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How to Change Netflix Region and Unlock Exclusive Content Worldwide

Last updated: April 21, 2024 14 min read
How to Change Netflix Region and Unlock Exclusive Netflix Content Worldwide

Have you ever noticed that Netflix content and its subscription prices differ based on your location? It’s a fact – each country has its own Netflix library and pricing. Unfortunately, you might miss out on your favorite shows and movies while traveling abroad. The good news is we’ve brought a perfect solution for you — ExtremeVPN. Read this article to learn how to use ExtremeVPN to switch your Netflix region and enjoy your preferred content from wherever you are.

Why to Switch Your Netflix Location?

Netflix stands out as the leading and most widely embraced streaming service, boasting a user base exceeding 230 million subscribers across 190 countries. A few countries with oppressive governments like Russia, China, Syria, and North Korea, though, do not allow its streaming inside their territories. No matter what country you live in or wherever you are traveling, you’ll find Netflix everywhere. So, why consider switching your Netflix region? The answer lies in the fact that the availability of Netflix content is contingent upon your geo-location.


This is because of the necessity for Netflix to uphold various agreements with each country and studio. Geographic restrictions take place to meet such content distribution rights to specific locations. Frequently, titles are owned by multiple studios, resulting in scenarios where a show or movie is available on Netflix in one country but on a different service elsewhere.

For instance, various superhit series like Rick and Morty or The Office US are accessible via Netflix in many countries globally but absent in the US. These shows are broadcast in the US under the Peacock and HBO Max banners, respectively. On the contrary, exclusive shows like Call the Midwife and Stargate SG-1 are only available to US audiences on Netflix.

Thus, changing your Netflix region can be an apt solution for accessing restricted content in a country where your favorite shows or movies are inaccessible. Having said that, it takes a lot of work. 

Why Changing Your Netflix Country Poses Challenges?


Netflix determines your physical location through your IP address, which is a unique set of numbers that provides information about your network and internet provider. If you attempt to access particular content in a country where it’s restricted, Netflix may deny you access.

This is where a VPN comes to your rescue. A VPN disguises your IP by assigning you a remote server’s IP and encrypts your traffic. This way, all of your internet browsing becomes undetectable by third parties. Consequently, websites and services can’t identify your location; they only see a request originating from a server of your chosen country. 

ExtremeVPN, however, doesn’t encourage copyright circumvention and is neither sponsored nor endorsed by Netflix in any manner. Check its Terms of Service and Netflix’s Terms of Use for more information.

However, not all VPNs are equally effective with Netflix. Learn how to select the right service for your specific requirements.

Factors to Consider While Selecting a VPN for Seamless Netflix Access


As bundles of VPN options are available on the web, choose wisely. A reliable VPN is responsible for your online security and privacy, as well as the quality and speed of connection. Hence, the following factors are worth your attention when searching for a VPN: 

  • Efficiency: A reliable VPN facilitates seamless access to your favorite content without system failures or interruptions. Remember, a few VPN services do not work well with Netflix. So always opt for their trial offers before deciding on a particular VPN service to see if it allows you to navigate regions on Netflix. ExtremeVPN works with all streaming platforms and helps you to access content from any platform worldwide.
  • Hi-speed connection: A top-notch VPN like ExtremeVPN provides a seamless browsing experience without undermining your connection and can help you while enjoying your leisure time on Netflix. It also enables you to counter ISP throttling to elevate your network’s performance and enhance streaming quality. 
  • Impenetrable encryption: A reliable VPN employs strong encryption protocols like AES-256 Encryption, among several others, to provide its consumers with complete protection and privacy over the web. 
  • No-logs policy: Fake VPN services thrive on selling your personal data and online preferences to interested parties without your knowledge. So, always make sure that you select a VPN provider that openly pledges never to record its client’s history. ExtremeVPN implements a strict no-logs policy that ensures your information isn’t recorded or shared with anyone.
  • Compatibility: Lastly, before subscribing to a VPN, ensure that it offers a compatible app for all your devices. With ExtremeVPN, you can simultaneously enjoy its exciting features across 10 devices via its user-friendly multi-device compatible app.

