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How Much Does a VPN Cost?

Last updated: March 6, 2024 0 min read
How Much Vpn Cost

This article will explore the ins and outs of VPN pricing. It includes the pros and cons of free and cheap VPNs. It will guide you on how to save money on a high-quality VPN without sacrificing security and privacy. Whether you’re a seasoned VPN user or just starting, read on to learn everything you need about VPN costs.

Due to digitization, online privacy and security are becoming increasingly crucial. Internet users frequently use VPNs to safeguard their online activity from hazards. A VPN offers a private and secure internet connection through hidden IP addresses and traffic encryption.

Although a VPN has evident advantages, these services may be very expensive. While some VPN service providers are free, others charge hundreds of dollars annually. The security and privacy feature a VPN offers to determine its price.

In this article, we’ll examine the several aspects that affect a VPN’s price. It will assist you in determining the cost of a high-quality VPN service. We’ll also advise picking the best VPN service for your requirements and financial situation.

A VPN might be a great investment to safeguard your online anonymity. It allows you to use public Wi-Fi safely or view geo-restricted content. To select a VPN that meets your requirements and is within your means, you should comprehend the features and costs of numerous VPNs.

How Much Does ExtremeVPN Cost?


Aiming to be the number one choice in VPN providers, ExtremeVPN boasts excellent features at a cost-effective price. The pricing plan of ExtremeVPN includes 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions.

  • The 1-month subscription plan costs  $10.59 ($10.59 billed on purchase)
  • The 6-month subscription plan costs $39.9 ($5.15/mo)  – Over 51% discount
  • The 12-month subscription plan costs $39.48 ($3.29/mo) – Over 68% discount

How Much Does a VPN Cost Per Month?

How Much Does a VPN Cost Per Month?

One may ask, “How much is a VPN per month?”. The cost of a Virtual Private Network is subject to fluctuation based on the company supplying it, the protection and amenities they offer, and the duration of the agreement. Typically, you can expect to pay between $2 to $15 per month for a VPN service.

Some VPN providers offer free services. They often come with limitations, such as a data usage cap or a limited number of servers. They may sell user data to third-party advertisers.

The majority of reputable VPN providers provide subscription plans for a fee. Such plans provide more sophisticated features and heightened levels of protection compared to the free versions. These may include monthly, annual, or multi-year subscription plans.

Plans for monthly VPN subscriptions often cost between $5 and $15. The price decreases as the length of the subscription increases. A one-year subscription may cost around $50 to $70. Multi-year subscription plans may offer up to 75% off their regular monthly price.

It’s important to note that while cost is a factor when choosing a VPN provider, it’s not the only consideration. Choosing a reputable provider with a strong track record of protecting user privacy and offering reliable and secure services is important. ExtremeVPN has the trust of millions of users globally, and it provides a 7-day free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

VPN Pricing Comparison

This table provides the cost of some of the top VPN services. Longer subscription periods are significantly lower. Most companies have monthly and yearly plans available, indicated with ‘N/A.’

VPNs1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year2 Years3 Years5 Years
ExtremeVPN$10.59/monthN/A(for in-app purchases only): $5.15/month ($30.9 billed on purchase)$3.29/month ($39.48 billed on purchase)N/AN/AN/A
ExpressVPN$12.95/month$9.99/monthStandard: 12.95/month Premium: $17.95/month
Ultimate: 22.95/month
N/A$6.67/month (+3 months free)N/AN/A
Private Internet Access (PIA)$11.99/monthN/A$7.50/monthN/A$2.11/month (+3 months free)N/AN/A
NordVPNStandard: $12.95/month Premium:$17.95/month
Ultimate: $22.95/month
N/AN/AStandard: $4.59/month (3 months free)
Plus: $5.79/month (3 months free)
Complete: $7.29/month (3 months free)
Standard: $3.99/month (3 months free)
Plus: $5.19/month (3 months free)
Complete: $6.69/month (3 months free)
SurfSharkStandard: $12.95/month Premium: $17.95/month
Ultimate: 22.95/month
N/AN/AStandard: $3.99/month 
Premium: $4.49/month
Ultimate: $8.29/month
Standard: $2.49/month 
Premium: $3.49/month
Ultimate: $6.49/month
Proton VPN9.99 €/monthN/AN/A5.99 €/month4.99 €/monthN/AN/A

Why Are VPNs so Expensive?

Why Are VPNs so Expensive?

