Stream RTÉ Player Live with a VPN

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RTÉ Player Live with a VPN

RTÉ Player & ExtremeVPN: The Best Choice for Streaming Irish Content

RTE, a leading broadcaster known for its top-notch content, has become a household name in Ireland. Whether it is live sports, news, your favorite drama series, or riveting documentaries, RTE Player delivers it all in Gaeilge and English.

However, there’s an issue — geographical restrictions. If you have ever felt frustrated by being unable to access RTE Player’s live streams while abroad, we have a solution that even a tech novice can understand.

This guide walks you through the simple yet effective steps to stream RTÉ Player live from anywhere. There’s no need for complex technical terms or a computer science degree if you use the straightforward and user-friendly ExtremeVPN. So, whether you’re sipping tea in Dublin or exploring distant regions, you won’t miss a moment of RTE’s top-notch content.

RTÉ Player Overview

Launched initially in 2009, RTÉ Player is a free on-demand streaming service renounced by Irish media broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ). The streaming service offers live and recorded RTÉ television programs and exclusive content available only on the platform.

With more than 200 hours of international content and Irish shows, you can watch everything from news to full classic series, kid shows, football, and other sports live on RTÉ Player. RTÉ Player comes in two versions: One for viewers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and another designed for international audiences.

RTÉ Player Overview

Why Can’t I Access RTÉ Player outside of Ireland?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t tune in to RTÉ Player when you’re not in Ireland? It all comes down to how things work in the TV world. If RTÉ were to pay for the rights to show their content outside of Ireland, it would cost them a lot more. However, since RTÉ is a TV service owned by the Irish broadcaster, it would not make sense for them.

Due to how RTÉ doesn’t have permission to share its content beyond Ireland, they have to make sure people don’t watch the player from outside the country. Otherwise, they would be breaking their promises in agreements with others. It’s like a rule they must follow to keep things fair.

By connecting to ExtremeVPN’s server, you can cleverly get around RTÉ’s location restrictions, meaning you can unlock RTÉ Player regardless of your global location. Whether using your phone, laptop, TV, or tablet, this hack works like magic.

Having discussed why you can’t stream RTÉ Player outside of Ireland, let’s explore the steps involved in using ExtremeVPN to access the player in the next section.

Quick Steps on How to Stream on RTÉ Player with ExtremeVPN

It is noteworthy that RTÉ Player offers compatibility across various devices, including Chromecast, Samsung TV, Philips TV, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and many more. However, compatibility on iOS or Android phones and tablets may vary. To enhance your streaming experience using a VPN, follow these straightforward steps:

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Sign Up on ExtremeVPN

We highly recommend ExtremeVPN for its lightning-fast service and robust security features. Signing up for ExtremeVPN ensures a reliable and seamless VPN connection.


Choose a Secure Ireland Server

After signing up with ExtremeVPN, select a secure Ireland VPN server location. This step ensures your connection is well-protected and allows you to access region-locked content easily.


Stream RTÉ Player Securely

You can now enjoy RTÉ Player’s diverse content library in high definition. ExtremeVPN’s capabilities allow you to enjoy the player’s diverse content library on any compatible device, regardless of your location.

What Can You Watch on the RTE Player?

Although RTÉ Player is yet to achieve the same level of popularity as its British counterpart, BBC, iPlayer, it is steadily gaining momentum each year. RTÉ Player users can enjoy various content, including movies, talk-show programs, and beloved Irish shows like Fair City.

In addition to its extensive entertainment library, RTÉ is a major player in sports streaming. With the player, you can catch international athletic events, boxing matches, golf tournaments, horse races, and the beloved Gaelic Games.

Even better, the majority of RTÉ Player’s content is entirely free. By investing in a VPN to unblock RTÉ’s streaming service, you gain access to its content and save money that you might have spent on pay-per-view subscriptions.

What Can You Watch on the RTE Player

Shows to Watch on RTÉ Player

Here are some notable shows available for viewing on RTÉ Player:

Finding Joy

“Finding Joy” is a delightful Irish comedy series created and headlined by Amy Hubermab as the main lead, Joy. The storyline centers around Joy, who, despite facing many life challenges like the departure of her long-term boyfriend, finds happiness in her life.

However, her world takes a surprising turn when she lands a new career as a vlogger, leading to unexpected events that shake her world.

Finding Joy

Dancing with the Stars

Derived from the top-rated UK reality series, “Dancing with the Stars” is an exciting Irish reality TV show. In this program, celebrities are teamed up with professional dancers to collaborate and compete with other pairs through choreographed dance routines. The result? It is an engaging and entertaining spectacle for viewers of all tastes.

Dancing with the Stars

Up for the Match

Up for the Match is an engaging Irish variety show with a Gaelic games twist. Hosted by the dynamic duo of Des Cahill and Gráinne Seoige, this show offers a perfect blend of entertainment for your free time.

The show combines lively music, engaging conversations, and special guest appearances, all while featuring insights from experts in Gaelic games. It is a must-watch for those looking to enjoy a mix of sports and entertainment.

Up for the match

Final Thoughts on How to Stream RTÈ Player Live with VPN

Streaming RTÉ Player live from anywhere globally has become accessible and hassle-free, thanks to the power of VPNs. Among the VPN options available, ExtremeVPN stands out as your go-to choice.

The icing on the cake is that most of the content on RTÉ Player is entirely free, making it a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy your favorite shows and sports. Investing in a VPN like ExtremeVPN allows you to unlock RTÉ Player’s full potential and save money you may spend on pay-per-view subscriptions.

So, whether you are an Irish expat missing home or simply interested in Irish content, consider ExtremeVPN as your ticket to a world of entertainment through RTÉ Player. All you need is the guide above!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RTÉ Player available internationally for free? Up
No, RTÉ Player is not accessible for free outside the Republic of Ireland. It is restricted to viewers within Ireland’s borders. You must use a VPN service to access RTÉ Player from anywhere else.
What devices are compatible with RTÉ Player? Up
ExtremeVPN offers versatile compatibility with various devices, including: – Android and iOS smartphones and tablets – Windows, Mac, and Linux computers – Amazon Fire TV devices – Routers, enabling streaming on Chromecast, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Roku, Xbox, and many more.
Will VPN usage impact the speed of my RTÉ Player streams? Up
Generally, no. Although VPNs can affect your internet speed, ExtremeVPN is well-known for its exceptional speed, with users often experiencing minimal to no noticeable difference. In certain scenarios, streaming RTÉ Player with a VPN service may also enhance your video quality, particularly if your internet service provider has imposed bandwidth restrictions on streaming devices.
What else can I achieve with ExtremeVPN? Up
ExtremeVPN goes beyond securing your online presence. From protecting your network to discovering various online deals, there is a wide range of possibilities with ExtremeVPN. You can always explore the page for additional tips on maximizing your ExtremeVPN experience.