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13 Best Game Torrent Sites in 2024 – Mobile and PC Gaming

Last updated: July 12, 2024 26 min read
13 Best Game Torrent Sites in 2023 – Mobile and PC Gaming

Wondering how to download your favorite game files for free? There are several torrenting sites available on the internet today, but finding one that’s secure to use isn’t easy. Today, torrent sites struggle with privacy. Therefore, it’s important you only land on tested game torrent platforms to download your favorite mobile and PC games quickly. This article covers the 13 best torrent sites for games you can rely on for non-stop entertainment.

Accessing AAA games like Assasin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty are becoming increasingly expensive. Hence, it’s unsurprising that many gamers turn to torrent sites to download their favourite titles free of cost.

Sadly, with the risks associated with downloading torrents, you may wonder if it’s truly worth the reward. What if we tell you there are safe ways to download torrent files without incurring penalties or infringing on copyright?

Download orange icon

Multiple torrent sites let you download your preferred game within seconds. Not only are they convenient, but they are also free from malicious files and have numerous verified uploaders. We’ll talk about all of these popular torrent sites today.

DISCLAIMER: This guide only focuses on providing information. Note that all of the torrent sites listed here host copyrighted content for free and aren’t secure. For this reason, we never promote or advise our users to engage in any illegal behavior. However, if you still want to continue downloading from these platforms, make sure you use a high-end VPN to protect your identity. 

13 Best Torrent Sites for Games – Quick List

Best 13 Game Torrent Sites

Here is a list of the top 13 game torrenting sites online:

  1. The Pirate Bay: The most popular site for torrent downloads, featuring movies, anime, TV shows, and music alongside anime. It boasts over 4 million active users.
  2. GazelleGames: One of the most secure torrent sites, offering exclusive membership to users to access its content.
  3. Torrentz2: It has a minimalistic search engine interface with over a thousand search results indexed from different torrent sites.
  4. FitGirl Repacks: Download multiple repacked games on this torrent site regardless of your connection speed. It features highly compressed video game files for game enthusiasts.
  5. 1337X: Another outstanding torrent site with a vast content library and fast download speeds.
  6. Skidrow Codex Games: Famous for its comprehensive game library, spanning over 2000 pages, it features popular video games and their developer on the site for users to select a game quickly.
  7. GamesTorrents: An excellent option for Spanish game enthusiasts.
  8. KickAss Torrents: A refined multi-purpose torrent site for exploring high-quality game torrents.
  9. CroTorrents: It is a dedicated gaming torrent site for computer games.
  10. TorLock: TorLock boasts millions of game titles that are compatible with multiple platforms.
  11. LimeTorrents: A user-friendly private torrent site with multiple video games, TV series, music, and more.
  12. TorrentGalaxy: It features the most recent gaming torrents worldwide.
  13. MagnetDL: This site is excellent for torrenting music, ebooks, movies, software, and games.

How Can I Unblock PC Games Torrent Sites Regardless of Location?

The 31 Best Torrent Sites in 2023 (Safe & Still Working)

Till today, several countries bar citizens from accessing torrent sites. Apart from blocking these sites, some governments take an extra step to penalize torrent users. As a result, you must opt for a VPN with excellent P2P support to help unlock the best game torrent sites and protect your online identity.

Follow these simple steps to unblock the best gaming torrent websites with ExtremeVPN:

  • Go to your device’s dedicated app store.
  • Download and Install the ExtremeVPN app.
  • Join a server location that’s safe for torrenting.
  • Start downloading torrents!

How Can I Stay Safe While Torrenting?

Before you land on torrent sites, you must put certain safety measures in place. It’s no new news that many countries deem the act illegal. By downloading and sharing torrent files, you will likely infringe on a creator’s intellectual property and copyright, inadvertently incurring fines. For this reason, it’s best to check your resident country’s torrenting regulations to stay safe.

Moreover, accessing a torrent site makes your IP address available to private third parties. Many torrent sites like the Pirate Bay display a disclaimer that says, “WARNING! DO NOT DOWNLOAD GAMES WITHOUT A VPN.” That goes without saying that you’re at risk of downloading malicious files and exposing your current location whenever you’re on a torrent site.

As a result, we suggest you use a premium VPN alongside an antivirus program for a seamless gaming experience. Not only is a VPN useful for keeping you safe, but it also helps to fix latency-related issues you may experience during multiplayer games. Best VPNs like ExtremeVPN also shield you against DDoS attacks, letting you enjoy a good network while playing competitive games like League of Legends and Overwatch.

