ExtremeVPN: The Best Apple TV VPN

Surf the internet with a VPN service that guarantees a risk-free experience.

  • With dedicated streaming servers, provide 4k UHD resolution.
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Works on Apple TVs for all generations, from the 1st to the latest.
  • Unblock geo-restricted content from anywhere, anytime.
ExtremeVPN: The Best Apple TV VPN

How to Use ExtremeVPN on Your Apple TV

The most convenient way to use ExtremeVPN on your Apple TV is to set up your VPN on your router device. By doing so, you can guarantee security and privacy on all your devices connected to the router. It includes your mobiles, laptops, gaming consoles, and smart TVs. Also, you don’t need to remember that you connected your device to a VPN server; if it is set on your router, it’ll automatically secure all your online activities.

You can quickly turn VPN on and off with a few clicks on your mobile or computer. Moreover, you can also promptly change the server locations using your ExtremeVPN account on your preferred device. Do you want to set up ExtremeVPN on your Wi-fi router? Below you’ll find a set-by-step guide that will help you set ExtremeVPN on your router and use it on Apple TV.

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Use ExtremeVPN on Your Apple TV

How to Set Up ExtremeVPN on Apple TV – Methods

Method 1: Get Apple TV VPN with a Wireless Router

Follow these instructions to set up an Apple TV VPN using your wireless router.

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN
First, you must get an ExtremeVPN subscription plan for your Apple TV. Choose the plan that best fits your budget. If you are already an ExtremeVPN user, you can use your existing account.
Step 2: Get a Router
You must have a compatible VPN router. Some routers compatible with ExtremeVPN are Asus, Buffalo, Cuddy, DD-WRT, DrayTek, Arris, Belkin, Cisco, D-Link, and Dovado.
Step 3: Install VPN on your Router
You can easily install VPN by following these router setup guides. ExtremeVPN has setup guides for all the routers mentioned above.
Step 4: Pick a Server
Select your preferred server location and click the start button to begin your VPN connection. Double-check your connection by looking at your IP address on Google.
Step 5: Connect Apple TV with Router
You just need to go to your Wi-fi settings and manually add your router name and password. Bingo! Now you have Apple TV connected to a VPN and can stream whatever you want.

Apple TV VPN with a Wireless

Method 2: Use a Virtual Router to Set Up VPN on Your Apple TV

Step 1:
Go to settings on your laptop or PC and click Network and Internet.
Step 2:
Navigate to the Network and Sharing Centre, and click on it. Here, click on Change adapter settings.
Step 3:
Change the adopter settings to allow sharing.
Step 4:
Turn on your VPN and connect to your preferred server location from ExtremeVPN’s 6500+ servers in more than 78 countries.
Step 5:
Turn on your Wi-fi Hotspot and connect your Apple TV to the hotspot shared by your Laptop.
Step 6:
It’s done. Stream your favorite content from anywhere on your Apple TV with ExtremeVPN.

Use a Virtual Router to Set Up VPN

For all Apple TV Generations

You can get ExtremeVPN on all Apple TV generations listed below:

Connect to ExtremeVPN on your:

  • Apple TV 1st Generation
  • Apple TV 2nd Generation
  • Apple TV 3rd Generation
  • Apple TV HD (4th Generation)
  • Apple TV 4K (1st Generation)
  • Apple TV 4K (2nd Generation)
For all Apple TV Generations

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a VPN needed on Apple TV? Up
Having a VPN on your Apple TV has several advantages, like allowing you to stream in blazing-fast, throttling-free HD and access all the content you prefer worldwide. In other words, a VPN is needed to enhance your Apple TV-watching experience!
Why is ExtremeVPN the best VPN for Apple TV? Up
ExtremeVPN is the best and most dependable Apple TV VPN, offering servers in 78 countries, top-notch encryption, ultra-fast speeds with no buffering, and servers in 78 countries. You may try it out and cancel within 30 days for a full refund if unsatisfied.
Is ExtremeVPN compatible with all Apple TV generations? Up
Yes, ExtremeVPN works with all Apple TV generations, from Apple TV 1st generation to Apple TV 4K (2nd Generation).
Does ExtremeVPN work with 4K 2nd generation? Up
Yes! The performance of ExtremeVPN on the Apple TV 4K second generation is the same as that on the first-generation 4K and earlier ones.
Is Apple TV and Apple TV+ the same thing? Up
Apple TV is a compact digital media player that offers access to various apps. With Apple TV, you can easily access the iTunes store and popular streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. On the other hand, Apple TV+ is a streaming service Apple Inc provides. Users can access it on their laptop, smartphone, desktop, and tablet through tv.apple.com. Customers with Apple TV+ can also stream content via the Apple TV app, which is compatible with iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, iPhone, and Apple TV. Also, users can access it on some Samsung smart TVs, the Roku platforms, and Amazon Fire TV.
How to access Netflix through Apple TV VPN? Up
It’s simple! Open Netflix or any other apps on your Apple TV as you usually would after connecting to the VPN. Contact our Support Team if you’re experiencing trouble using an app.
Is using Apple TV with a VPN illegal? Up
Although Apple TV doesn’t come with built-in VPN capability, using a VPN with Apple TV is entirely legal.
Does ExtremeVPN keep logs? Up
Since privacy is a top priority for ExtremeVPN, no connection or activity logs are kept. Additionally, it never saves any information that could be used to link a particular network activity or behavior to a single user.
On how many devices can I use ExtremeVPN simultaneously? Up
Yes! Many devices, including laptops, smartphones, streaming media players, smart TVs, and game consoles, support ExtremeVPN. You can connect up to ten devices simultaneously and install ExtremeVPN on as many of them as you want.
Does ExtremeVPN offer a free trial? Up
No, there is no free trial. But ExtremeVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can quickly get your money back within a month if unsatisfied with our services.
Why is there no app available for Apple TV? Up
An operating system must support VPN connections for a VPN to function. Apple TV’s operating system doesn’t.