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Best Game Streaming Sites and Platforms for 2024

Last updated: April 18, 2024 27 min read
Best Game Streaming Sites and Platforms for 2024

Are you trying to find the greatest game streaming service out there right now? You’re in the proper location. The top 16 game streaming websites and apps are included in this article to help you become a better player and connect with other players around the globe. You can discover your best in live gaming with our selection of the top streaming services.

Everybody loves games, and if we say all of us have played games once in our lives, it wouldn’t be wrong. No doubt, technology has invaded every sphere of the gaming sector, and one of them is why games have advanced so much today. While some people like to play games, others like watching them. You will find many pro players worldwide that do live streaming of their gameplay. Hence, game streaming sites and platforms have become popular among gamers due to their need for more realistic gaming experiences.


Finding the best game streaming sites would be difficult, right? Don’t worry! We have done all the hard work, so you don’t have to. This article analyzes this age’s best game streaming sites and provides a list by comparing their unique characteristics. Let us explore those wonderful websites that changed the entertainment concept when playing video games, whether you are an experienced person seeking new thrills or just want to see what is beyond the horizons.

16 Best Video Game Streaming Sites – Quick List

16 Best Video Game Streaming Sites
  1. YouTube Gaming: It is the hot spot for exciting live gaming and vibrant community communication.
  2. DLive: It is one of the first streaming pioneers whose decentralized platforms empower content-sharing for creators without intermediaries.
  3. AfreecaTV: South Korea’s vibrant streaming platform that promotes social communities with diversity in content.
  4. Caffeine: It resets social streaming by producing communal broadcasting occasions, plus turning friends into fans.
  5. Mobcrush: It is the premier showground of mobile gaming enthusiasts, comprising players and fans of all genres.
  6. Uscreen: It simplifies video monetization providing a great opportunity for content producers to earn on their own stream.
  7. Twitter Live: Twitter Live involves on-the-moment tweeting of gaming, fostering dynamic and involving experiences.
  8. Reddit Live: Reddit’s live gaming experience is empowered by collective intelligence and community-generated stories.
  9. HLTV: It is a comprehensive source of information about esports statistics, news, and intelligence on competitive gaming.
  10. Twitch: The ultimate hub for live streaming, binding together the world’s communities and delivering thrilling game sequences worldwide.
  11. Facebook Gaming: Effortlessly integrating social networking and gaming in building bonds and fun on the Facebook networks.
  12. Bigo Live: A global platform where everything is live, bringing together creators and audiences worldwide.
  13. GosuGamers: An online community catering to avid gamers passionate about esports.
  14. Owncast: A free-for-all solution that enables artists to turn their dreams of performing and sharing into a reality.
  15. TikTok Live: A short snap of fun creates an engaging live-streaming experience. This is a gaming platform where gamers build a community of fans and communicate with them.
  16. Wowza: By providing powerful and innovative solutions, Wowza helps creative streamers take their experience to a new level.

16 Best Video Game Streaming Sites – Detailed List

What is a Good Internet Speed for Gaming

1. YouTube Gaming

Youtube Gaming
Our Rating


Worldwide popularity

Tough competiton

Key Features

  • Access to various gaming content from diverse creators
  • Seamless integration for live streaming, allowing real-time interaction with audiences
  • Various avenues for creators to earn revenue, including ads, channel memberships, and Super Chat
  • Direct connection to the broader YouTube platform, enhancing discoverability

We all know the stats concerning YouTube. Many streamers make the YouTube gaming platform featured in the biggest online search engine globally. Today, gaming has become a huge phenomenon on YouTube. The platform became the biggest place for online videos when the generation of children who grew up with technology and gaming entered the video-making industry.

YouTube gaming

People love YouTube Gaming since it allows streamers to have several streaming tools, making streaming game videos quite simple. It is a user-friendly streaming platform. Simply said, it’s much like the regular YouTube.

YouTube Gaming is one of the wide variety of YouTube’s sections. Therefore, it employs affiliate schemes and adverts just like YouTube. It is an excellent choice for every person with limited followers. The platform also offers donations.