Best Game Torrent Sites in 2024 – The Detailed List

Best Game Torrent Sites in 2024

How did we select the top torrenting sites for games? We used the Alexa ranking and research to sift through multiple torrent sites scattered across the internet. Rest assured, all these sites are easy to navigate, free to access, provide high-quality content, and have an active community of torrent users.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
Our Rating


Extensive collection of content

Frequent interruptions and persistent legal issues


  • Easy-to-use search and browse option
  • Magnet links
  • Upload functionality

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is one of the best torrent sites worldwide. It has a comprehensive catalogue of movies, video games, music, and TV shows. It’s an easy-to-use site and very reliable for enjoying a seamless download experience, as your screen will be free from intrusive pop-up ads.

Although it’s not a dedicated gaming site, it has PC, mobile, Xbox/PS, VR, and switch games. To simplify navigation, TPB allows users to search and browse torrent files. Thanks to the top 100 list on its homepage, you can quickly locate prominent game resources like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas,  Cyberpunk 2077, The Sims 4, Among Us, and more.

The Pirate Bay

Since its inception in 2003, the torrent site has encouraged an active community among users. That means you can pretty much find helpful comments on torrents to download. For example, if you want to download a game torrent, you can check the comments to know if the game has any glitches.

Due to legal challenges and censorship in multiple countries, TPB uses proxy and mirror sites to replicate its content. On the bright side, it lets users upload their torrent files to share with the community so that you can find even the rarest and oldest games on the site. However, the site also has a few malicious uploaders. Hence, it’s best to download files from verified users, usually marked with pink or green skulls.

2. GazelleGames

Our Rating


User-friendly interface

Reliability issues


  • Active community for gamers
  • Exclusive membership platform
  • 60k+ verified game torrents

GazelleGames is a torrent platform offering games, music, books, and more deals. Since many countries’ governments try to block torrent sites, it limit its services to only members. That means you have to own an exclusive membership badge to download the site’s torrents.


The simplest way to become a member is to receive an invite from a current member. You also have the option to register and get an approval confirmation. However, this chance is pretty slim. Once you log in to the site, you can access over 60,000 game torrents.

GazelleGames has one of the largest and most active communities of gamers who share and download video game titles. Not to mention, the platform requires users to maintain a favorable ratio of uploaded to downloaded content. This ensures users contribute to the reciprocal sharing of resources within the community.

3. Torrentz2

Our Rating


Comprehensive search engine

Limited features


  • Torrent search platform
  • Vast library of video game torrents
  • Simple design

Torrentz2 is a popular torrent search engine that acts as a meta-search platform, showing results from various torrent sites. In other words, it’s not a torrent repository but a site that provides users with links to game torrents hosted on other platforms.


That means you can search and find video game torrents from different torrent sites like KickAss torrents, The Pirate Bay, and 1337X. All you need to do is enter phrases or keywords into the search bar, and the site will generate results from various torrent sites. If you’re looking for the best game torrent platform, Torrentz2 is your go-to choice.

Torrentz2 has a simple design and is free from intrusive ads. Although this aims to simplify the torrent searching process, it makes it challenging for users to filter out unnecessary seeds and select the proper torrent file.

4. FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl Repacks
Our Rating


Offers highly compressed and optimized versions of games

Potential legal issues


  • About 200 torrent pages
  • Mostly PC and console games
  • Ads-free

If you love playing desktop games, you’ll never go wrong with FitGirl Repacks. As the name implies, this torrent site offers users repacked games in multiple categories. By this, we mean you can quickly gain access to the non-cracked and highly compressed games you want to download without struggling with speed on the platform.

Its user interface is similar to that of streaming sites compared to traditional torrent sites for games. You’ll be surprised to know that FitGirl Repacks features over 250 pages of repacking titles, making it possible for you to find old and new releases, as well as popular games.

FitGirl Repacks

When a title is unavailable, it lets you request a game via its “Day of Requests.” However, there’s no guarantee that the platform will consider your request. You’ll particularly appreciate the fact that the site has zero ads, as it makes revenue from crypto donations.

Kindly note that the site we linked to above is FitGirl’s Repacks official address. Considering the platform has several imitators, you must guarantee your safety by accessing only this trustworthy link.

