The Best VPN for Streaming Anime

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Best VPN for Streaming Anime

ExtremeVPN: Your Gateway to Global Anime Streaming

Recently, anime has become a global phenomenon, captivating minds, and hearts with mixed stories and characters. From epic shows like “Attack on Titan” to heartwarming romances in “Your Lie in April,” the anime world has something for everyone. However, amidst this anime-trending culture, you may find it frustrating when your favorite series or movies are just out of reach due to geo-restrictions.

Thankfully, this comprehensive guide reveals a secret in the world of anime streaming—the power of a VPN. So, be ready to find out how to watch your favorite series much more easily, regardless of location, as we introduce you to ExtremeVPN! First, let’s explore some sites to watch your favorite anime series.

How to Stream Anime with a VPN – 3 Simple Steps

Follow these straightforward steps to watch anime using a VPN:


Sign Up ExtremeVPN

Go to ExtremeVPN’s official website and download the application. Sign up and subscribe to its premium subscription.


Choose a Secure VPN Server Location

After signing up for ExtremeVPN, opt for a secure VPN server location where your preferred service is available. This step ensures your connection stays safeguarded, and you can easily access other region-locked content.

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Watch Your Favorite Anime without Stress on Any Device

With ExtremeVPN set up and a secure VPN server selected, you are set to enjoy your anime shows. ExtremeVPN’s capabilities allow you to enjoy your shows on any streaming service with a compatible device, regardless of location.

Best Sites to Stream Anime Online

Notably, you can stream your favorite anime series on various platforms. However, in this guide, we will set our sights on the following:

Netflix Logo NETFLIX

Netflix is inarguably one of the streaming giants that has reshaped how we consume entertainment. With its expansive library of movies and series, it is a go-to streaming platform for millions worldwide. However, if you are a true anime fan, you know that Netflix is not just about Hollywood blockbusters; it’s a hidden catch for incredible anime content waiting to be explored.


Hulu is another streaming giant known for its vast content library, catering to audiences in Japan and the United States. However, what truly sets Hulu apart is its unique anime collection, where modern meets classic, and English dubs make the experience available to all. From the suspenseful family intelligence in “Spy x Family” to the enduring ninja journey of “Naruto Shippuden,” Hulu has something bound to tickle your fancy.


Like other streaming services, HBO MAX is known for its spectacular array of hit TV series and blockbuster movies. But an exciting twist is that HBO Max doesn’t stop at Hollywood magic; it also has something for anime fans. With notable titles like “Tokyo Revengers,” “Noblesse,” and nearly all the Studio Ghibli films, HBO Max offers you a rich and diverse world of anime.


Crunchyroll is not only a website; it is an anime sanctuary, well-known worldwide for its expansive and diverse collection of over a thousand titles. Crunchyroll is a household name for anime fans where epic sagas come to life. However, it is noteworthy that Crunchyroll’s journey doesn’t end there. Following its acquisition by Sony, it is on the path to becoming the leading one-stop anime hub.

tver TVER

Tver is a free catch-up video-on-demand service based in Japan. Major Japanese broadcasters own it, and it stands as a treasure of Japanese content, including anime. The site’s unique charm lies in what it offers. You can catch up on a wide range of Japanese content, including the latest anime episodes, just a week after they air in Japan. Tver is a paradise for those who crave the newest anime experiences.


VVVVID is an Italy-based video-on-demand streamer making waves in the anime world. If you are looking to enjoy the hottest anime series, think “My Hero Academia,” “Kill La Kill,” and “Tokyo Ghoul,” VVVVID is your best bet. What sets VVVVID apart? Well, it’s not only about the anime—it’s also about accessibility. This service is free, though you may encounter a few ads. Also, most of its anime offerings for Italian-speaking fans come with Italian dubbing.

funimation FUNIMATION

Funimation is another anime streaming platform making waves under the Sony umbrella. The platform is a hub for English-dubbed anime streams, making it a prime destination for those who enjoy their anime in English. What is truly special about Funimation is its rich collection of older anime series that have left a memorable mark on the anime world. Think classics like “Fairy Tail” and “Dragon Ball Z.” An exciting update is that Funimation is on the move! It is set to migrate its offerings to Crunchyroll, creating a powerhouse of anime content.