Diverse monetization optionsDiscoverability challenges
Integration with YouTube

2. DLive

Our Rating


Diverse earning opportunities

Smaller audience

Key Features

  • DLive utilizes blockchain technology for transparent and decentralized content sharing
  • Creators can explore distinctive monetization options through cryptocurrency rewards
  • DLive operates on a decentralized network, reducing the influence of a central authority

The company DLive started in 2017 and is a popular streaming platform for playing live games. BitTorrent purchased DLive in 2019. The platform greatly respects content creation, and the creators can receive much of it. The streamers get all the money made up of all the generated revenue. It makes the user interface easy, making it one of the best options for starters in gaming streaming. Moreover, it boasts a huge audience base.


Monetizing the platform, however, needs more transparency. Nevertheless, the platform recently received much publicity, showing its efficient earnings framework.

Decentralized platformBlockchain learning curve
Interactive communityNiche content variety
Monetization complexity

3. AfreecaTV

Our Rating


Interactive groups

Language barrier

Key Features

  • Providing content and community diversity of interactive views
  • It offers a channel that accommodates the different tastes in the streaming field of South Korea
  • Afreecatv is a gaming streaming service that provides other genres like entertainment and lifestyle
  • It has real-time conversations with the broadcasters through live chats

The name Afreeca or AfreecaTV means “Anybody can Freely Broadcast TV.” It is a Korean-based streaming platform. The first stage comprised only of rebroadcasting of television channels via a website. However, today, the platform offers various categories of broadcasts. It allows you to upload new videos, chat with your fans, and stream gameplay at no additional cost. It is why it got so popular with its vast pool of users, as mobile gamers often find this a good place for live-streaming their games. AfreecaTV is now a sponsor of the eSports League of Legends team. One of the remarkable things about this live-streaming website is that it uses desktop and mobile devices.


Live streamers on AfreecaTV can unusually earn money. Also called the “star balloon”, it denotes an electronic currency that the viewers award the broadcasters as a present. In addition, during streaming, the viewers purchase and send star balloons using actual money. They come in various shapes and sizes, some being sellable, such as the star-shaped ones, often exchanged for cash.

However, there is a catch. The earnings are usually deducted by about thirty to forty percent and go directly to a free TV. Besides, fewer streamers could get the star for sure. The other method revolves around sponsored shows. Live streamers have become a lucrative platform for companies and brands to ask for appearances, endorsements, and money. The company also removes a portion of its revenues.

Variety in contentRestricted discoverability
Korean streaming centerThe Korean market is competitive
Worldwide reachPlatform intricacy

4. Caffeine

Our Rating


Social broadcasting

Limited advanced features

Key Features

  • Turns friends into audiences by emphasizing shared experiences
  • Because of its straightforward design, creators and viewers can use it
  • Facilitates instantaneous interaction between content producers and other viewers
  • Supports various content types, such as talk shows, entertainment, and games
  • Caffeine is a simple tool that gives producers many options to improve their broadcasts

Caffeine has a capture card designed for the PC, but you could also put it into other applications, including OBS. Using OBS, you can play whichever game you have installed on your PC or console and upload the same video on Caffeine. The most important feature of this live-streaming website is that it gives you a chance to receive live updates, engage in streaming with fellow streamers, and communicate with your target audience. However, one cannot create clips, save footage, or view streams again.


Caffeine is a superb alternative for all fledgling gamers who stream their activities. It is enough to click one button to broadcast everything your webcam catches. Besides, you may create a small photograph for a thumbnail. It does not provide mobile live streaming. Mobile users can view and talk to streamers in real time.

This live-streaming platform comes with normal rewards such as stickers. These are stickers the audience buys with gold currency. Caffeine is a platform that has a partner program for the favourite channel, which comes with exclusive privileges such as accessing other partners, among many others. If you are a Caster program member, you can print stickers out of your followers. You make your stickers, which, after having generated $200, get cashed in real currency.