Now, let’s find out how you can switch regions on Netflix using a VPN. 

How to Change Region on Netflix Using a VPN

  1. Log in to your Netflix account or sign up.
  2. Download and set up ExtremeVPN on your device.
  3. Enter your ExtremeVPN credentials.
  4. Select the country you want to watch exclusive content from and hit on any of its servers.
  5. Visit Netflix, and you’ll see that your library is according to your selected VPN server.

How Do You Resolve VPN Issues If They Don’t Work?


While using a VPN to stream is legal worldwide, the platform you’re using it on might attempt to identify and restrict users employing it. Nevertheless, a robust VPN service like ExtremeVPN can resolve this issue. Here are the most efficient measures to enjoy unrestricted streaming on Netflix.

  1. Switch between VPN Servers: Netflix might have detected and blocked a few of the VPN servers on its platforms. Switch your VPN server to see if the issue persists. 
  2. Clear your browsing history: Your browser’s cache, history, and cookies may still contain records of your previous online presence. Delete them through your browser’s settings page and see if the issue is resolved. 
  3. Change your VPN protocol: VPN protocols facilitate stable connection and protect your encrypted data during the transmission. If Netflix is inaccessible by using a default protocol, switch to the other protocols, like WireGaurd, IKEv2/IPsec, or OpenVPN, through your VPN settings.  

Is it Possible to Change Netflix Region Using a Free VPN?

Free VPN

Even though it might be tempting to opt for a free VPN for Netflix due to its free and easy availability, we strongly advise against it for various reasons. Enabling seamless access to Netflix demands substantial effort from a VPN provider. Free services lack the profitability to sustain such efforts consistently. Even if a free VPN might initially grant you access to another country’s Netflix catalog, attempting to watch your desired content may result in encountering the common proxy error. To generate revenue, free VPN providers often indulge in questionable methods such as recording users’ sessions to sell to interested parties, injecting intrusive ads, or even viruses.

Furthermore, these free VPNs or proxies typically offer users a limited option of servers, reducing the likelihood of accessing your desired Netflix library. Even if you get in, users often experience frustration due to slow connection speeds and potential server overcrowding. Free VPNs also impose bandwidth limitations, making accessing HD content while streaming challenging. Want to eliminate such issues while you stream on Netflix? Get a reliable VPN service provider like ExtremeVPN. 

ExtremeVPN relieves you from such practical concerns and focuses completely on its users’ privacy and security. It ensures that no one, not even your ISP can locate your history, and you get a safe browsing experience on the web within an affordable budget.

Understanding the Variations in Netflix Content Across Countries

As previously mentioned, the size of Netflix libraries and subscription costs vary globally. Let’s begin by examining the countries that currently boast the most extensive collections of movies.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that the number of available Netflix shows and pricing offers may change over time.

Here are the top 10 countries with the largest Netflix libraries as of March 2023, according to Statista:

Countries with most content available on Netflix

Interestingly, the list does not include Netflix US and several other regions that are traditionally associated with comprehensive access to popular streaming platforms, such as Canada, Japan, and South Korea. Let’s delve into the specific count of movies and shows available in countries with the most extensive Netflix content for a more detailed understanding.

CountryTotal library sizeNumber of showsNumber of movies
🇪🇪 Estonia8,0712,3035,768
🇮🇸 Iceland8,0122,2815,731
🇸🇰 Slovakia8,4272,3046,123
🇱🇻 Latvia8,0922,2995,793
🇷🇴 Romania7,7481,8345,914
🇬🇧 The UK7,4822,4195,063
🇱🇹 Lithuania7,9942,3025,692
🇮🇹 Italy7,2051,9945,211
🇧🇬 Bulgaria8,2722,3035,969
🇵🇹 Portugal7,4111,9595,452
🇪🇸 Spain7,3412,0125,329
🇭🇺 Hungary7,3141,5035,811
🇩🇪 Germany7,3152,1925,123
🇮🇪 Ireland7,3942,4184,976

When it comes to Netflix subscription costs, some of the most affordable plans are found in Pakistan ($1.72 – $4.20), Egypt ($2.29 – $5.93), Kenya ($2.38 – $8.73), India ($2.40 – $7.83), Morocco ($3.37 – $9.15), and Turkey ($3.39 – $6.94). Conversely, the priciest subscriptions are in various EU countries, the UK ($8.42 – $19.26), and the US ($9.99 – $19.99).