Let’s hop across Europe, where anime fans have found their haven in Wakanim. With approximately 400 shows in its library, Wakanim caters to a diverse audience, offering dubs in English, French, German, and many more. It is noteworthy that Wakanim is a subsidiary of Funimation. As part of a grand anime migration, its content is set to join the ranks of Crunchyroll in subsequent months. This means even more accessibility to a wealth of anime adventures.


Pronounced “verve,” VRV is an over-the-top platform based in the United States. It caters to a unique audience, offering a curated selection of dubbed and sub-dubbed anime and other content. It is important to note that VRV is also under the Sony umbrella, and its library will merge with Crunchyroll shortly.


This anime-exclusive streaming platform has been turning heads in the anime world. Unlike the giants, HIDIVE has a more modest library, but it’s a hidden gem, carefully curated to offer quality over quantity. What makes HIDIVE stand out even more is its commitment to staying up-to-date. The platform boasts a growing collection of simulcasts so that you can watch the latest episodes immediately after they air. Additionally, HIDIVE offers a unique experience by allowing viewers to switch between censored and uncensored versions of its shows.

Retro crush RETROCRUSH

For classic anime lovers, there is a prize waiting at RetroCrush. This platform, available in the U.S. and Canada, proudly carries the banner of a vintage anime streamer. It is a nostalgic journey dedicated to what is usually called the “Golden Age of anime.” Furthermore, we can call RetroCrush’s library a time machine that transports you back to the origins of anime, featuring iconic series, including the original “AstroBoy” and the timeless adventures of “Lupin The Third.”

tubi TUBI

Last on our list of the top 12 sites to stream anime is Tubi! While Tubi may not specialize in anime, it can deliver quality. Although its anime selection isn’t the widest, it more than compensates with an impressive lineup of iconic shows. Anime lovers can enjoy classics like “Yu-Gi-oh!,” “Bleach,” the mind-blowing “Death Note,” and “Akira” movies. Moreover, Tubi offers these shows completely ad-supported and free to watch.

Whether you are diving into the content-rich libraries of Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, or other services mentioned in this guide, ExtremeVPN ensures your online anime adventure is secure.

No more worries about restrictions at school, the office, or even public Wi-Fi networks. ExtremeVPN is your best bet, bypassing these barriers. Plus, it is your guardian against pesky internet slowdowns that could disrupt your streaming experience.


In the dynamic world of anime streaming, the possibilities are endless. Thankfully, we have provided a universe of options, from Netflix to Tubi. However, the essential component to heighten your anime journey is ExtremeVPN.

With ExtremeVPN as your companion, you won’t only be streaming but also soar past restrictions set by offices, schools, or laggy public Wi-Fi networks. No slowdowns, no boundaries—just pure, uninterrupted anime bliss!

So, regardless of your streaming service, Extreme VPN is your passport to an anime streaming experience without limits. Your next anime binge awaits—sign up for ExtremeVPN and let the streaming begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does using a VPN affect anime streaming speed? Up
Generally, no. Although VPNs can reduce your internet speed, ExtremeVPN, known for its speed, often leaves users without a noticeable slowdown. Sometimes, using a VPN to stream anime can improve your video quality, particularly if your internet provider restricts bandwidth on streaming platforms.
Does using a VPN to stream anime pose any legal risk? Up
No! You must note that VPNs are legalized globally and serve various online purposes, including safeguarding your privacy. Furthermore, VPNs are handy for bypassing restrictions imposed by internet providers or local networks. However, some streaming services may have their policies regarding VPN usage, so it is wise to review their terms of service. Also, like most reputable VPN services, ExtremeVPN is not designed to circumvent copyright laws.
What additional benefits come with using ExtremeVPN? Up
It is worth mentioning that the benefits of ExtremeVPN extend far beyond secure browsing. With ExtremeVPN, you can encrypt your network for enhanced privacy, access geo-restricted content, and even discover better deals when shopping online.