How to Stream France TV with a VPN

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Stream France TV with ExtremeVPN – 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Download and sign up for ExtremeVPN.

Step 2

Connect to a server based in France.

Step 3

Start streaming your favorite French TV content on your preferred device.

What is France TV?

France Television ( is a public French TV broadcaster. The French government owns France TV and combines France 2, France 3, France 4, and France 5 channels. It also includes radio news and a rolling TV channel, France Info.

France TV offers many TV shows, documentaries, and other media to French and foreign culture fans. The French Open tennis tournament, hosted at Roland Garros, is among the live sporting events carried on the channel.

With ExtremeVPN, you can watch France TV from anywhere at lightning-fast streaming speeds, even when using public Wi-Fi.

What French Content Can I Stream with ExtremeVPN?

Let’s look at everything France TV offers now that you can access it. We have divided the content into genres to simplify finding what you’re searching for.

News & Society

France TV is famous for being quite contemporary. They demonstrate how deeply involved they’ve become in the public conscience of the average French person by exploring current social concerns.

Opanpani, a Tahitian prisoner: This documentary is a remarkable example of investigative journalism, bringing attention to 410 men detained in solitary confinement at the Tatutu de Papeari prison facility.

Additionally, there are frequently broadcast educational programs like Infrarouge that make complex societal concerns simple to understand.

Documentary Shows

France TV live informs the French in addition to delighting them. There is a wide variety of documentaries accessible, covering many different subjects.

Historical documentaries are accessible, such as 1939, un dernier été. This documentary explores the tension before 1940 as individuals sought ways to avoid the monotony of war.

Documentaries about politics, such as Dans les coulisses du duel Macron/Le Pen. In this research on rebuilding the political left and right, the dispute between the two opposing parties is investigated in-depth.

Sports Events

We’ve already discussed the French Open, but numerous other spectator sports are available on France TV live. The U20 Rugby World Championship is available on France TV, and sports analysis shows like TOUT LE SPORT.

Series & Fiction

There are many options; therefore, we will concentrate on those that have captured the French audience’s attention the most.

A Hubert Besson concept served as the basis for the French television soap opera Plus belle la vie (More Beautiful Life), which features characters designed by Bénédicte Achard, Olivier Szulzynger, Georges Desmouceaux, and Magaly Richard-Serrano. The show focuses on the day-to-day activities of the residents of “Le Mistral,” a made-up suburb in Marseille, a port city in the Mediterranean where wealthy and less affluent families coexist. It focuses on how their romantic and friendship relationships change.

Children’s TV Shows

You can stream Live shows for kids on France TV. Their cartoons can aid people who want to learn French but cannot completely understand adult shows and calm, hyperactive children.

Ever wanted to share a fascinating tale with a sociable Yeti? You can now, though. Join Yetili for story time as she reads to two young mice named Nina and Leon. Yetili reads them a brand-new, incredible story every day. The neighborhood bookstore’s mascot is a huge plush toy called Yetili. He comes to life after the store closes to join his companions for storytime.

Why Need a VPN to Watch France.TV from Anywhere?

Due to licensing and distribution agreements, France TV only functions in France. The streaming service uses geo-restrictions to prevent viewers outside France from accessing its content. A reliable streaming VPN like ExtremeVPN is useful in this situation.

Your device will immediately receive a French IP address when you connect to a server based in France. France.TV will believe you are in France, giving you access to its content. The whole thing only takes a few minutes!

How to Watch France.TV from Anywhere on Various Devices?

Access France.TV from Anywhere on iOS

  1. Download and Install the ExtremeVPN app on your iOS device from the App Store.
  2. Sign up for ExtremeVPN and connect to a server based in France.
  3. Download and Install the France.TV app on your iOS device from the App Store.
  4. Start streaming your favorite French content on the go.
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Access France.TV from Anywhere on Android

  1. Download the ExtremeVPN app on your Android device from the Play Store.
  2. Sign up for ExtremeVPN and connect to a France-based server.
  3. Download the France.TV app on your Android device from the Play Store.
  4. Start streaming your favorite French content on your preferred device.
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Access France.TV from Anywhere on Smart TV

  1. Download and Install the ExtremeVPN app for the router.
  2. Sign up and set up ExtremeVPN on your router.
  3. Connect to a server based in France.
  4. Connect your Smart TV to Wi-Fi.
  5. Download the France.TV app on your Smart TV.
  6. Start streaming your favorite French content on your big screen.
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Try the Best France TV VPN Risk-free

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is France TV free to watch?
For a more upscale experience, Salto is a high-end French streaming service that allows access to premium content. French television offers a choice of programs and channels to stream for free. Users must quickly and easily create a profile to enjoy streaming from France TV. Many entertaining French TV series and channels are available, whether you decide to watch for free or sign up for Salto.
Does France TV work with ExtremeVPN?
Yes! You can watch France TV and many more streaming services using ExtremeVPN’s worldwide network of secure servers, allowing you to access all the material you want without risking your online security. You may watch France TV while streaming using a VPN from anywhere, including your office, school, or a public Wi-Fi network, and you can avoid any ISP throttling that might be hurting your connection.
Will using ExtremeVPN slow down my French TV streams?
ExtremeVPN is one of the fastest VPN services available. When using ExtremeVPN to stream France TV, your video quality will improve, especially if your internet provider has been throttling streaming services’ bandwidth. Because ExtremeVPN employs the finest encryption techniques, your ISP cannot track or identify your online actions, and your connection won’t be slowed down.
What devices can I watch France TV on?
You can watch France TV on Smartphones (Android and iOS), Computers (Mac, Linux, Windows), and Smart TVs (Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV Stick).
Can I use ExtremeVPN for other things besides streaming?
You can surf the internet freely and securely with the help of ExtremeVPN. You can access social media sites where they are unavailable, keep anonymity online, safely use Wi-Fi in public places, find the finest e-commerce discounts, and more.