User-friendly interfaceDiscoverability challenges
Real-time interactionSmaller user base
Varied content supportLimited monetization options

5. Mobcrush

Our Rating


Mobile gaming showcase

High competition

Key Features

  • Premier platform for showcasing and streaming mobile gaming content
  • Focused on building a vibrant community around mobile gaming enthusiasts
  • Facilitates streaming across various mobile gaming platforms seamlessly
  • Offers tools and features tailored to the unique aspects of mobile gaming content
  • Appeals to a global audience interested in the growing mobile gaming landscape

Mobcrush is among the platforms you must use if you are interested in mobile broadcasting. Increasingly popular today, this platform has become common with mobile broadcasting. It allows you to consolidate your appearance on several facilities through only an app. It’s also easy to configure. However, users must download other third-party software, such as XSplitor OBS, when creating an account. Mobcrush will stream it for you onto places such as YouTube or Twitch and many more.


Mobcrush can only be accessed through phone or desktop platforms. You cannot use it on a set-top box or through a game console device. It has a relatively smooth UI, which records the screen in slight differences. This version is what one can expect; it works like Facebook Gaming. With multiple viewers, you interact with ease.

A streamer gains nothing from the fame that comes with an accompanying huge audience if this does not bring in profits. Mobcrush lets users receive money through Go Live Get Paid. Besides that, you earn approximately $2,500 per hour as a streamer approved for sponsorship broadcast. Also, you can earn cash through fans’ contributions or foster an existing fandom.

Interactive communityDiscoverability challenges
Cross-platform broadcastingInterface complexity
Creator support

6. Uscreen

Our Rating


Affordable prices

No commercials to monetize the video

Key Features

  • Create a preview video
  • Basic tracking of viewers
  • Variety of promotional tools

Uscreen provides on-demand videos that help them sell their own movies by avoiding the hosting process and easily creating subscriptions and other channels. Established in 2015, the firm hosts over a million videos and about five thousand paying clients.


Businesses can start a profitable video-on-demand startup with Uscreen by offering one-off pay plans or subscriptions. Any device used for viewing media on Uscreen can be done anywhere with SVOD, such as Netflix being able to stream on demand.

It provides subscription management, carries out payments, hosts videos, and is a website builder. Their target audience may benefit from virtual courses, video lectures, expert-led training sessions, etc.

24/7 customer serviceLack of support for onlookers

7. Twitter Live

Twitter Live
Our Rating


Real-time interaction

Potential content overload

Key Features

  • Integration of live gaming content within the Twitter platform for real-time updates
  • Allows creators to engage with their audience directly through tweet-style interactions
  • It leverages Twitter’s existing user base for increased visibility and discoverability
  • Followers receive immediate updates on live gaming content through the Twitter feed
  • Gaming content seamlessly blends with the broader Twitter conversation

The best-known company, Twitter, is one of the largest social networks. With only a single click, live streamers can increase their audience base by utilizing Twitter Live. It is convenient with no unnecessary setup. You only need to switch on your phone, walk about, and start. Therefore, anybody is permitted to stream live on Twitter. You can also use an encoder for streaming your gaming from many providers. Unlike in Twitter Live, you should not use a specific hashtag or tab when watching live videos on this platform.

Twitter Live

Instead, you must ask all your fans and followers to enable notifications about your activities and advertise the live stream beforehand. However, the best thing about this platform is that the video will automatically be saved to the platform to share with other viewers. You will also get video analytics while watching and within the streaming process.

Like other popular media, Twitter is a free platform and will not require you to pay any charges. Selling and advertising are possible here. Your streaming material will be viable to the monetization program of the platform, and then you will be able to monetize it.

DiscoverabilityVaried content quality
Short-form live contentLimited gaming focus

8. Reddit Live

Reddit Live
Our Rating


Community-driven experience

Limited to the Reddit community

Key Features

  • It puts the Reddit community at the forefront, fostering engagement
  • Live content is shaped by the community, creating unique and dynamic experiences
  • Leverages the established Reddit platform, tapping into its massive user base
  • Content gains visibility within relevant Reddit communities, expanding its reach
  • Content is not limited to gaming; it encompasses various interests

Most users believe in and appreciate Reddit. It has a higher net promoter score than all other social networks. This particular community emphasizes that this space needs to be where you may establish substantial connections with every viewer in an appropriate way. In contrast to other live streaming platforms, Reddit Live will restrict when you can go live. They can be some specific sites and moments. Every Wednesday between one in the morning and five in the evening. PT. There may also be other restricted spaces to make use of while broadcasting.

