Get the Best Amazon Luna Gaming VPN

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Get the Best Amazon Luna Gaming VPN

Play Games on Amazon Luna with a VPN – 3 Easy Steps

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Get ExtremeVPN for the best gaming experience.


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Connect to a server where Amazon Luna is accessible.

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Enjoy gaming securely and privately, with fast speeds.

What is Amazon Luna?

Luna is Amazon’s online gaming platform. It lets its users enjoy an extensive collection of games on several devices and web applications from anywhere with high-speed internet access. A DualShock 4 controller, the Amazon Luna Controller, the Xbox One controller, and the Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Controller can all be used to play games on Luna.

Amazon developed and runs the cloud gaming platform known as Amazon Luna. Amazon Web Services (AWS) operates the service, includes a connection with Twitch, and is accessible on Mac, Windows, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, and Android. However, it is only available in specific locations.

What is Amazon Luna?

Where is Amazon Luna Available?

Only subscribers in the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom can access Amazon Luna because it is in early release (beta testing). It became available to users in the US on March 1, 2022. Amazon Luna became available for users in the UK, Canada, and Germany on March 22, 2024.

Where is Amazon Luna Available

Amazon Luna Game Channels

Luna+ and Ubisoft+, two gaming channels on Amazon Luna, are currently available for membership. More channels will be added later. Users have the option of subscribing to one or both channels.

The primary channel, Luna+, offers a trial membership for $5.99 monthly to access about 100 games. With Luna+, you can stream content up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second (with 4K support coming soon) simultaneously on two devices.

Ubisoft+, an exclusive channel, has been added to the Luna service due to the collaboration between Amazon and the game developer. Premium versions of Ubisoft’s games will be available through Ubisoft+, and new games will be available the same day they are launched. This channel provides streaming in up to 1080p full HD/60 fps (with 4K coming soon) and limitless playing time on a single device.

Amazon Luna Game Channel

Twitch for Amazon Luna

Luna makes it convenient to watch Twitch streams directly from the website. You can also start games using the Play on Luna button by connecting your Twitch and Luna accounts. Given that Twitch is also an Amazon product, it is important to see how well the two platforms are integrated. It is quite advantageous for both services.

Twitch for Luna

Can I Use a Free VPN with Amazon Luna?

Online gaming is not advised using free services since they provide different security and privacy than a premium VPN. Many may not perform as promised, some might even sell your information, and most leave your networks open to intrusion.

FeaturesExtremeVPNOther VPN Providers
Server Locations6500+ servers in 78+ countries15 – 55 countries
Data LimitUnlimitedRestricted (mostly 10GB)
Customer Support24/7 Live chat, email, social accountsEmail
Activity LoggingNeverNo promises
Device SupportApps for all devicesMobile and Desktop
Simultaneous ConnectionsUp to 104 – 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ExtremeVPN let me use Amazon Luna for free? Up
Amazon Luna is a paid gaming service. To access it, you must subscribe to it. ExtremeVPN and Amazon Luna are two separate subscriptions to play games safely. Amazon Luna’s subscription will provide access to the games, while ExtremeVPN will enhance your gaming experience by providing a safer cloud gaming environment.
On what devices can I play Amazon Luna games with ExtremeVPN? Up
Subscribers to Amazon Luna can play on Fire TV devices, Mac and PC, and Internet browsers for iOS, Mac, and PC. It is also Compatible with Android 9+ (Android Pie or later) devices.
Will using Amazon Luna and a VPN slow my connection? Up
A minimum internet speed of 10Mbps is advised for streaming games on Luna. VPN services add protection to your online connection, which may cause your internet speeds to decrease. However, ExtremeVPN has a lightning-fast network that is regularly improved. Using a VPN to access Amazon Luna, you can increase your connection speed if your ISP has a history of throttling your online gaming.
How does ExtremeVPN reduce ping? Up
You can reduce latency and overall lag by cutting the distance between your computer and the game servers. When data packets can pass between your device and servers more quickly, there are less observable delays between what you do and what happens in the game, providing you an edge. The connection will typically go more smoothly if made to the ExtremeVPN server close to the game’s server.
How does ExtremeVPN protect against DDoS attacks? Up
By hiding your real IP address, ExtremeVPN can aid you while you play online games. It can help avoid the unfair advantage produced by a DDoS attack, which seeks to impede your online gaming experience by causing latency and disturbances.
What else can I do with ExtremeVPN? Up
No matter whatever gaming platform you select, ExtremeVPN has you covered. Use our software on your router to use ExtremeVPN’s privacy and security features if you play on gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch. Also, ExtremeVPN supports Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. A VPN can assist you in unblocking well-known websites like Google and YouTube in nations with strict censorship. For instance, ExtremeVPN is the fastest and most convenient method to surf the internet discreetly and securely.