Best Philippines VPN: Get a Secure Philippines IP Address

Are you a big fan of Filipino movies, or you’re a Pinoy holidaying abroad? Worry less, ExtremeVPN has super fast servers in Manila. You can bypass online restrictions and enjoy homegrown content as usual.

  • Browse Philippine websites anonymously
  • Top-notch encryption
  • Access all geo-blocked services
Best Philippines VPN Get a Secure Philippines IP Address

Stream Filipino Content from Abroad with ExtremeVPN

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Step 1

Visit ExtremeVPN’s site, subscribe to its premium plan, and download the app.


Step 2

Connect to a Philippine server.


Step 3

Enjoy streaming Filipino content from anywhere in the world.

Get around geo-restriction, online censorship, and cyberattacks within seconds!

Why You Should Use a VPN in the Philippines

As a VPN user, you can access Filipino content anywhere and anytime. Here are reasons you may find a Philippine VPN essential:

Ensure Anonymity While Browsing

Recently, it has become a norm for advertising companies, websites, and governments to collect users’ data without consent. A VPN lets you prioritize your privacy by enabling you to surf the internet anonymously.

ExtremeVPN lets you hide your data using obfuscated servers. We don’t collect your connection or activity logs, so sharing your information with third parties is impossible.

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Online Anonymity

Secure Your Gadgets

Whenever you access the internet, your privacy is constantly at risk. Aside from the government monitoring online activities, cybercriminals can inject malware into your device to steal your information. For these reasons, it’s vital to conceal your online activity, hide your location, and protect your personal information with a VPN.

ExtremeVPN conceals your IP address and encrypts your internet traffic with 256-bit encryption. This prevents third parties like your ISP and cybercriminals from seeing your activity. In other words, everything you do online will be for your eyes only. Securely browse Philippine websites without worry!

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Safeguard All your devices

Stream Filipino TV Shows, Entertainment, Sports, and More

It’s 2024, yet many streaming platforms restrict their services to particular locations. Not an issue. ExtremeVPN can handle geo-restrictions with the click of a button. The VPN assigns you a secure Philippine IP address to access Filipino content from abroad.

This way, you can easily stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and more. Even when holidaying overseas, accessing geo-restricted Philippine platforms like iWantTFC, ABS-CBN, and GMA Network is possible using ExtremeVPN. Besides, you can unblock multiple sporting events, including Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

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Fast streaming

Stay Ahead of Censorship

Regarding internet freedom, the Philippines is lenient but still has some flaws. For example, the country prohibits torrenting. Thankfully, ExtremeVPN has over 6,500 servers spread across 78 locations, including the Philippines. With our superfast servers, you’ll have no problem bypassing internet restrictions and government censorship.

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Access Censored Sites

Use Public WiFi Securely

Rather than being cautious, a VPN gives you peace of mind while using public WiFi. ExtremeVPN significantly improves your security whenever you use the WiFi at the airport, shopping mall, or local coffee shop. It gives you an extra layer of privacy to protect personal data like your bank details from hackers.

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Public Wifi

Is it Necessary to Use a VPN if I Reside in the Philippines?

Of all the countries in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is among the few places that actively promote online freedom. Despite this, the country’s government still restricts certain services. For example, the Philippine government bans citizens from accessing torrenting sites. So, if you’re a big fan of torrenting, you’ll need a VPN.

There has also been a notable surge in restrictions on many Filipino online news platforms. As a journalist or reporter, ExtremeVPN can help guarantee your freedom of expression without raising suspicions. Ultimately, a VPN is necessary for protecting your data, hiding your online activities, and letting you access an extensive catalog of Filipino movies regardless of where you live.

How to Enjoy Filipino Content On Any Device

Ever wished to access Filipino content on all your gadgets simultaneously? Well, ExtremeVPN can make your wish come true. Our single subscription covers up to 10 devices. That means you can watch popular Filipino TV series like “Mara and Clara” and “Marimar” while on the go and from the comfort of your home.

