Unblock Pinterest with a VPN

Discover and share ideas, videos, and images on Pinterest without limitations, regardless of your location. Use ExtremeVPN to bypass censorships and website blocks imposed on your local network. Follow our simple guide and start creating boards and pinning content as you interact with other Pinterest users.

Access Pinterest with a VPN – 3 Simple Steps

Follow these simple steps to access Pinterest from anywhere you are:

Step 1

Download the ExtremeVPN application and get a subscription.

Step 2

Login to ExtremeVPN and connect to a server location where Pintrest is uncensored.

Step 3

Log in to your Pinterest account and start pinning.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a fascinating social media platform that allows you to discover, save, and share ideas through images, videos, and GIFs. The platform revolves around the concept of ‘boards,’ where users create various boards, e.g., home décor board, recipe ideas board, etc.

Once your board is ready, you start attaching pins (pinning). Pins are images and videos you upload to your board or re-pin from other users. Pinterest algorithms then allow users to search for and discover content related to their interests.

Pinterest users can then search for and follow each other and interact via comments, likes, and even sharing pins. You can also monetize your account and allow users to buy products directly from your Pinterest account.

Get the Best Pinterest VPN

Pinterest is the perfect platform to share and explore other people’s ideas. Also, the platform allows you to create boards of your interests and share visual bookmarks. However, Pinterest may not be accessible because of government censorship or if your network administrator filters it out.

The best solution to access uncensored Pinterest is with a VPN. ExtremeVPN is a robust VPN with advanced features to beat any kind of censorship. It has an extensive network, with most of its servers in Pinterest uncensored regions. Also, it has incredible connection speeds, making it ideal for exploring videos and images on the Pinterest platform.

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Is Pinterest Blocked?

Unfortunately, Pinterest doesn’t have a uniform application for all regions. For example, the version in the US is different from the version in Japan, France, or even the UK. So, if you are traveling, you will find it difficult to adapt to new versions whenever you move to a different region. Additionally, the platform is censored in certain regions and blocked on some networks.

Pinterest uses your IP address to determine your location. So, to access the version you normally use at home, you must use a VPN with servers back in your home country. This will assign you an IP address for your home country and give you access to your preferred version of Pinterest.

Why Do Networks Block Pinterest?

Like most social media platforms, Pinterest is blocked in many school and work environments. The most common reason is because it is considered a distraction. Students and employees can spend much time on Pinterest, affecting their performance.

In other cases, Pinterest is censored in some regions and countries, rendering it inaccessible. This may be because the platform contains content that goes against a country’s social guidelines or just frustration from the government.

Explore Pinterest from All Devices

You can access Pinterest on a browser using a PC or through a mobile application. Similarly, ExtremeVPN has Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android applications. Therefore, unblocking Pinterest from any location is easy if you have an ExtremeVPN on your device.

Download and install the ExtremeVPN app from the official website on Windows and Mac. After installation, select a server location where Pinterest is uncensored, then open the platform on a browser.

The process differs for mobile devices where you download the ExtremeVPN app from either the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Once the ExtremeVPN app is ready, select a server where Pinterest is uncensored and download a Pinterest application from your respective app store. Now, you can log in and start exploring Pinterest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can I use to access Pinterest?
You can access Pinterest on both desktop and mobile devices. Use your web browser to access the official Pinterest on any desktop running on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Also, the platform has mobile applications for iOS and Android. If you are in a region where Pinterest is censored, subscribe to ExtremeVPN and download its desktop or mobile application. It supports up to six simultaneous devices, so you can unblock Pinterest using all your devices.
What other sites can I access with ExtremeVPN?
ExtremeVPN helps you access all blocked websites on your local network and unblocks geo-restricted content on streaming platforms. Therefore, you can unblock Twitter, Netflix US library, Spotify, and many more.
Can a VPN help me unblock Pinterest when traveling?
Yes. If you are traveling to a region where Pinterest is censored, subscribe to a reliable VPN like ExtremeVPN. A VPN routes your traffic through a remote server, which helps you get around censorships.
Can I unblock Pinterest at school?
Yes, you can unblock Pinterest and other blocked websites in your school. You only need to route your connection through a VPN server in a location where Pinterest is not censored. ExtremeVPN has thousands of servers in regions where Pinterest is uncensored.
Can I use ExtremeVPN when traveling?
Yes, A VPN is the ultimate tool to bypass censorship and website blocks from anywhere worldwide. ExtremeVPN has thousands of servers that connect you to locations where Pinterest is not censored. It also has fast connection speeds to help explore Pinterest without buffering.
Is it illegal to unblock Pinterest with a VPN?
A VPN is the perfect tool for an additional layer of security and privacy. It is entirely legal unless you use it for criminal activities. Furthermore, Pinterest cannot block your account from using a VPN. In fact, it is the best solution for unblocking websites and bypassing censorship.
Why can’t I access Pinterest?
You might be unable to access Pinterest even with a working internet for two reasons. Firstly, you may be in a country where Pinterest is censored and therefore inaccessible. Secondly, the website may be blocked on your local network mostly to discourage distractions and preserve bandwidth.