However, since the lowest cost doesn’t always equate to the best value, it’s wise to consider additional factors when evaluating the worth of Netflix subscriptions. The following table details the top ten Netflix regions depending on the price per title index.

CountryTotal library sizeMinimum monthly priceCost per title
🇵🇰 Pakistan6,244$1.720.00028
🇲🇦 Morocco5,898$3.370.00057
🇹🇳 Tunisia6,015$3.990.00066
🇨🇴 Colombia5,906$3.400.00058
🇹🇷​ Turkey5,813$3.390.00058
🇮🇳 India6,366$2.400.00038
🇪🇬 Egypt5,932$2.290.00039
🇧🇬 Bulgaria8,272$5.290.00064
🇦🇷 Argentina5,786$3.590.00062
🇵🇭 Philippines7,125$4.520.00063

However, the excellence of a Netflix region is not solely determined by the size of its library or its price. Let’s explore the countries with popular and exciting exclusive content inaccessible elsewhere.

Regions with Restrictive Netflix Content

How to Delete Your Netflix History on Firestick 

Below are the key Netflix regions known for their exclusive content.

1. Netflix US Exclusives

The United States has consistently been recognized as a premier content source. While the Netflix library in the US may not boast the highest quantity of titles, it does feature numerous movies and shows that are exclusive and unavailable in other regions. Here are some noteworthy American and British shows and movies, including the following selections:

  • NCIS
  • The Borgias
  • Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath
  • Stargate SG-1
  • 30 Rock
  • Call the Midwife
  • Ripper Street
  • Last Tango in Halifax
  • Manhunt (Deadly Games)
  • Ink Master: Turf Wars

2. Netflix UK Exclusives

Numerous well-known British series are not accessible on Netflix UK due to distribution rights held by other streaming services. Conversely, several popular American shows available on Netflix UK are not accessible in the US. Here are some standout shows exclusive only to the British audiences on Netflix.

  • Sorry We Missed You
  • The Young Offenders
  • American Graffiti
  • A Few Good Men
  • Winter’s Bone
  • 120 battements par minute
  • Cousins
  • Back to Life
  • Roger Waters The Wall
  • This Could Go Anywhere

3. Netflix Japan exclusives

Anime enthusiasts beyond Japan might be eager to explore the Netflix collection available in the country, offering a diverse range of exclusive Japanese series and timeless movies. Below, we’ve highlighted our favorite selections from the Netflix Japan library.

  • Erased
  • Gintama: The Movie
  • Parasite: Black-and-White Edition
  • In This Corner (and Other Corners) of the World
  • The Mentalist
  • To Your Eternity
  • Tokyo Revengers
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Trainspotting
  • Digimon Adventure: (Reboot)

4. Netflix South Korea Exclusives

Netflix has just revealed plans to increase its budget for K-dramas, doubling it to nearly $2.5 billion. This translates to abundant new and exclusive content for Korean movies, TV shows, and anime enthusiasts. Interestingly, many of these exclusives are only accessible on Netflix in South Korea. Let’s explore some of the standout examples.

  • The Sound of Your Heart
  • Overlord
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  • Welcome to Waikiki
  • Pokémon the Series
  • 18 Again
  • Your Name
  • Bloom into You
  • Idol: The Coup
  • Parasyte: The Maxim

5. Netflix Canada Exclusives

Exclusive to Canadian Netflix are numerous classic movies that aren’t available on this streaming platform in other countries. Additionally, Canadian Netflix features a selection of Marvel blockbusters. Here are some examples of the popular content you can find in the Netflix Canada catalog.

