Grab the Best VPN for GeForce Now

In the gaming world, every second counts. Imagine having the power to reduce lag, protect your privacy, and unlock new gaming possibilities, all with a single tool. Employing a VPN not only enhances your cloud-based gaming but also elevates your security online.

Grab an ExtremeVPN subscription and magnify your gaming experience on GeForce Now, which guarantees seamless gameplay, improved security, and access to restricted content. It’s an indispensable companion for any dedicated gamer.

Grab the Best VPN for GeForce Now

How to Enjoy Gaming on GeForce Now with a VPN?

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Step 1

Become an ExtremeVPN subscriber, the best cloud-based gaming VPN.


Step 2

Select a VPN server where GeForce Now is accessible.


Step 3

Tap on any game you want to play and enjoy gaming in throttle-free ultra-fast HD!

What is GeForce Now?

GeForce Now, developed by Nvidia, is an innovative cloud-based gaming service with an extensive library of games available for streaming across various devices. To fully enjoy this gaming platform, a high-speed internet connection is essential. For mobile users, a Bluetooth controller is often recommended, sometimes even required, to ensure a seamless and immersive gaming experience. It enables gamers to access a vast world of titles without needing high-end hardware, making it an accessible and convenient choice for players of all levels.

What is GeForce Now

How ExtremeVPN Enhances Your GeForce Now Experience?

Robust Security Unleash Robust Security

Shield yourself from DDoS attacks with your IP hidden. ExtremeVPN comes fortified with top-tier 256-bit AES encryption, data-leak protection, a kill switch, and split tunneling for added defense.

double tick icon Amplify Your Connectivity

Indulge in the realm of boundless, high-quality bandwidth. VPN servers spanning 78 countries stand ready to minimize your ping and erase those lag spikes.

Blazing-Fast Streaming Speed Bypass Throttling Tactics

Keep your ISP’s bandwidth-cap tactics at bay. With a VPN, your data remains impenetrable, ensuring your bandwidth remains unthrottled.

99% Digital Anonymity Expand Your Digital Horizons

Seize access to the latest DLCs and games, even from countries with early launch dates. Play games that might be restricted in your region without hindrance.

gaming icon on world Gaming Across All Fronts

Whether you’re a PlayStation enthusiast, an Xbox devotee, a Nintendo Switch fan, a PC purist, or a mobile maverick, ExtremeVPN caters to your gaming whims across the spectrum of devices.

Robust Security A World of Borderless Gaming

Geography is no longer a barrier. Effortlessly change your region, uniting with friends scattered across the globe and indulging in a truly global gaming experience.

GeForce Now Subscription Plan

GeForce Now provides gamers with two membership tiers, Free and Priority, with pricing that varies depending on your region. Free members can access GeForce Now servers for up to one hour per gaming session. On the other hand, Priority members enjoy the perk of longer, uninterrupted gameplay, and they also get a jumpstart by moving to the front of the queue when starting a game. Thus, Priority members experience virtually no wait times, while standard members may have to wait a bit longer to access the server. These membership options cater to gamers with varying preferences and requirements, allowing them to tailor their GeForce Now experience accordingly.

GeForce Now Subscription Plan

Where is GeForce Now Available?

Currently, the GeForce Now platform is accessible in the US, Europe, and select Asian countries, with an expected expansion in other countries soon. These countries include Albania, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Turkey.

Where is GeForce Now Available

Can I Play on GeForce Now with a Free VPN?

You can play on GeForce Now with a free proxy, but we don’t recommend it. Free services do not provide complete privacy and security to your data online compared to paid VPNs, so your online information can easily fall into the wrong hands. Moreover, free VPNs earn revenue by selling your data to third parties like ad advertisers. Below, we discuss how a paid VPN like ExtremeVPN can elevate your gaming experience more than that of free and untrustworthy proxies.

FeaturesExtremeVPNMost Free VPNs
Data limitUnlimited10GB
VPN server locations78 countries10-50 countries
Customer support24/7 live chat & EmailEmail
Server technologyTrustedServerPC-based
Activity and connection loggingNeverNo promises
Simultaneous connections supportedUp to 101-5
Device supportApps for every deviceDesktop and mobile

Configure GeForce on All Your Devices with a VPN

ExtremeVPN provides a supported app for devices like Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, gaming consoles, and more.

An ExtremeVPN subscription provides software solutions for all devices within your household, extending compatibility to gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox and smart TV platforms like Apple TV, Amazon TV Fire Stick, and Samsung Smart TV. Get ExtremeVPN on your Android smartphones or install ExtremeVPN’s dedicated app on iOS. Additionally, you have the option to acquire a VPN extension for Chrome.

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Configure GeForce on All Your Devices with a VPN

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access GeForce Now for free with a VPN? Up
No, a VPN won’t grant you free access to GeForce Now. However, you can enjoy gaming on GeForce Now for free of cost. To enjoy premium access, you must separately subscribe to the gaming platform. With ExtremeVPN, you can enhance your experience on GeForce Now by ensuring secure cloud-based gaming.
Which devices can I play GeForce Now games on? Up
GeForce Now supports a wide array of devices, including: – Smartphones and tablets, including iOS (via Safari browser) and Android (via the app) – Computers, including Mac and Windows – Smart TVs and TV box systems, including Android TV. ExtremeVPN offers user-friendly apps for many of these devices and covers up to 10 simultaneously with a monthly and yearly subscription. Even if your device can’t directly install ExtremeVPN, you can still benefit by connecting it to a router running ExtremeVPN.
Will using a VPN slow down my connection when gaming on GeForce Now? Up
VPNs can potentially cut some speed due to the added encryption layer. However, ExtremeVPN operates on a blazing-fast, well-optimized network, so you’re unlikely to experience significant slowdowns. Furthermore, If your ISP tends to throttle your online gaming, using a VPN with GeForce Now could actually improve your connection speed.
How does a VPN reduce ping when gaming on GeForce Now? Up
VPNs help lower latency and reduce overall lag by shortening the connection routes between you and the game servers. This enables data packets to move swiftly between your computer and the game servers, minimizing delays in gameplay actions. To achieve this, you must connect to a VPN server closest to the game’s server for the smoothest experience.
How does a VPN safeguard against DDoS attacks during gaming on GeForce Now? Up
Utilizing ExtremeVPN while gaming online conceals your real IP address, which can thwart the unfair advantage sought by DDoS attacks aiming to disrupt your online gaming. These attacks often cause lag and disruptions, which a VPN can help mitigate.
What other benefits does ExtremeVPN offer? Up
ExtremeVPN offers comprehensive coverage for various gaming platforms, including consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, by utilizing the VPN app on your router for added privacy and security. Additionally, ExtremeVPN is compatible with popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer. In regions with heavy internet censorship, the VPN can help you access blocked websites like YouTube and Google. It also serves as a fast and secure means to browse the web, including through a VPN Chrome extension.