While a VPN cost per year can range in price from free to hundreds of dollars. Some users may find VPNs expensive compared to other online services. However, there are several reasons why VPNs can be relatively costly:

  • Advanced security features: VPNs use advanced encryption techniques to safeguard your online activity. Hardware and software costs are high for strong encryption. It drives up the cost of VPN services.
  • Network infrastructure: VPN providers must maintain a global service network to provide services. It necessitates the purchase of full server gear, data center space, and infrastructure.
  • Customer support: Costly customer service is sometimes necessary, especially when available around the clock. VPN companies might need to engage qualified personnel to offer efficient customer assistance.
  • Marketing and advertising: Customer competition might be strong because of many VPN services. Certain VPN companies may require marketing and advertising efforts to attract new clients.
  • R&D: VPN companies must keep current with the newest security and privacy features as VPN technology develops. Research and development (R&D) may be quite expensive for VPN providers.

Some pricey VPN service providers might not have the finest performance or features. Some inexpensive VPN providers could provide exceptional value for the money. You must do your homework and select a reliable VPN provider that fits your demands and budget.

What to Look for in a VPN?

What to Look for in a VPN?

It’s crucial to pick a VPN service with the capabilities you want while selecting. Consider the following while choosing a VPN:

  • Security and privacy: A VPN should offer strong encryption techniques like AES-256. It must have a no-logs policy to shield your internet activity from snoopers. Additionally, the VPN service provider must be open about their privacy practices. VPNs must make it crystal clear how they manage user data.
  • Server network: A VPN should have a vast server network spread over several cities. You’ll be able to get around geographical limitations and access stuff from around the world. The more servers a VPN has, the more likely it is to locate a server with quick speeds and low latency.
  • Connection speed: Speeds should be quick and dependable while using a VPN. It makes sure that the VPN connection does not hamper your internet activities.
  • Compatibility: A VPN should work with various hardware and operating systems. Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android are all included. It should protect all your devices with only one VPN account.
  • Customer support: A VPN needs to provide dependable and efficient customer service. Support options include phone, email, and live chat. The service supplier must also contain a sizable knowledge base and FAQs. They will assist you in resolving typical problems.
  • Pricing and payment options: A VPN should offer competitive pricing and flexible payment options. It should offer monthly, annual, and multi-year subscription plans. The provider should accept various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency.
  • Extra features: A VPN may offer extra features, such as ad-blocking, malware protection, split tunneling, and a kill switch. These features can enhance online security and privacy and improve your VPN experience.

Is a Cheap VPN Good?

Is a Cheap VPN Good?

The cost of a VPN is not always an indication of its quality. While some cheap VPNs offer excellent features and security. Some may compromise security to offer lower prices. However, it’s important to research before choosing a cheap VPN. Check to see if it offers safe and trustworthy services.

You should thoroughly consider a VPN’s credentials before choosing it. It must come from a reliable source and use top-notch encryption techniques. It must also have a sizable server network and a strict no-logging policy to protect the privacy and security of your data.

Budget-friendly VPNs could be slower or offer lesser functionality than more costly ones. But, some lower-priced VPNs offer great value for their price tag and can be a wise decision for those watching their pocketbook.

Ultimately, numerous factors determine the value of a VPN. Cost should not be the overriding concern when selecting; choosing a reliable VPN provider with strong security and privacy measures is vital. It is better to safeguard your privacy and security even if it comes with a heftier price tag.

Is a Free VPN Worth it?


Although appealing, free VPNs sometimes contain restrictions. These restrictions put your online privacy and security at risk. The server networks of many free VPNs are small, and connection speeds are poor. Several free VPNs may sell user information for outdoor advertising to generate money. Free VPNs cannot offer enough encryption to safeguard your online activity.

In conclusion, free VPNs are not worth the risk if you want to safeguard your online privacy and security. Select a trustworthy VPN service with strong encryption protocols and a strict no-logs policy. It’s crucial to consider the provider who delivers dependable and safe services. Paid VPNs, like ExtremeVPN, may cost more but offer better security and privacy.

How are Free VPNs Less Reliable?

Free VPNs might not be as trustworthy as costly ones because they provide fewer features. Fewer servers and a worse connection speed are available with free VPNs. They might also sell the user data to third parties. Free VPNs might not provide sufficient privacy and security safeguards. They become exposed to hacking and other online dangers as a result. They could jeopardize consumers’ security and privacy since they need to make money to survive. 

Additionally, free VPNs can lack the resources needed to maintain and enhance their services. It makes the partnership less trustworthy. Due to this, paid VPNs are frequently seen as more trustworthy and secure than free VPNs. ExtremeVPN is both budget-friendly and reliable.

What Privacy Concerns Might You Have with a Free VPN?

Using a free VPN might lead to several privacy issues. Free VPN services frequently gather and sell user data to outside advertising. It is how they make money. Your search history, browsing patterns, and geographical information may be included. Someone can use this information to track your online activities and serve targeted ads.

Additionally, free VPNs may not provide adequate encryption and security measures. Your online activities become more open to hackers and other online risks. Some free VPNs could be infected with spyware or viruses. The security and privacy of your device may be jeopardized. Choosing a VPN service with a solid reputation for prioritizing user security and privacy is crucial.

