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Is Temu Safe? What to Know Before You Place an Order

Last updated: February 7, 2024 11 min read
Is Temu Safe What to Know Before You Place an Orders

Temu, a newly launched e-commerce platform, has gained significant popularity on the internet. This article discusses everything you want to know about Temu reviews and complaints, whether is it safe to use, its security concerns, and how to resolve Temu customer service problems without hesitation. We will also cover tips for shopping safely on the platform.

In the age of online shopping, cheap prices tend to raise wary questions about the site’s authenticity and safety. Here is Temu, the next-generation online retailer everyone knows for its competitive prices of various goods. It is only natural, as consumers, to question the safety of such sites before engaging in some form of transaction. The digital marketplace is not without difficulties, and Temu has also not avoided the criticism. 

Users have raised many questions concerning the company’s transparency, customer support, performance, and overall reliability of transactions. Going through these warning signs, we will conduct a study focusing on Temu reviews, examining the company’s background, and seeing its security. Let’s uncover Temu in this guide. Find out who owns it, its legitimacy, and safety concerns you should consider before placing an order on the site.

What is Temu?

Temu is an e-commerce platform that has grown incredibly rapidly since its launch in 2019. Like many other massive players in the online retail space, such as Amazon and Alibaba, the company is web and app-based. Individual sellers may use the platform to offer their products on Temu, where they can accept orders and get paid.

Users may purchase various things at Temu, such as electronics, home goods, apparel, and accessories for beauty. Even if many things on these sites are common, the pricing could still appear extremely low. Many have questioned the legitimacy of the website and its supporter(s) in light of these costs.

Who Owns Temu?

PDD Holdings owns the Chinese corporation Temu. Although the company states that it operates from its Boston headquarters, Temu is an American firm; its parent company is Shanghai, China.

PDD owns other e-commerce websites, such as Pinduoduo and the Chinese sister site of Temu. Over 5 million Americans have downloaded Temu despite claims made by US government officials that the app is connected to and influenced by the Chinese Communist Party.

Is Temu Legit?

Although Temu is a legitimate business and has a functioning online store, it is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a sign of a major retailer.

Most of the technology goods on this website are fake, even if big companies like Dell or HP make them. Only a few tech companies—primarily Lenovo and Xiaomi—sell products via physical stores. The Temu website makes it simple to identify certified brands since their listings will have a blue checkmark.

A few consumers have reported receiving subpar merchandise or even being sold counterfeit goods; nevertheless, it is challenging to ascertain the precise number of such incidents. Temu and the sellers that sell via it are typically to blame for these acquisition issues.

Is Temu Safe?

Many safety issues have been brought against Temu’s data collection methods. Based on a Grizzly Research analysis, the software could receive more access when set up to collect user data beyond what is necessary for operation. In addition to this, the company has faced negative press before.

Privacy advocates sounded alarms in April 2023 regarding the ability of the Pinduoduo app to collect massive amounts of user data without consent. Based on CNN Business sources, PDD disbanded the team in charge of developing the Pinduoduo app after the charges were transferred to Temu’s development.

Do these cases make Temu unsafe? They don’t, yet it emphasizes the bad image of the parent company and acquisition methods to get data. While Temu has a long connection to privacy controversies involving many Internet companies over the past two decades, people worldwide are worried about this Chinese-linked store.

Why is Temu So Cheap?

Temu has very reasonable prices. They are so low that they can’t catch your eye or entice you to put more stuff in your cart. Temu is making lower-quality products to attract clients as easily as possible.

Temu’s real parent business is PDD Holdings, despite its website’s assertion that it was founded in Boston. To maintain operations even if US regulators continued to prioritize applications with Chinese origins, this well-funded corporation moved its corporate headquarters from China to Ireland. If Temu keeps its prices reasonable and distributes goods directly to clients, it can avoid tariffs and save much money.

The situation of forced labor is very serious. Temu is a transportation company that moves goods from Chinese enterprises to customers rather than producing them themselves. The House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party published a report stating that “Temu lacks a system to ensure compliance with the Uyghur Forced Labour Prevention Act (UFLPA). It almost guarantees that shipments from Temu that contain products made with forced labor make their way into the US in violation of the UFLPA.”

Are the Products in Temu Good Quality?

Temu has an average customer rating of 2.5 stars and is not recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). On the BBB website, Temu has been the target of several recent complaints alleging that things were never delivered or came after weeks or even months of waiting.

Speaking of social sites, many customers are satisfied with their Temu purchases, especially TikTok. Temu is one of the most well-liked activities on TikTok; it covers a wide range of topics, from clothing and shoes to tiny devices and home goods.

To some extent, it makes sense that the quality could be low when certain products are produced inexpensively, such as $1–$3. All things considered, though, Temu’s offerings are just what you would expect.

What Data Does Temu Collect From You?

Temu gathers a lot of user information. On its Google Play Store page, the company Temu has freely supplied a list of specific data to which it would need access. Some of the items on that list are there for a purpose, including crash logs and app diagnostics, and the majority of the data is the same as what is collected by all other online retailers.

