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How to Configure PPTP on a Raspberry Pi Desktop (Debian)

How to Configure PPTP on a Raspberry Pi Desktop (Debian)
May 9, 2023
July 16, 2023
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The manual setup or the command line can both be employed. The installation of the ppp-Linux package is necessary if the manual configuration is chosen. The directory /etc/ppp/peers allow for the creation of files with names of your liking. Running the following command provides instructions on launching the program. On a Raspberry Pi, running this command is the best option for configuring a VPN.

Setting up a PPTP-VPN connection on a Raspberry Pi requires the following steps:

  • Ensure you have a Raspberry Pi with Debian installed (specifically the official supported Raspberry Pi operating system based on Debian Buster, version February 2020).
  • Obtain a premium ExtremeVPN account (if you don’t have one, purchase a subscription).
  • Open the Terminal from the Menu bar.
open-Terminalon Raspberry Pi
  • Install PPTP packages by typing the following commands:
    • sudo bash
    • sudo apt-get install pptp-linux
  • Create a ExtremeVPN profile using the following command:
    • sudo nano /etc /ppp/peers/extremevpn
  • Enter the following info:

pty “pptp ukl1.pointtoserver.com –nolaunchpppd –debug”
name extremevpn0sxxxxx #enter your extremevpn username in place of extremevpn0sxxx
password xxxxx #enter your extremevpn account password in place of xxxxx
remotename PPTP
maxfail 0

  • Save and close the editor.
  • Run the command to connect to the VPN: sudo pon extremevpn
  • You are now connected to Extremevpn; to verify your current IP address and location, use: sudo curl ipinfo.io.
  • Run the command to disconnect to the VPN:
  • sudo pkill pppd
  • To disconnect from the VPN, use the command sudo pkill pppd.

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