The best part? You can install ExtremeVPN’s router to protect devices like gaming consoles, Apple TVs, and smart TVs. For ease of use, the VPN has native apps for primary operating systems like iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. Contact our 24/7 dedicated customer support team for any setup assistance.

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Content On Any Device

Can I Access Filipino Content with a Free VPN?

Yes, it’s possible. However, it’s best not to rely on free VPNs. Understandably, you may want to save money with a free VPN service, but many lack the protection and security to surf the Philippine internet. For example, free VPNs have limited servers, slow speeds, no encryption, and limited bandwidth. Many are unsafe and can steal your data or infect your device with malware. These inconveniences make them unreliable for streaming, browsing, torrenting, and gaming. Besides, only a few free services have servers in Manila.

Even if you’re lucky to find one that can assign you a Philippines IP address, there’s every tendency to face busy servers and network lags. With the stress and risks associated with using a free VPN, it’s often ideal to pick a reliable premium VPN for better security and peace of mind.

ExtremeVPN guarantees your privacy and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This way, you can access all our servers in the Philippines without commitments!

Can I Access Filipino Content with a Free VPN

Media Regulations in the Philippines

The Philippines government has a body for regulating media and online communications. Through the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DCIT), the country censors online content that is against its regulations. For example, the Philippines restricts posts related to terrorism, extreme ideologies, or violence.

Remember that the DICT has a sub-committee called the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). While the NTC in the Philippines hardly requires ISPs to censor online content, there have been instances where it has blocked particular websites. In 2022, this sub-committee placed bans on about 25 websites, including some news platforms in the US and Philippines.

Besides, the country’s latest Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 introduced some laws that can affect Filipinos’ online freedom. For these reasons, many Philippine citizens opt for VPNs to ensure online privacy and access the internet freely.

Protect Your Communications

Why ExtremeVPN is the Best Philippines VPN?

ExtremeVPNOther VPN Providers
Number of Servers6,500 servers in 78+ countries2,000 servers in 15 to 55 countries
Simultaneous Connections10 2
Data BandwidthUnlimited10 GB
Compatible DevicesApps for every device and operating systemMobile and desktop apps
Customer Support24/7 phone, email, and live chatEmail
VPN ProtocolOpenVPN, WireGuard, IPSec/IKEv2OpenVPN
Activity LogsAudited no-logs policyLogs users’ activities
Data Encryption256-bit AES encryption128-bit encryption
Network ConnectionsLighting-fast speedsRegular speed

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use ExtremeVPN in the Philippines? Up
Here are the steps to connect to ExtremeVPN in the Philippines: 1. Subscribe to ExtremeVPN. 2. Download and install our app from a dedicated app store. 3. Sign in to the ExtremeVPN app using your credentials. 4. Join a Philippine server. Start enjoying exciting Filipino content.
Are VPNs illegal in the Philippines? Up
No. It’s legal to use a VPN in the Philippines. Simply connect to any ExtremeVPN server in the Philippines to get a Philippine IP address. Doing this allows you to access Filipino content from overseas.
Will a VPN affect my internet speed in the Philippines? Up
Since a VPN encrypts your traffic, it can slow down your internet connection to an extent. However, the speed difference will be unnoticeable with a premium VPN like ExtremeVPN.
What type of encryption does ExtremeVPN use? Up
ExtremeVPN uses 256-bit encryption, the fastest and most secure algorithm in history. This encryption provides robust security for your data as you browse the internet, safeguarding your privacy.
How do I get a Philippine IP address? Up
The fastest way to get a Philippine IP address is by connecting to ExtremeVPN. Once you select a Philippine server, the VPN will assign a new IP address, allowing you to access websites as if you were in the Philippines.
What’s the best Philippine VPN? Up
Look no further than ExtremeVPN. We provide superfast and secure Philippine servers to enjoy bufferless and lag-free streaming. Our outstanding VPN protocols, IP leak protection, a wide range of server locations, including the Philippines, 256-bit AES encryption, strict no-logs policy, kill switch and split tunneling functionality offer complete security while hiding your online activities. Subscribe to ExtremeVPN today and unlock a new level of online freedom!