5. 1337X

Our Rating


Diverse torrent selection

Ad pop-ups and fake torrents issues


  • Newly released gaming torrents
  • Heavily monitored by administrators
  • Minimalistic layout

If you’re bothered about downloading malicious files on your device, you should opt for 1337X. This site is heavily monitored by administrators who scrutinize the game files users upload, so rest assured every file you download from the site completely aligns with the term “verified torrents.”

It boasts over 80 million users worldwide, making it easy to find fresh game torrents daily. 1337X mainly has newly released materials like games, movies, music, mobile apps, computer software, anime, and more. Hence, we suggest you use The Pirate Bay if you like older games.


Not to mention, 1337X’s layout is simple and easy to navigate. You can find your preferred game’s magnet link in a few clicks. During our test, we found that the site had a superfast download speed and barely displayed ads, which is rare for a game torrent platform. Nonetheless, for a convenient experience, relying on ExtremeVPN while using 1337X will be in your best interest.

6. Skidrow Codex Games

Skidrow Codex Games
Our Rating


Wide collection of games

Legal risks


  • DLCs and PC games
  • Mirrors usually have malware
  • Request Game option

Skidrow and CODEX are names associated with groups involved in cracking and releasing pirated versions of video games. In other words, they’re among the famous “scene” groups that bypass game developers’ digital rights management (DRM) protections.

As long as the Skidrow Codex site you access is legitimate, you can download many game torrents without worrying about malware. Don’t fret! The site we linked here is trustworthy. It is popular among gamers thanks to its vast library spanning over 2,000 pages.

Skidrow Codex Games

Once you access this Skidrow Codex platform, you only need to search for a game title and download the torrent file. It has a “Request Game” feature in cases where you can’t find a particular title. This requires that you ask the site administrator for a title, and they’ll upload the torrent file in no time.

Since various malicious sites use verified scene groups like Skidrow Codex to nuke your device, it’s best to use a torrent VPN for privacy and security. If you have issues accessing the trusted Skidrow Codex site, we recommend you stick to safer sites like GazelleGames and The Pirate Bay.

7. GamesTorrents

Our Rating


Community engagement platform

Copyright infringement concerns


  • Mainly for Spanish downloaders
  • CODEX releases
  • PS2, Xbox360, PS3, PS4, MAC, and PC games

Looking for a Spanish gaming site? GamesTorents offers game torrents in Spanish. If you’re not conversant with this language, you can auto-translate them.

For devices that do not support auto-translation, select your preferred torrent and tap the white button that reads “descargar torrent.” This translates to “download torrent’ in English.


Apart from the title, the platform displays information like game format, supported format, and file size, making selecting a torrent compatible with your device easy. And the best part? GamesTorrents lets you download Xbox360, PC, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, WII, MAC, and NDS games.

However, this torrent site has many redirects that could lead you to a different site. For this reason, we recommend you only click the prominent download button on the torrent platform to access a game file directly.

8. KickAss Torrents (KAT)

Kickass Torrents
Our Rating


Vast library of content

Frequent domain changes


  • Dedicated gaming category
  • No phishing links or ads
  • Very detailed game pages

Next on the list, we have KickAss torrents, which is considered one of the best sites for downloading tons of movies, series, games, ebooks, and music. Like TBP, it’s a general torrenting platform with a gaming category. To download any game torrent, type your preferred title into its search query.

Many people believe the site has disappeared since it was flagged by the US government in 2016. However, the truth remains that KickAss has several proxy and mirror sites for you to download torrents. While testing the site, we liked that it had no annoying popup ads or phishing links. And guess what? This torrent platform has a large repository with millions of torrent files from multiple verified uploaders.

Kickass Torrents

Once you click a game torrent, you’ll see details like the number of seeders, leechers, file size, related torrents, and available language. This way, you’ll never have to do guesswork before downloading a game.

9. CroTorrents

Our Rating


Regular updates on the latest game releases

Has legal concerns


  • High-quality torrent
  • Straightforward UI
  • Annoying pop-up ads

Are you a novice torrent user? CroTorrents is an excellent site for downloading torrents without hassle. The platform has a wide library of PC games and an intuitive user interface with large thumbnails. Once you land on the site, you’ll notice it has a decent library with fantastic game collections like Avengers and Unity of Command.


Another one of the best features of CroTorrents is it provides a brief installation guide, recommended PC specs, a gameplay overview, and other helpful info. This makes it the best torrent website for PC gaming. Through this feature, you’ll never need to download games with your eyes closed.

