Unblock ChatGPT with ExtremeVPN

Get AI assistance from ChatGPT from anywhere and automate tasks like code generation, language translation, and text generation. Use ExtremeVPN to protect your connections and hide your chat queries. It will encrypt your traffic, including your requests to ChatGPT servers, making it unreadable to third-party users.

How to Use ChatGPT with ExtremeVPN

Follow these simple steps to start using ChatGPT with ExtremeVPN:

Step 1

Download and install the ExtremeVPN app on your device and subscribe to a premium plan.

Step 2

Login with your account details and connect to a server location where ChatGPT is available.

Step 3

Chat privately on ChatGPT from anywhere.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to imitate human-like conversation. You can use it to complete text-based tasks like answering questions, writing programming code, and language translation. In other words, you can use it as your assistance for all text-based tasks.

How to Register a ChatGPT Account Using ExtremeVPN

Conversation AI has caused a major disruption in the technology landscape. Its adoption has continually increased and spread all over the world. However, ChatGPT remains banned or blocked in some regions and countries with strict censorship policies. Also, the platform is blocked in many learning institutions for fear of negatively influencing student learning.

Regardless, you can use a VPN to unblock ChatGPT, create an account, and explore the superb human-like chatbot. Follow the steps below:

  1. Launch your VPN and connect to a server location where ChatGPT is available.
  2. Visit the OpenAI website via a private browser window and begin the registration process.
  3. You will receive an OTP to verify your account via the mobile number you provided.
  4. Complete the registration process by entering the security code.

You can even use the US VPN server locations to access the newly launched pilot paid subscription – ChatGPT Plus. The plan improves your ChatGPT experience by improving response time, unlimited access even at peak hours, and priority access to new features.

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Why ChatGPT is Popular

ChatGPT is one of the most successful applications, reflecting from its rapid adoption and integration into other web applications. The platform gained over 1 million users in its first 5 days and has never looked back. Today, ChatGPT is used as an assistant in various text-based tasks like;

  • Answering questions: ChatGPT’s ability to understand context and provide coherent answers makes it a useful tool. This has been applied in many AI-guided customer support systems.
  • Generating believable human-like text: ChatGPT creates a human-like conversation, which makes it ideal for language translation, conversation generation, and text completion.
  • Generating programming code: ChatGPT has simplified programming by helping programmers generate real-time code and answer programming questions.
  • Summarizing Text: You can use ChatGPT to read through an article and create a summary within minutes. It can also help you understand difficult concepts if you want to dig deeper.

Countries Where ChatGPT is Banned or Blocked

ChatGPT is available in most parts of the world but remains banned in a few countries. Most notably, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and China have outright banned the tool. Conversely, Italy has issued a temporary ban awaiting verification by government agencies whether the platform meets all the GDPR requirements.

You must use a VPN to access ChatGPT in any of the above countries. Luckily, ExtremeVPN has many servers in locations where ChatGPT is available. For instance, if you are in Italy, you can connect to UK or US servers to gain unlimited ChatGPT access.

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Why is ChatGPT Blocked?

Conversational AI has received mixed reactions. Some stakeholders feel that ChatGPT contributes to laziness and could affect critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As a result, the platform is banned by some governments, corporations, and learning institutions.

For instance, some websites that host user-generated content have banned articles written by ChatGPT. The New York school system has also blocked ChatGPT for all staff, faculty, and students on its networks, citing its detrimental effects on creativity and research.

Many corporations have also followed suit by banning ChatGPT on their networks and prohibiting employees from interacting with the platform. The most notable bans came from Accenture, JP Morgan, Verizon, and Amazon. The decision to ban ChatGPT in some institutions was fueled by privacy concerns claiming the information entered into the ChatBot is not secure.

Besides learning institutions and corporations, some countries like China, North Korea, Russia, and Cuba have permanently banned ChatGPT. Italy’s ChatGPT ban is temporary; waiting to verify whether the platform complies with GDPR guidelines.

Access ChatGPT from Any Device

Like most applications, ChatGPT started as a web application, only accessible via browser. Today, ChatGPT has applications for iOS and Android devices, and you can still access it on all popular browsers. However, you need a VPN to unblock it if you live in a region where it is banned, like Italy.

ExtremeVPN has applications for iOS, Windows, Android and Mac. Therefore, you can protect your data on all devices or unblock ChatGPT from all devices. All ExtremeVPN applications have a similar design and are easy to use. You only need to connect to a server in a region where ChatGPT is available, and you are good to go.

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What the Future Holds for ChatGPT and Other AI Chatbots

ChatGPT and other AI chatbots have massive potential in a future that is expected to be run by artificial intelligence. However, the technology faces opposition from various groups, which could hinder its growth and adoption.

For instance, a coalition of more than 50,000 people has signed an open letter requesting AI labs responsible for creating AI chatbots to pause the development of such platforms for six months. The coalition comprises influential people in the technology sector, including Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple) and Elon Musk (CEO of Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChatGPT plus?
ChatGPT Plus is a premium version of ChatGPT. It has more features and benefits like priority access to new features, unlimited peak-hours access, and faster response times.
What is the best VPN for ChatGPT?
The best VPN for ChatGPT should have many servers in countries where ChatGPT is available. It should also have the best security and privacy protection features to avoid third-party monitoring. ExtremeVPN meets all these features and has additional security features to help you chat privately.
Should I use a free VPN to access ChatGPT?
Free VPNs always seem the best option because they don’t require financial commitment. However, they expose you to many privacy and security threats. Some collect and sell your personal data to the highest bidder, while others target you with personalized adverts. Instead of a free VPN, try the 7-day trial version of ExtremeVPN or take advantage of its 30-day money-back policy.
Why should I use a VPN for ChatGPT?
A VPN is a privacy tool that allows you to keep your chats private without the possibility of interception by government agencies or your ISP. It also helps bypass censorship and website blocks by routing traffic through remote servers.
What else can I do with ExtremeVPN?
Besides protecting your chats and unblocking ChatGPT, you can use ExtremeVPN to bypass geo-restrictions on streaming platforms, secure your connection on public Wi-Fi, or even spoof your location when gaming.
Is it legal to use a VPN to access ChatGPT?
A VPN is completely legal, but you should not use it for illegal purposes. Furthermore, ChatGPT cannot block your account from using a VPN. Therefore, using a VPN to access ChatGPT cannot have negative legal consequences.
Why can’t I access ChatGPT?
You may be unable to access ChatGPT if your network administrator blocks it. It is also impossible to access it in regions where it is banned, like Italy and China. The best solution is subscribing to a reliable VPN like ExtremeVPN. A VPN routes your ChatGPT requests through remote servers in regions where ChatGPT is available.