Reddit Live

To get started, you must be a Reddit user with at least two weeks of membership and more than 100 comments karma. When you finally go offline, ensure your audience can view the uploaded file again by saving it on the platform. Streaming can last for just about three hours. Using viewer’s rewards, you may also extend the time limit.

It is a free live stream on Reddit without any extra charge. However, to stream live, one should earn comment Karmas is necessary. Awards from viewers are possible for streaming. You may exchange real money for them after they have been bought using Reddit coins.

Interactive storytellingLimited discoverability outside Reddit
Reddit integrationPotential content quality variations
Diverse content sourcesNiche appeal


Our Rating


Esports observations

Concentrate mostly on esports

Key Features

  • Detailed reporting with many facts and viewpoints on the esports sector
  • Establishes as a meeting place or central point of discussion for the international esports community
  • Keeps users aware of tournament schedules, live esports events, and results
  • It provides detailed team and player profiles, thus ensuring that fans are engaged
  • Provides the latest esports news, rankings, and match details

Esports fans need no introduction to the popular streaming site HLTV. This website provides detailed information about competitive gaming, particularly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). There is also plenty of information about tournaments with listings of scheduled matches, live scoring, stats recording, and relevant news. Watching live professional CS: Worldwide Go matches is a great platform. It gives current eSports updates to people who are interested in it.


However, people cannot upload or stream their gaming content on hltv.org. Though live games are not provided here, this site is good for esports lovers. It is constantly credible and informative for many people who go there to learn more about esports. In addition, you can discuss various gaming issues with other players through the forums on the website. Be sure to make your way there to remain informed on issues in the gaming sector.

Hub for the communityRestricted selection of games
Coverage of Live eventsSpecialized audience
Team and player profilesReliance on news about esports

10. Twitch

Our Rating


Powerful live broadcaster

Fierce rivalry

Key Features

  • The largest and most popular gaming and live-streaming platform
  • Twitch offers video game content in addition to music, artwork, talk shows, and other media
  • Builds passionate communities for a variety of games and pastimes
  • It offers creators a range of income options, such as bits and subscriptions
  • Provides free memberships and extra perks to Amazon Prime subscribers

Twitch is a US video streaming service that offers music, original content, and “in real life” streams. Still, its primary focus is streaming live games, including coverage of esports competitions. Twitch Interactive, a division of Amazon.com, Inc., runs Twitch. Launched as an extension of the general-interest streaming service Justin.tv, it debuted in June 2011.


It is also possible to watch the videos on any device. One of this site’s greatest attributes is the vast number of users. It is linked to the enormous e-commerce platform Amazon. Consequently, free money is being given to Amazon Prime members who want to help any Twitch streamers. We now concentrate on a few features that make Twitch unique.

After fulfilling certain requirements, Twitch lets you monetize your streams with advertisements. Among them are seven separate streams, 500 minutes of monthly stream, or at least fifty followers.

Variety in contentDiscoverability problems
Activating teamsAlgorithm changes
Prospective IncomeOverexposure to the available channels

11. Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming
Our Rating


Smooth Facebook integration

Privacy issues

Key Features

  • Facebook’s social networking platform can easily be expanded to include gaming
  • Because Facebook has so many users, it provides access to a large audience
  • Places strongly emphasize social interactions, such as Facebook groups and streaming with friends
  • Provides ad income, partner programs, and fan support as sources of income
  • Enables simultaneous streaming across multiple platforms, not just Facebook Gaming

Just like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming enables users to create and view games on the web and in Facebook’s main application. Facebook Gaming is the right place to begin if your target market comprises gamers looking to create and grow significant social media followers virtually. One can display talent in gaming through Facebook gaming, gain fans on Facebook, and increase followers on other social media platforms.

