How to Stream NOS Live with a VPN

NOS is a popular Netherlands television network that broadcasts news, sports, and numerous other content types. This popular network is exclusive to the Netherlands and its viewers. ExtremeVPN can help you bypass NOS TV’s restrictions to access all its content.

How to Stream NOS Live with a VPN

Simple Steps to Stream NOS Live with a VPN

With ExtremeVPN, you can stream NOS live without any problem. This step-by-step guide will show you how:

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Step 1

Go to ExtremeVPN’s website to register and choose your desired plan.

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Step 2

Download and log into the app with your credentials and connect to a Netherlands server.


Step 3

Start enjoying NOS on the app or website.

What is NOS?

NOS is a famous broadcasting network in the Netherlands. It airs the coverage of news, sports, politics, and across-the-globe events. The Netherlands government founded it and has correspondents worldwide for gathering news and staying updated on current affairs. It is the biggest public broadcasting platform in the country and covers news updates and sports programs for a wide audience.

Nos Channel

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch NOS outside the Netherlands?

NOS, as with most streaming apps, is geo-blocked. That means it doesn’t work beyond a geographical location, the Netherlands. Viewers abroad trying to gain access to NOS will encounter error messages on the website or app. This is where a VPN comes in. VPN helps you easily bypass restrictions on any NOS by assigning you a Netherlands IP address. This way, you can access all of NOS content without any barriers.

How to Watch NOS outside the Netherlands on Different Devices

It is easy to enjoy NOS outside Holland on any device of your choice, whether Android or iOS. You will need to visit the website or install its application from the store of your device. Here, we explain how you can watch NOS on any device that you use:

How to Access NOS on Your Android Devices

If you want to stream NOS on an Android device but you are not within the Netherlands, it might be quite difficult. You will need to change your Google Play Store region. This is because some apps on Play Store are only available in specific regions. Follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for ExtremeVPN and install the application
  2. Run the application and connect to one of the servers based in the Netherlands.
  3. Create a new Gmail account with the Netherlands as the location.
  4. Open the Google Play Store, search, and install the NOS app on the Android device
  5. Log in or sign up to start streaming.
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How to Access NOS on Your Android Devices

How to Access NOS on Your iOS Devices

As with Android devices, you must change your Apple ID region to the Netherlands to access NOS. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Subscribe to ExtremeVPN and download the app on your iPhone, iPad, or any other iOS devices
  2. Launch the app and connect to a Dutch server, like Amsterdam and other locations.
  3. Switch your Apple ID region to the Netherlands.
  4. Open the Apple Store, search, and download the NOS app on your iOS device.
  5. Log in or sign up to start enjoying NOS TV.
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How to Access NOS on Your iOS Devices

How to Access NOS on Your Smart TVs

To stream NOS TV on your smart television, follow this simple guide:

  1. Subscribe to ExtremeVPN.
  2. Configure the ExtremeVPN application on the router.
  3. Connect to a Dutch VPN server.
  4. Go to the app store for your smart TV, install the NOS app, and sign in or sign up.
  5. Stream NOS and be updated with global events and current affairs.
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How to Access NOS on Your Smart TVs

How to Watch NOS on PCs

If you want to enjoy the NOS TV on your PC or Mac, follow the following steps:

  1. Open the ExtremeVPN application.
  2. Connect to a Dutch server.
  3. Visit the NOS website.
  4. Finally, enjoy NOS live stream from anywhere in the world.
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How to Watch NOS on PCs

NOS Channels

NOS provides a host of services, including reliable and independent round-the-clock updates. These updates are for news, sports, current affairs, and national and international events.

It airs content for the three main channels under the Dutch government’s control. These channels include NPO 1, NPO 3, and NPO Zapp. These three channels are based on news and discussion of hot topics. They are all targeted towards different age groups.

