How to Watch Crackle with a VPN

If you have been looking for a TV show or original series and found it on Crackle but cannot access it locally, do not worry. ExtremeVPN helps you to stream your favorite Crackle movies, series or shows in HD quality.

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What is Crackle?

Crackle is an on-demand streaming service by Sony with content in diverse genres ranging from comedy, action, drama, crime, and science fiction, all available for streaming at no cost. As one of the most popular streaming services across the country and a free one, one would think it has no restrictions.

However, Crackle has some geo-restrictions due to licensing regulations. If you live outside the US, it can be challenging to stream anything on Crackle, which is why you need a strong VPN to help you access content on it.

ExtremeVPN can grant you access to over 6,500 servers in 78+ regions worldwide to unblock Crackle and its geo-restrictions, allowing you to stream whenever you want from wherever you are.

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Where is Crackle Available?

Crackle is only available in the US and has limited access to Latin countries. Countries outside these regions require a VPN to access Crackle.

Stream Crackle with ExtremeVPN in 3 Steps

Since you need a VPN to stream Crackle content outside its available region, here are three steps to help you stream Crackle using ExtremeVPN.

Subscribe to ExtremeVPN

If you do not already have an ExtremeVPN account, visit the ExtremeVPN website and create an account by signing up. Then, purchase a subscription plan. This will guarantee you top-level streaming access and service.

Secure a Server Location

Seeing that Crackle is available predominantly in the US, search the servers list on ExtremeVPN for the US server.

Login and Start Streaming

Upon selecting the US server on ExtremeVPN, log in to your Crackle account and stream your favorite shows.

What Can You Watch on Crackle?

If paying for a streaming service isn’t your jam, you’re in luck. Crackle offers a wide variety of movie genres for free. You can watch action, comedy, classics, Sci-fi, documentaries, horror, and romance.

However, due to its only available streaming access in the US and Latin countries, you can only access Crackle using a top-notch VPN like ExtremeVPN. ExtremeVPN has a US server that you can connect to and enjoy streaming whatever you’d like for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Crackle free?
Yes, Crackle is a completely free streaming service. Simply create a Crackle account, and you are good to go. The company generates income from advertisements, and you might experience multiple ads popping up on your device.
Does ExtremeVPN come with a Crackle account?
No, ExtremeVPN does not come with a Crackle account. They are both separate services entirely. However, registration for an ExtremeVPN account is simple, easy, and free and allows you to secure a connection and stream in HD.
What devices can I watch Crackle on?
Crackle is available on multiple and diverse devices. These devices range from: – Smartphones and tablets, including Android and iOS. – Smart TVs and TV box devices, such as Samsung Smart TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, and Roku. – Computers, including Mac, Linux, and Windows. – Game consoles, including PlayStation and Xbox. ExtremeVPN has readily available apps for multiple devices and can connect up to 10 on a single account subscription. But if your device does not support ExtremeVPN, do not worry. You can connect to Crackle using an ExtremeVPN router.
Will using a VPN affect the video quality?
It depends on the VPN provider. Usually, VPNs should not affect video quality, but some VPN providers slow down connection and speed. Nevertheless, with ExtremeVPN, you can be sure of crisp, clear video quality.
What else can I do with ExtremeVPN?
Aside from unblocking geo restrictions and allowing you to stream content, there are other things you can do with ExtremeVPN. It can also encrypt your data and make it invisible to third parties by changing your IP address at a very affordable subscription rate.