Facebook Gaming

The Facebook game’s user interface is likewise basic. Its setup is very simple, and it also offers live streaming. One advantage of starting a live gaming stream is that viewers already on your friend’s list will watch it. You can even use it to schedule a broadcast to pique viewers’ interest. Second, a social network is what Facebook is as well. Your chances of being noticed will be higher in this situation.

One can easily make cash from operating a page on Facebook Gaming. There are three major modes of earning through it: stars, donations, and monthly fan support. More revenue streams will start as you progress in live streaming on this channel.

Large audienceChanges in algorithms
Cross-platform streamingProblems with monetization

12. Bigo Live

Bigo Live
Our Rating


Global live streaming

Varying content quality

Key Features

  • Live content from different parts of the world directly to various creative communities
  • Includes a host of live content ranging from gaming to entertainment
  • The ability to monetize them via virtual gifts is an opportunity generator in its own right
  • Allowing creators to engage with their audience directly

Bigo Live gives quality game stream content to the audience. One of the key advantages of Bigo Live is that it is not tied to any single locality. In addition, you can stream directly to your desktop and mobile. However, apart from the standard live-streaming technologies, the platform utilizes Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Such new technologies will assist you in giving many advantages to your audience.

Bigo Live

But since streaming is age-restricted to 18 and above, the audience must also be at least 18. It will let you be creative, sharpen your skills, and give your supporters something worth watching. Users can do it by competing with other streamers within the platform. By winning a competition, one can also get intoxicated beans, which they can use to earn real money. This streaming platform offers competitive events that will assist in analyzing your performance and improving it further.

You can get cash back for your virtual presents from Bigo Live. Once you are popular on the platform, you will be showered with virtual presents by your fans. Just put them up, and they’ll turn up as beans. As you gain more popularity, you can bag more beans. In turn, you can cash them in any currency store you wish. At the current market rate, one dollar equals 210 beans.

Diverse live contentDiscoverability challenges
Virtual gifts and rewardsMonetization complexities

13. GosuGamers

Our Rating


Hub for the esports community

Limited variety beyond esports

Key Features

  • It is a central platform serving the esports fan base
  • Provides in-depth reporting on different esports games, competitions, and competitors
  • Encourages communication through user-generated content, forums, and conversations
  • Offers insights, data, and analysis into the dynamic world of esports
  • Notifies users of upcoming esports competitions, events, and schedules

For all gamers, GosuGamers comes in handy and is one of the best websites ever created regarding Esports. This is where you will get detailed information about Esports worldwide. Interestingly, viewers will know the scheduled matches and live streaming. Viewers can also purchase Esports merchandise on this portal as well.


Some familiar games covered here are PUBG, Dota 2, Hearthstone, CS: GO, and many others. A website like GosuGamer is mainly meant for live tournament streams. Therefore, its specific “tournament” is the filtering tool for streamers. Moreover, viewers can search the items according to their wishes. Replays are useful because they allow the audience to see previous streams conveniently. Their quality is quite good; thus, viewers will not have to sacrifice anything.

There is little information or news about monetizing a live stream on this platform. The generated revenue is substantial, given that it concerns Esports in this case.

Optimal protectionNiche audience
Participation in the communityContent focus on competitive gaming
Esports observationsPlatform competition

14. Owncast

Our Rating


Open-source streaming

A small community 

Key Features

  • Producers can use customized open-source techniques
  • It gives the highest flexibility and customization, allowing creators to tailor how their work appears and is played out
  • Developing an enabling environment for free broadcasting

OwnCast is an open-source and non-proprietary live-streaming solution. No “central corporate body” provides for game and subscription services or even splits advertisement revenue with the streamers. It looks like building a website. Your web-broadcasting channel should be based on your hosting platform. Your web broadcasting channel should be based on self-hosting.


You can also generate a short domain name that points users to the same page. It has a high-quality user manual. The resolution and frame rate can also be fine-tuned on this stream. This video streaming platform allows its users to make money only via simple means.

