How to Setup OpenVPN on a TRENDnet Router
June 25, 2023
June 25, 2023
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TRENDnet is a security solutions supplier for homes, businesses and offices. It has a high-speed Internet connection and wired and wireless routers for sharing your connection with other devices.

TRENDnet’s wired and wireless routers are ideal because they keep you connected to high-speed Internet, no matter what device you connect with.

Installing ExtremeVPN on your TRENDnet router is an excellent approach to secure any network-connected devices. This solution is helpful if you have gadgets that can connect to the Internet but cannot install a VPN.

ExtremeVPN provides clients maximum security against dangerous internet threats and the ability to install in a router. This post will show how to configure ExtremeVPN on your router’s OpenVPN server settings.

To provide authentication and encryption of its communications, OpenVPN employs the SSL and TLS protocols. Its server enables clients to establish an encrypted private connection over the Internet to access shared local network resources like documents, media, and other connected devices.

Also, remember that some TrendNet router models do not support the OpenVPN SSL/TLS protocol. As a result, such versions will necessitate a DD-WRT firmware upgrade before configuration.

Think of the Following

  1. A constant Internet connection: Before you begin, be sure you have a strong Internet connection. Because the ExtremeVPN and TRENDnet networks will interact, you will need a robust Internet connection, as only a reliable network will allow this to work. Most TRENDnet routers include VPN, which consists of an SSL VPN client protocol that supports Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) and Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP).
  2. ExtremeVPN Premium Account: There are various VPN services, many of which are harmful malwares in disguise. Many VPN services, particularly free ones, are unreliable; consequently, we recommend using an ExtremeVPN premium (paid membership) account for this setup.

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