Sadly, the website has multiple pop-up ads that often redirect you to malicious phishing websites once you press the download button. The hack to downloading games on CroTorrent is to exit the phishing site it takes you to and click the download button again. Regardless of this, all its torrents are virus-free.

10. TorLock

Our Rating


Verified torrents files

Smaller library compared to other sites


  • Prioritizes online safety
  • Latest games
  • Unique and popular content

TorLock is a new game torrent platform on the block, so you may expect it to have a small collection of torrents. However, it’s the opposite. The site has millions of torrents ranging from games and music to anime and ebooks. The website claims to be a “No fakes torrent site,” hence you can expect that the games it provides are real and of high quality.

Every game title you come across here is verified and of high quality. One reason why TorLock made our list of the best game torrent sites. The platform lets you find pretty much any content on the site.


Thanks to its many seeders, you can easily download large video game files in less than five minutes. As a P2P downloader, you’ll appreciate that TorLock lets you download game files without loading any magnet links.

Unfortunately, TorLock is unavailable in some countries. For example, places like the UK, India, and Australia have banned the torrent platform. Although this game torrent site features famous games, they’re challenging to find, as it lack advanced search filters.

11. LimeTorrents

Our Rating


Wide variety of content

Frequent domain changes


  • Simple layout
  • Massive content library
  • Lacks advanced search filters

LimeTorrents is a simple-looking torrent site with a dedicated game section on the homepage. The site itself doesn’t store torrent files. Instead, it provides users with links to over 10 million active torrents that they can download and use for P2P file sharing under the BitTorrent protocol.

During testing, we noticed that only popular titles had many seeders. That means you may have issues downloading old or less-trending game titles. Of course, this is expected as the torrent platform uses the BitTorrent file-sharing system.


You’ll need to exercise patience on this site, as many files here may take time to download before you can start playing them. Besides, keep in mind that the site is riddled with pop-up ads. Unless you use an ad blocker, you won’t get the most out of LimeTorrent’s simple UI.

12. TorrentGalaxy

Our Rating


An active and engaged community

Ad-heavy interface


  • Relatively new torrent site
  • Advanced IMDB search
  • High-quality torrents

TorrentGalaxy is a worthy pick if you want a torrent site for simultaneously downloading movies and video games. It features movies, TV shows, music, anime, games, and more for free. To access its large amount of torrents, you need to register as a member.

One of the top features of Torrent Galaxy is its advanced IMDB search query. You can find your favorite TV  shows and movies by simply putting their IMDB ID in the search box.


This torrent site lets you check a file’s uploader, size, seeders, and time uploaded. It also offers a language filter option to locate files in your preferred language easily. We like its thriving community, encouraging users to discover and distribute content.

With the unfortunate closing of RARBG, TorrentGalaxy is an excellent alternative. However, many countries’ ISPs have blocked the torrent platform. Therefore, to unblock TorrentGalaxy, you’ll need to use its third-party proxies, such as torrentgalaxy.mx or torrentgalaxy.su.

13. MagnetDL

Our Rating


Reliable magnet links for efficient downloading

Sharing copyrighted material without proper authorization


  • Torrent search platform
  • Annoying banner ads
  • Clean UI

MagnetDL is one of the most extensive torrent search engines, providing users with magnet links for P2P file sharing via the BitTorrent Protocol. The site’s clean and easy-to-use interface made it a go-to place for many torrent users.


In countries like the UK, it was among the top-visited torrent portals thanks to its elaborate homepage featuring popular and new game releases. Unlike other torrent sites, MagnetDL doesn’t allow users to upload files from third-party platforms. That means that most of its content is safe to download.

Unfortunately, this torrent site struggles with pop-up ads. Once you click the download button, MagnetDL will likely lead you to other untrusted or malicious websites. To be safe, we advise using a VPN and antivirus software to prevent malware attacks.

Is a VPN Necessary for Torrenting?

A VPN is essential for torrenting. Aside from the fact it helps you access blocked games in specific locations, you’ll need it to protect your online identity. The internet is riddled with hackers and cybercriminals waiting to steal your data at any given point.


These individuals usually lurk around public WiFi and torrent sites. With a high-end VPN like ExtremeVPN, you can encrypt your data, making it unreadable to third parties, including your ISP. That ensures you can torrent all day without anyone tracing your activities back to you and incurring unnecessary risks. In fact, as a torrent enthusiast, a VPN is a necessary tool for ensuring your online activities remain private.