Best Free VPNs

Best Free VPNs

Although some free VPN alternatives are accessible, paid VPNs are often more dependable and secure. However, free VPNs could include restrictions that risk your online safety. Some of the top free VPN services are listed below.

  1. ProtonVPN: A free package from ProtonVPN comes with unlimited data consumption and no speed restrictions. Additionally, it boasts a no-logs policy and robust encryption.
  2. Windscribe: A substantial free package with 10GB of monthly data is provided by Windscribe. It also has a large server network spread across 63 countries.
  3. Hotspot Shield: Hotspot Shield offers a free version with access to limited servers. It offers robust encryption and limitless bandwidth.
  4. TunnelBear: The 500MB monthly package from TunnelBear is free. It offers the opportunity to accumulate additional data by performing activities.

How to Save Money on a VPN?

With just a little effort and study, saving money on a VPN is feasible. Here are some suggestions to help you reduce the cost of a VPN without sacrificing your online security and privacy:

Annual Subscriptions

Switching from a monthly to an annual VPN subscription is one of the simplest methods to save money. When you choose a yearly membership, several VPN services offer substantial discounts. Despite the perhaps higher initial cost, you’ll ultimately spend less. For instance, a monthly membership would cost $10, while an annual membership might set you back $60 or $5. Long-term financial savings are not the sole benefit. Additionally, it guarantees that you will always have access to the VPN service. You don’t need to renew your subscription each month.


Another way to save money on a VPN is to watch for deals and discounts VPN providers offer. Many VPN services provide discounts on major occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or other holidays. You may save a lot of money on your VPN subscription by waiting for such situations. By subscribing for a shorter period, you may benefit from these discounts. Additionally, some VPN providers offer discounts for students, military personnel, and first responders. If you are one of them, check for any of these discounts.

Money-back Guarantees

Some VPN providers offer a money-back guarantee feature. It allows you to try their service risk-free for a limited period. This feature allows you to test the VPN service and Decide whether it meets your needs. Suppose you’re not satisfied with the service. In that case, you can cancel your subscription within the money-back guarantee period. Doing this will give you a full refund, effectively allowing you to use the VPN service for free. It is a great way to save money on a VPN and ensure that you invest in a service that meets your requirements.


Check for discounts and promotional codes before signing up for a VPN service. It is always a good idea if it helps you save money. Many VPN companies give new customers or those who sign up for lengthy agreements substantial discounts. By conducting a coupon search online, you may locate these savings. You may also look for current bargains on the VPN provider’s website or social media accounts.

What to Look for When Checking VPN Pricing

What to Look for When Checking VPN Pricing

Some crucial aspects to look for while comparing VPN prices are as follows:

  • Kill switches, robust encryption, and a no-logs policy.
  • The size and quality of the server network, including the location, speed, and dependability of the servers.
  • How many devices can utilize the VPN simultaneously depends on the number of concurrent connections permitted.
  • Customer support availability and quality, including 24/7 support and live chat.
  • The VPN provider’s reputation, including their privacy and data protection track record. Also, check their user reviews and ratings.
  • Advanced features such as split-tunneling, ad-blockers, and multi-hop connections. They add additional layers of security and functionality.
  • Compatibility with your devices and operating systems. It should include support for desktop and mobile devices, routers, and other platforms.
  • The provider’s stance on streaming and P2P file sharing. Check whether they allow it and if they offer dedicated servers for these activities.
  • The ease of use and user-friendly interface. It should provide apps and setup guides.
  • Any extra features like free trials, money-back guarantees, or special deals.


Depending on the operator and the capabilities provided, the price of a VPN might differ significantly. While a few inexpensive and free VPNs could appear alluring. They have serious shortcomings, including poor speeds, constrained server networks, and privacy issues. Considering factors beyond the cost is important when looking for a VPN. Such as security features, server network, customer support, and reputation, 

Consider annual subscriptions, deals and discounts, and the money-back guarantee feature to save money on a VPN. However, choosing a VPN provider that meets your needs and offers good value for your money is important. Don’t just select the least expensive choice. ExtremeVPN offers advanced security protocols for its users, and it’s worth the price you pay for it.


How much does a good VPN cost? Up
A reliable VPN often costs anywhere from $3 to $15 per month, depending on the services provided.
Is a VPN worth the money? Up
A VPN is cost-effective for everyone who values their online security and privacy. It typically happens when browsing sensitive material or utilizing public Wi-Fi.
Is there a VPN for free? Up
Free VPNs are available, but they frequently have serious flaws. They offer slow speeds, limited server networks, and privacy concerns. Choosing a reputable VPN that balances cost and features is important.

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