Get Premium VPN for Your Nintendo Switch

Did you know you can improve your gaming experience on your Nintendo Switch by connecting to ExtremeVPN? Continue reading this article to discover how to unlock a gaming world of endless possibilities using a VPN.

Here are a few perks that come with ExtremeVPN:

  • Blazing-fast internet speed and stability
  • Easy installation and configuration process
  • Guaranteed 30-day money-back policy
  • Multiple servers enhance the change of virtual location.
VPN for Nintendo Switch

Playing Online Games on Nintendo Switch With a VPN

You enjoy top-notch data security and privacy while playing online games when you connect ExtremeVPN to your Nintendo Switch. ExtremeVPN also shields you from DDoS attacks. A DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack is a malicious attempt in cyberspace to interfere with the regular traffic of a targeted network or server by bombarding the target or a related system with an unusual amount of internet traffic.

Finally, you can reduce the ping times between online gaming servers by connecting to a VPN. ExtremeVPN makes this possible by assigning you to a server near your network hosts.

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Nintendo Switch

How to Connect Your Nintendo Switch to ExtremeVPN

Below are two ways you can configure ExtremeVPN on your Nintendo Switch:

VPN-Enabled Router

You can connect all the devices in your house if you have a VPN-enabled router with ExtremeVPN pre-installed on it. Once you connect all your devices, including your Nintendo Switch, they enjoy the ExtremeVPN premium services.

Device Hotspot

An alternative to a VPN-enabled router is using your device’s hotspot. All you need to do is download ExtremeVPN on your mobile device, custom ROM, or computer and subscribe to a plan. Then you can turn on your mobile hotspot and connect your Nintendo Switch. That’s all you require to access the premium services that ExtremeVPN offers. All the data and traffic that your Nintendo Switch transfers and receives benefit from the VPN encryption services.

You should note that using your mobile device as a router may strip it of the security features of Android devices.

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Connect Your Nintendo Switch

Why You Should Get ExtremeVPN for Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Store in the United States and Canada provides cloud versions of specific games to gamers. Typically, cloud-based games run perfectly on a cloud server instead of a console. Hence, the console does not require strong in-built processing power for remote games to run perfectly. For this reason, even though a Nintendo Switch has substandard hardware in relation to PlayStation, Xbox, and PCs, it can offer a similar gaming experience.

Usually, all you require to enjoy a seamless cloud gaming experience is a reliable and fast connection. However, ExtremeVPN offers advanced services, including optimizing speed, ensuring seamless gameplay, and eliminating lags. In addition, it allows gamers to access content restricted to their physical location. Gamers who use Nintendo Switch do not require a subscription fee, as the gaming services offer the cloud version on a game-by-game basis.

Get ExtremeVPN for Your Nintendo Switch

Download ExtremeVPN for All of Your Devices

Get ExtremeVPN and stay anonymous, secure and protected anywhere, anytime.

ExtremeVPN v/s Others: A Comparison

Most VPNsExtremeVPN
Data Limitation10GBUnlimited
VPN Servers10-50 Countries78+ Countries
Customer SupportEmail24/7 Live Chat
Server Optimized TechnologyPC-BasedTrusted Server
Activity & Data LogsNo GuaranteeStrict No Logs Policy
Simultaneous Connections Support1-510
Device CompatabilityDesktop and PhoneAll Devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use ExtremeVPN on devices simultaneously? Up
Yes, you can. ExtremeVPN is compatible with various devices, including smartphones, computers, consoles, streaming media players, and computers. You can install ExtremeVPN on each device and connect up to five devices to a subscription plan. Or you can install ExtremeVPN to a VPN-enabled router to connect more devices simultaneously.
Does ExtremeVPN keep logs? Up
No! ExtremeVPN is keen on protecting subscribers’ data and online activities. In enforcing this strict privacy policy, ExtremeVPN does not store data or keep records that can trace online activities to a subscriber.
How can ExtremeVPN improve the overall gaming experience? Up
ExtremeVPN offers premium encryption and privacy services like every typical VPN service. However, it goes beyond offering advanced protection against DDoS attacks. The VPN service connects gamers to a location close to network hosts so that gamers can enjoy a seamless gaming experience.
Can you configure ExtremeVPN on the latest gaming devices? Up
Yes, you can. You can connect ExtremeVPN to PlayStation 3, 4, and 5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch. In addition, you can connect other devices in your house to ExtremeVPN using a VPN-enabled router.
Does a VPN for Nintendo Switch Boosts Gaming Speeds? Up
Yes, surely it can. If your ISP is throttling your internet traffic, a VPN can restore your connection by bypassing these restrictions. Sometimes, it improves your connection more than the average gaming speed.