Options for customizationComplex interface
Community help

15. TikTok Live

TikTok Live
Our Rating


Easy content discoverability

Restricted to small videos

Key Features

  • To keep your audience engaged, you can use picture-in-picture mode
  • To go live together, invite people to join you on your livestream
  • Q&A sessions where viewers can ask you questions

TikTok has a live stream feature that enables streamers to communicate with their audiences. To hustlers, there are virtual gifts that you receive questions or comments on, and you can get real cash. One may reasonably argue that TikTok LIVE rivals a popular and established live streaming app – Instagram Live or Twitter Live.

TikTok Live

To begin with monetization, one must have a minimum of 1000 TikTok followers. Yes, the option allows a person at least 16 years old to start with the TikTok live-streaming process. If you are over 18 years old, you can redeem more Tiktok LIVE gifts.

For example, even though you have over one thousand subscribers, you fail to stream TikTok LIVE using the latest app update in your region. You then contact the TikTok support employees, who will assist you.

Customization option in live broadcastsNot for every creator
Keyword filters

16. Wowza

Our Rating


Streaming software solutions on offer

Requires technical expertise

Key Features

  • Strong and customized solutions for live streaming that can fulfill all types of needs
  • This firm is technically competent and produces good streaming experiences
  • It caters to other industries besides gaming, such as broadcasting, education, etc
  • It includes full user and developer documentation and support

Wowza is one of the best options if you want to go for a trustworthy streaming choice. This platform is for on-demand and live streaming. Besides, you are free to stream as much as you want. Additionally, you can use it on any device. Wowza has many great tools and awesome features that will facilitate easy live streaming for you.


Wowaz is not an online platform where viewers find live streaming; it helps host live streams. The same will be embedded almost everywhere, like on social media and websites. Wowza lets its users monetize their Live streams. Brands and companies can assist you with generating income from such a platform.

Support and documentationNot beginner-friendly

Quick Comparison of the Best Video Game Streaming Sites

Best Game Streaming Sites and Platforms for 2024
PlatformBest forProsCons
YouTube GamingDiverse gaming contentMassive user base, extensive content libraryHigh competition, discoverability challenges
DliveBlockchain streamingDecentralized, unique earning opportunitiesSmaller audience compared to mainstream platforms
AfreecaTVKorean streaming hubDiverse content, interactive communitiesLanguage barrier for non-Korean viewers
CaffeineSocial broadcastingTurn friends into audiences, shared experiencesLess advanced features compared to competitors
MobcrushMobile gaming showcasePremier platform for mobile gaming enthusiastsLimited reach beyond the mobile gaming community
UscreenVideo monetizationOTT, create your online TV and stream videosA monthly payment is required to use the service
Twitter LiveLive gaming tweetsIntegration with Twitter, real-time interactionLimited to 280 characters per tweet
Reddit LiveCommunity-driven gamingInteractive storytelling, Reddit community involvementLimited discoverability outside Reddit
HLTVEsports news and moreComprehensive esports insights and statisticsFocus primarily on esports, little gaming variety
TwitchLivestreaming powerhouseLargest gaming community with diverse contentHigh competition, discoverability challenges
Facebook GamingSocial network gamingSeamless integration with Facebook, broad audiencePrivacy concerns, algorithm changes impacting reach
Bigo LiveWorldwide live broadcastingWorldwide distribution and a variety of live contentDiverse content quality levels and discoverability issues
GosuGamersCommunity hub for EsportsDevoted esports community, thorough reportingThere is little diversity outside of esports
OwncastTransmission via open-sourceCustomization and adaptability of open-sourceAt first, a more demanding educational setting
TikTok LiveLive short-form entertainmentShort but engrossing live performancesIt is especially ideal for content producers who exclusively work with short-form content
WowzaSoftware solutions for streamingRobust and flexible streaming optionsTechnical expertise required; not appropriate for novices

Which Game Streaming Platform to Choose?

Pick the Time and Place to Watch the Games

Undoubtedly, live streaming is among the most engaging ways of presenting its viewers with an exciting point of view. Nevertheless, consider certain concerns before settling for a game streaming service. Consider some points that will help you select a high-quality gaming streaming website.

