tutorial will discuss how you can access your IP camera using Port forwarding. But before that, let’s talk about what you need.

Things to Consider:

  1. Get an ExtremeVPN account.
  2. Purchase the Port Forwarding and Static IP add-on if needed. Click 👉 here to buy.
  3. Set up an IP camera.
  4. Ensure you have an ExtremeVPN Supported Router. Check the ExtremeVPN-supported router list 👉 here.

Follow these steps below: 

  • Log in to the camera admin interface.
  • Access the IP camera admin panel.
  • Navigate to the network settings.
  • Identify the assigned port for your IP camera (such as port 554, 80, or 88).
  • Verify the assigned port, as it may vary.
  • Take note of the assigned port for your IP camera.
  • Configure VPN Static IP on the VPN-supported router or the device you want to forward the IP camera port.
  • If you don’t have Port forwarding and Static IP VPN add-ons, click 👉this link to purchase them.
  • Configure the ExtremeVPN static IP on your device.
  • Visit the member area of ExtremeVPN.
  • Use the provided 👉link to allow the port from your member area account.
  • Open the member area and enable port access.
  • Configure port forwarding on your router.
  • Create a Port Forwarding rule and assign the port number for internal and external ports.
  • If there’s a protocol option, choose TCP or BOTH.
  • Click on the provided link for instructions on setting up port forwarding on your router.
  • Look for your specific router model in the list and follow 👉the instructions. (You may identify your router in the list of accessible routers in this link and proceed with the instructions after finding it.)


Please enter the ExtremeVPN static IP address in the local IP section of the router’s Port Forwarding section.

  • Complete the setup process for your IP camera.
  • Enable the rule and choose the allowed port.
  • Access your IP camera using the selected port.
  • If you have multiple cameras, assign different ports to each one.
  • Increment the port number for each additional camera (e.g., 8080, 8081, etc.).
  • The specific port number may depend on your network configuration.

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