There are many VPNs for game torrenting, but not all of them are reliable. Here’s our top VPN for torrents and torrent downloads:

ExtremeVPN — The Best VPN for Torrenting



  • Affordable pricing and plans
  • Dedicated P2P servers
  • WireGuard tunnelling protocol
  • Supports port forwarding
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No DNS functionality

ExtremeVPN is the most reliable torrent VPN, offering P2P support on dedicated servers. With over 6,500 servers spread across 78 locations, you’ll have no issue connecting to the closest server from anywhere to bypass blocks on torrent sites.

Additionally, the VPN provides solid security features and superfast download speeds, letting you download games hassle-free. It uses AES-256 encryption to guarantee a safe torrenting experience. Unlike other providers, ExtremeVPN has a kill switch to prevent IP and data leaks during connection drops.

We also implement a strict no-logs policy. This means you can surf the internet anonymously from anywhere and anytime without your data falling into the wrong hands.

ExtremeVPN offers users affordable plans for as low as $3.29/month. You can also take advantage of its 30-day money-back guarantee, which is risk-free. Undoubtedly, our VPN is a must-have security tool if you don’t want to have any issues torrenting.

Now that you’re equipped with security tools to stay safe on torrent sites, let’s go into detail about the list of the best torrent sites of 2024.

Compatibility with Gaming Devices

Factors for Choosing the Best Game Torrent Site in 2024

The internet is saturated with several torrent sites, and verifying them all could be difficult. Hence, here are several elements we considered when finding the best torrenting sites for PC gamers:

  • User interface: Easy-to-use torrent sites make finding and downloading desired torrents simple. Each of the game torrent platforms on our list works across all major devices and is easy to navigate.
  • Malware-free games: Many torrent sites struggle with eliminating malicious uploaders. We picked safe game torrent sites with strict administrators that prevent uploaders from sharing files with viruses.
  • Excellent speeds: If you struggle with slow connection speeds, you must use torrent sites with high server speeds, a large number of seeders, and an active community. This way, you can monitor your download speed and see how long it will take to download a particular file.
  • Comprehensive library: The best torrent sites have multiple games, including old and newly released titles. Every torrent site we picked has fresh and outdated torrents, making it easy to find any game you choose.
  • Minimal advertisements: Reliable torrenting sites don’t bombard users with pop-up ads. In most cases, these ads are malicious and contain viruses. As a result, we selected platforms with minimal ads so you don’t mistakenly click on trick ads like “You just won a lottery!

How Can I Download Games Torrent Safely?

Stay Secure with the Best Encryption

It’s never safe to access games through torrenting sites. Even the platforms with strict website admins cannot protect you from dubious coupons, banners, and pop-ups. By clicking the wrong link, browser hijackers can collect your entered search queries, IP address, browsing data, geolocation, and visited web pages.

Thankfully, there are ways you can secure your personal information while accessing torrent pages. They include:

Use a Reliable VPN

Whenever you visit a torrent site, your ISP can see your online activities and throttle your internet connection. There are also many cybercriminals lurking on these sites, waiting to steal your data.


However, using a reliable VPN like ExtremeVPN helps to encrypt your information, making it unreadable to third parties. Not even the government, torrent sites, or your ISP can see your online activities.

Avoid Shady Game Torrent Sites and Unverified Uploaders

Nowadays, it’s not hard to spot a scam game torrent site. Many try to copy famous torrent platforms’ names to trick you into clicking links and downloading dubious files. But they always have misspellings and errors.


For example, rather than FitGirlRepacks, it can be FitGirlRep@cks. Also, several sites that shut down in the past keep coming back through several proxy sites and alternative domains. So, you must pay attention before accessing a torrent site. We also advise you to avoid unverified uploaders. These are unknown torrent users, which the site’s admin has not verified as legitimate.

In other words, they’re likely to share files containing malware or pirated games. Luckily, all the torrent sites we linked to above are legit and safe to access. Besides, they boast a large number of verified uploaders. Hence, you have nothing to fear.

Install Antivirus Software


We strongly recommend you install antivirus programs on all your devices. They’ll come in handy whenever you download shady extension files like .wma, .wmv files, .rar, .tar, which usually have dubious content.

What’s more? Antivirus offers real-time protection, enabling you to block connections to malicious P2P sites. You can enjoy an extra layer of protection against malware and viruses with an antivirus.

Is Game Torrenting Illegal?

Well, it depends on your current location. In most countries, torrenting is perfectly legal; in others, it’s not. Therefore, you must familiarise yourself with the laws of your resident country regarding piracy and copyright.