  • Features: Check if the streaming site has all the tools and features you need before investing. You should also visit the developer’s website, carefully check on the specified features, and then come up with a decision.
  • Usability: It would be imperative for you to make sure you choose a straightforward platform. It should be based on your experience. Numerous platforms may prove tempting but have different features. Nevertheless, such systems can be tough to work with. Therefore, the ideal option would be to choose a free streaming service or one with a free trial period to try it.
  • Support: One can incur many unexpected problems while streaming live. Hence, you will need an adequate support system to ensure you are supported in every way possible.
  • Monetization: You should find a platform ready to pay you well for your content. Furthermore, determine if the platform cuts on the part of your revenues. It is essential for live streaming.
  • Supported Games: You cannot stream every game on all the platforms. Make sure you look at the supported games before selecting any specific game.
  • Resolution: Ensure the streaming is clear or HD quality only. Your viewers will find it boring if you choose low-resolution gaming content.
  • Interaction: Some streaming platforms do not allow audience engagement. Nevertheless, it is an enormous disadvantage since live streaming aims to build a link between the public. Consider a platform that enables the audiences’ interactions.
  • User Reviews: Before starting streaming, verifying the ratings and reviews of the specific platform is always a great idea. That enables you to easily locate any problem, issue, or bug that can affect you in the future.

Why Use a VPN for Streaming Games?


One of the key reasons for using a VPN while playing games online is to decide which server you want to use. VPN has many advantages; one is how it can affect your pings, which is more commonly known as latency. Ping indicates if you can easily access game servers. A faster ping will give you an edge as you can react faster than anyone participating in Overwatch, Valorant, League of Legends, or any other game with online battles.


ExtremeVPN has proven to be superior to all the best VPNs for gaming. When searching for a high gaming server or unlimited bandwidth, ExtremeVPN is the only place you should visit. It has over 6,500 servers in around 78 countries. You can switch to different VPN servers to eliminate lag and lower ping. While gaming, ExtremeVPN ensures that you prevent DDoS attacks by encrypting your connection. Its OpenVPN protocol is the best for gaming as it performs best.

One may ask, how can a person get assistance if they want to engage in gaming through ExtremeVPN? The answer is simple. ExtremeVPN guarantees a secure link and great online speed, eradicating lags with increased stability. It allows 10 simultaneous connections to play with friends or participate in many player games easily. Furthermore, it aids in hiding your footprint on the internet by masking it with AES-256 encryption. For instance, it will be helpful when one wishes to maintain anonymity or conceal the games that they are playing. You can also use a public wifi network with ExtremeVPN without worrying about third parties. Get started with ExtremeVPN today!


Different games, various gaming styles, and new streaming tastes quickly entered the Gaming industry. The reason for its success is that Twitch provides an immersive experience. YouTube creeps in quietly with its plug-and-play plug-in match, while others like Facebook and Mixer also chip in with useful additions. Currently, gamers do not have any limits as they can demonstrate their abilities and interact with players all around the globe. You will find various games that meet your taste; read this article carefully. Finally, choosing involves your preference for a community feel, unique needs, or earning money.


What happened with Mixer? Up
In light of its low market share and incapacity to grow in contrast to rival services, Microsoft declared on June 22, 2020, that Mixer would cease operations on July 22, 2020, as a condition of working together with Facebook, Inc.
What happened with Azubu? Up
Azubu announced in January 2017 that they could no longer play League of Legends because the streaming rights had increased in price by $2 million. Azubu declared they had bought a new eSports platform in the same month and were developing it.
What happened with Smashcast? Up
News, games, shows, and eSports could all be streamed live by Smashcast, an independent eSports broadcaster. It had more than 10 million users when it launched in 2013. Azubu, an eSports video streaming service, acquired Smashcast after Hitbox ran out of money due to declining users. A Reddit user claims that after users began to leave the website, it died naturally and that the owners made no attempt to advertise or bring it back.
Is Twitch or Facebook Gaming better? Up
By the end of 2021, over 24 Billion hours had been watched on Twitch, and 5.3 billion hours had been watched on Facebook Gaming by users. However, you can’t discount YouTube Gaming’s accomplishments. In 2021, the platform had 1.13 billion hours watched, or nearly 14% of the market.

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