ExtremeVPN PPTP Configuration on TRENDnet Router
June 25, 2023
June 25, 2023
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TRENDnet is a global provider of networking and security solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises and home office users. It includes a high-speed Internet connection and wired and wireless routers for sharing your Internet connection with other devices.

TRENDnet’s wired and wireless routers are excellent because they keep you always connected to high-speed internet, regardless of the device you connect with.

Installing ExtremeVPN on your network is smart, given that many home devices do not enable VPN. Because most of these household devices connect to the network, utilizing ExtremeVPN to protect the router’s internet connection will also protect these appliances’ internet connections. It will enhance the router’s performance, making it more effective at protecting your home devices from viruses.

ExtremeVPN is a well-known and very effective VPN network provider. It is a reliable VPN network that will improve your internet experience while shielding you from dangerous threats. This article shows you how to set up ExtremeVPN on your TRENDnet Router for maximum security.

Considerations When Installing ExtremeVPN PPTP on a TRENDnet Router

  1. A steady Internet connection: Ensure a robust Internet connection before you begin. Because there will be interactions between the ExtremeVPN and TRENDnet networks, you will need a strong internet connection, as only a stable network will allow this to work. Most TRENDnet routers feature VPN, with an SSL VPN client protocol that supports Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), and Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP).
  2. Premium Account with ExtremeVPN: Numerous VPN services are accessible, but you must be cautious to avoid installing spyware disguised as a VPN on your laptop. Many VPN services, particularly free ones, are unreliable; therefore, we recommend using an ExtremeVPN premium (paid membership) account for this setup.

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