NOS also controls two other channels: NPO Nieuws and NPO Politiek. Even though they’re in Dutch, you might correctly guess the type of content they air. NOS Nieuws primarily airs news and current affairs, while NOS Politiek focuses mainly on politics and political debates.

NOS Channels

NOS Programs

There is a wide range of programs NOS shows, including sports, news, and politics. Some of these programs include:

NOS Journaal

This is a news program aired mainly by 8 p.m. on the NPO 1 channel. Two short editions of the show are also broadcast at midnight and by 6 p.m. to complement the main one. It is one of the most important and anticipated programs in the country.

NOS Journaal

NOS Journaal op 3

Another informative program of NOS is the NOS op 3. It is a short one-minute news update targeted at youngsters and young adults on the NPO 3 channel.

NOS Journaal op 3

NOS Den Haag Vandaag

This is a daily debrief of events in the Netherlands. It includes parliamentary sessions and political reports. NOS, NTR, and BNNVARA produce it together.

NOS Den Haag Vandaag

NOS Jeugdjournaal

This targets an audience between the ages of 8 to 12 years old. NOS jeugdjournaal airs on NPO Zapp and is a channel dedicated to children. It starts at 7 p.m. and lasts for 20 minutes, while a short bulletin is held on weekdays at 8:45 a.m. when primary schools start.

NOS Jeugdjournaal

NOS Studio Sport

This program broadcasts the world’s most popular sports and tournaments, covering events like the FIFA World Cup, Olympic games, tennis, and other well-loved sports. It’s true that NOS no longer holds the license to broadcast full matches of the Dutch national football league, the Eredivisie. However, this channel still provides highlights and analysis of matches played.

It covers matches and tournaments in other sports, like cycling, hockey, tennis, and ice skating. It is also responsible for news programs about sports. Additionally, NOS Studio Sport features a football talk show (NOS Studio Voetbal) that airs on Sunday evenings about the Eredivisie. This talk show also covers the Dutch national team and other news in football.

NOS Studio Sport

NOS Events

This is the program that airs the live coverage of special events. It broadcasts occasions of the Dutch royal family, the Dutch elections, and breaking news.

NOS Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use ExtremeVPN to stream NOS content? Up
With ExtremeVPN, you can be sure of enjoying secure, private, and hassle-free access to NOS-produced content. It will help you override all restrictions and ISP throttling that can undermine your connection.
Is NOS free to watch? Up
Yes, you can access NOS free of charge via the NPO streaming platform NPO Start. It offers free broadcast services; you only need to use ExtremeVPN to connect to a Dutch server to start streaming. The paid plan, NPO Start Plus, is ads-free and broadcasts content in HD.
Will NOS content slow down if I use a VPN? Up
VPNs create a layer of encryption between your data and the NOS server, which marginally slows down your connection speed. Premium VPNs, like ExtremeVPN, use fast protocols and have multiple servers to give a fast-paced connection and improve the quality of your video.
Can I Watch NOS on any device? Up
Definitely! NPO start, which broadcasts NOS content, supports almost all devices. These include smartphones, like Android and iOS devices, laptops and PCs, and smart TVs, such as Apple TV, Android TV, and Samsung smart TV. You can install the user-friendly ExtremeVPN app on most devices or use it directly via a router.
What else can I use ExtremeVPN for? Up
ExtremeVPN offers a wide range of services, more than just overriding barriers to NOS. It allows access to all major streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, with maximum security and privacy.
What plans does ExtremeVPN offer? Up
You can subscribe to numerous offers with ExtremeVPN, including the monthly, six-month, and annual packages. The longer the plan duration, the less extensive it gets, but the higher the initial billing. You can visit the pricing page on the website for more on ExtremeVPN plans.
Can I use a free VPN to stream NOS? Up
A free VPN can put your privacy, data, security, and online behavior at great risk. So it is not advisable to use them. Instead, make use of a quality VPN like ExtremeVPN. Their subscription fee is affordable, and they have 24/7 customer support to answer your complaints.