Quick and Easy Torrent File Downloads

Whenever you download anything from a torrent site, there’s always the issue of copyright and malware. Some torrent sites engage in the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted video games, which is illegal and violates intellectual property rights. Plus, with how many cybercriminals mislabel their torrent platform to appear legal, you may inadvertently infringe on a creator’s copyright.

Even if you’re downloading game torrents from a legitimate site, you’re at risk of infecting your device with malware. There’s only so much torrent site moderators can do regarding malicious uploaders. Therefore, it’s best to use a reliable VPN, check your local copyright laws, and install antivirus software to stay completely safe.

That said, here’s how some countries view torrenting:

  • Completely ban torrenting: China, Russia, Malaysia, Italy, Australia, the US, Portugal, Latvia, and South Africa.
  • Monitors torrent sites and bans the illegitimate ones: Netherlands, Greece, Romania, Canada, Israel, Czech Republic, Iran, Mexico, India, Uruguay, Columbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Brazil, Philippines, Argentina, Denmark, and Egypt.
  • Sanctions individuals who download copyrighted materials: The UK, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Finland, and Japan.
  • Netizens can torrent for personal use: Spain, Switzerland, and Poland.

Since downloading copyrighted materials may violate laws in some regions, we advise that you use caution and adhere to legal and ethical standards when accessing the best torrent sites for gaming.

RARBG: Why it Fell Off as the Best Game Torrenting Site

RARBG formerly ranked as one of the top torrent sites alongside The Pirate Bay, FitGirl Repacks, and 1337x. It had a comprehensive library with over 30 million active seeders. It also allowed torrent users to use the BitTorrent protocol to find magnet links and game torrent files.

However, the website’s moderators announced their shutdown in early 2024. The site had issues keeping up with the rising cost of operating from European data centers. Indeed, it’s saddening to see its departure from the torrent industry, but thankfully, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find several RARBG alternatives you can try.


So, there you have it, 13 of the best torrenting sites for games. Each has dedicated categories for adventure, horror, action, and RPG games. They’re also free to access and have a vast library of popular and outdated games.

Remember that privacy remains an issue for many game torrent sites. No matter how legitimate a platform seems, you’re at risk of malware, data theft, and copyright infringement. As a result, before you land on any torrent site, you must use a VPN. ExtremeVPN is the best choice available. With it by your side, you can download game torrents as much as you like without issues.


Are torrent games safe? Up
Definitely! Many games from torrent sites are safe to download. In fact, most torrent sites indicate when a title is verified or legitimate. This way, you can avoid downloading malicious games that inject viruses and malware into your device. Nonetheless, it’s best to use a premium VPN like ExtremeVPN for extra security and privacy.
What video games can I play for free? Up
If you’re working with a budget, we’ve got you! There are several games you can play without paying a dime. Our top recommendations include: – Warframe – Apex Legends – Team Fortress 2 – League of Legends – Counter-Strike Global Offensive – Dota 2
What are the best torrent game sites available today? Up
Pirate Bay, 1337x, Kickass torrent, and FitGirl Repacks are considered the best overall game-downloading torrent sites. They have vast torrent libraries with various content aside from video games. These sites come with verified torrents alongside decent download speeds. Ideally, FitGirl Repacks is the best pick for torrent users with slow connection speeds. Meanwhile, The Pirate Bay is excellent for downloading the latest games. If you love playing PC video games, then opt for CroTorrents.
Is it possible to download game torrent files directly? Up
Of course! However, most of the best game torrent websites require you to sign in before downloading torrent files. If you don’t wish to sign in, you can opt for magnet link downloads at no cost. Doing this lets you download games from magnet files directly.
Can I download torrents in India? Up
Torrenting is not illegal in India, nor is it wrong to download non-copyrighted materials. However, the country deems sharing or downloading copyrighted content a crime. As a result, India’s Bombay High Court has blocked multiple torrent platforms like The Pirate Bay and YourBittorrent.
What is a torrent client? Up
A torrent client is a software that lets you download and upload files using the BitTorrent protocol. It manages the connection between your computer and others sharing the same files. With it, you can connect to users who upload files for easy download. Examples of torrent clients include uTottent, BitTorrent, and our all-time favourite, qBittorent.
Do all VPNs support torrenting? Up
Unfortunately, not every VPN allows torrenting. Therefore, you must opt for VPNs with specific torrenting features, such as dedicated P2P servers, a kill switch, and a no-logs policy.

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