  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Silence of the Lambs
  • Good Will Hunting
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • This Is Us
  • The Fosters
  • Laurence Anyways
  • Doctor Strange
  • Collective
  • Murdoch Mysteries)

How to Change Netflix Region with a VPN on iPhone


To explore different Netflix libraries on your iPhone, use ExtremeVPN to hide your location. The process is quite simple, as detailed below:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN provider with a user-friendly mobile app like ExtremeVPN.
  2. From the App Store on your iPhone, download and install the ExtremeVPN app.
  3. Log in to your ExtremeVPN app.
  4. Connect to a server location corresponding to the Netflix library you wish to access (e.g., use a US server for Netflix US).
  5. Open your Netflix app, and enjoy your favorite content from your desired region. 

Note: If you encounter issues, contact your VPN’s customer support for assistance.

How to Change Netflix Region with a VPN on an Android Phone


To access a different country’s Netflix library on your Android phone, use ExtremeVPN and follow these steps:

  1. Sign up with your preferred VPN provider, such as ExtremeVPN, with a reliable Android app.
  2. Go to its app gallery on your Android phone and download your VPN app.
  3. Once installed, log into the ExtremeVPN application using your credentials.
  4. Choose a server for a country where you want to watch content (e.g., connect to a UK server for Netflix UK).
  5. Open the Netflix app on your device, and enjoy watching your favorite content from your chosen library.

Remember: While many VPNs work with Netflix, not all are compatible with particular libraries. If issues arise, contact your VPN’s customer support.

How to Change Netflix Region with a VPN on Roku


Roku doesn’t support native VPN apps, but you can change Netflix regions on Roku with these steps:

  1. Create a VPN router and connect it to your Roku.
  2. Enable a VPN-protected wifi hotspot on your laptop and connect your Roku.
  3. Screencast to the Roku with a VPN-protected Android phone or tablet.

Immerse Yourself in Unrestricted Media Streaming with ExtremeVPN


A top-notch VPN provider can be your go-to solution for a smooth, private, and secure Netflix streaming experience. It is particularly helpful when you temporarily find yourself in another country or state and still want to enjoy your favorite series or catch up on anticipated releases during your vacation. Using a VPN to change your Netflix location is ideal for such scenarios.

Looking for the right tool? Look no further than ExtremeVPN. It stands out as a highly-rated VPN service, elevating your online security and ensuring seamless streaming. With over 6500+ servers across 78 countries, ExtremeVPN stands out as the best VPN for Netflix. You can take advantage of our 30-day money-back offer to test all our exceptional security and privacy features.

Select your VPN plan today and access your favorite content seamlessly and securely! 


How do I switch my Netflix region using a VPN? Up
Change your Netflix region effortlessly with these simple steps: 1. Select a trustworthy VPN service such as ExtremeVPN. 2. Download and set up the ExtremeVPN application. 3. Pick your preferred server location. 4. Activate your VPN and sign in to your Netflix account. 5. Indulge in a secure streaming experience without interruptions. To learn more, explore this article throughout for additional details.
How to change the Netflix region without a VPN? Up
You can easily alter your Netflix’s region without using a VPN. Specifically, consider the following alternatives: – The Tor browser – A proxy server – Smart DNS However, both proxies and Smart DNS tend to be less secure and effective than VPNs. On the other hand, Tor can significantly slow down your connection, making it less suitable for a smooth media streaming experience. Therefore, we suggest opting for a reliable VPN service like ExtremeVPN.
Are there any legal repercussions for using Netflix with a VPN?  Up
Generally, VPNs are legal in most regions worldwide. Nevertheless, specific actions may go against the Terms of Service of a particular streaming platform, whether you use a VPN or not. It’s important to emphasize that ExtremePN neither supports nor encourages the use of VPN in ways that could potentially breach the Terms of Service of streaming service providers. For additional information, please refer to the ExtremeVPN Terms of Service.

Knowledge is Power, ExtremeVPN is Freedom

Change your Netflix region on the go!

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