Reviewing the private data and device permissions that the program is meant to access is crucial:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Purchase history and payment information
  • Videos and Photos

According to Temu, most of this data is “optional” and only used for “app functionality.” In spite of that, users still accept these data-collection techniques as they are essential to the app’s operation and users’ ability to transact.

Even if none of the data gathered here is concerning, you should be aware that a Chinese firm holds this data with a history of suspected privacy breaches. 

Despite all this, the good part – as Temu says – is that the site has some built-in safety measures.

What Safety Measures Does Temu Use?

Temu can ease some of the concerns of potential customers by providing a straightforward customer return program and encrypting user data:

Processing Payments

Temu uses industry-standard security measures on its website, including HTTPS on all pages and SSL and TLS encryption for transaction processing. The transactional mechanism of Temu is just as secure as that of eBay, Amazon, or any other online merchant.

Purchase Protection

The Temu Buy Protection Programme offers a simple refund process. If there is an issue, you have ninety days to return the item you bought for a full refund. According to Temu, you are eligible for the Buy Protection Programme under the following circumstances:

  • The photos and product descriptions are different from what you bought.
  • Your item was either not delivered, arrived late, or was lost in transit.
  • The requested item was delivered damaged.

Security Advice to Preserve User Identity

Temu’s customer service may offer security and privacy recommendations to users. The tips address identifying Cash App fraud, guarding against phishing messages, stopping payment fraud, and making secure passwords. While Temu’s security advice may not be ground-breaking, it does show that the corporation recognizes the need to safeguard its customers.

How to Safely Shop on Temu?

Take the following safety measures when shopping in Temu to make sure you’re safe:

  • Avoid making large purchases: Temu’s primary advantage, at least for now, is not the quality of its products but rather its competitive price approach. Hundreds of dollars for a new gaming system is a riskier investment than a cheap pair of trainers or a water bottle.
  • Make purchases using secure online payment platforms: You don’t always need to provide credit card information to utilize websites like Temu. Use trustworthy payment processors like PayPal to handle your money and complete transactions. It is a more secure online payment method since you are not providing the merchant with your credit card information. As an alternative, some banks issue one-time virtual cards, which stop additional account fraud even when card details are stolen after a transaction.
  • Analyse customer feedback: If a vendor has a small number of reviews, you should avoid them regardless of how excellent the scores are. Seek out vendors that have received a lot of positive feedback. It has been proven that certain online retailers, including Amazon, display fake or phony ratings.
  • Protect your account: Create a strong password for every account, especially for online purchases. Robust passwords are long – at least 10 characters – and comprise a mix of random letters, numbers, and symbols. Confused about how to create a strong password? Here’s the solution. Try ExtremeVPN’s password generator tool and secure your profiles against online threats using strong and reliable passwords.
  • Stay up to date: Temu is a new company; therefore, little is known about its background, its proprietors, its code, or its methods of data collection. If you want to use Temu, stay regularly informed of business-related news so you may be aware of any impending disputes or negative revelations. Keep an eye on the upcoming concerns circulating about the platform’s security and privacy. One of the most important aspects of appropriate online behavior is always education.

What is the Temu Controversy?

The primary concern pertains to the data collection methods utilized by Temu’s parent business, PDD Holdings. PDD also owns Pinduoduo, a Chinese retailer for whom there was formerly a Google Play Store app, as this story has shown.

CNN reported in 2023 that Pinduoduo was utilizing Android device security weaknesses to monitor device data without authorization. Then, using this data, sales and marketing were used more wisely. In reaction to the allegations, Pinduoduo was taken down from the Google Play Store and labeled as malware by Google.

The Pinduoduo application developers were sacked by Pinduoduo, who placed the responsibility on them as retaliation. According to CNN, Temu offered most developers who were let go of other positions. You should think twice before utilizing the e-commerce site for any purpose, not only because of the Temu incident. Is sacrificing your privacy for a cheap pair of shoes worth it?

What Can I Expect When I Place an Order on Temu?

Buying products from Temu is the same as purchasing from an internet retailer. Once you’ve found your desired things, add them to your basket and check them out. Before you buy anything, remember that you must have at least $10 worth of merchandise in your basket to check out. Temu notes that for customers requesting free shipment, the $10 minimum pays the shipping cost.

If you paid for the shipments using regular delivery, Temu would give you a $5 credit if your things arrive late. If your shipment was shipped with expedited shipping and arrived later than expected, the firm will repay you $13. In other cases, the products could be described on the Temu website, arrive on schedule, and be respectable or high-quality. Although it varies, quality is comparable to other online retailers.

This order is eligible for the Temu PPP purchase protection program if, upon delivery, the items are damaged, not what was advertised, or arrive at all. Returning your purchases within 90 days after the purchase guarantees you a full refund under this program.

The cost of products is constantly fluctuating in Temu. If you purchase an item that decreases in value after purchase, you can request a price adjustment. After you submit a price adjustment request, the difference will appear as Temu credit on your account within an hour.


In summary, the security and reliability of Temu should be considered as it is a low-priced e-commerce site. This article summarises and analyses the key aspects of an e-commerce platform, such as user reviews or problems that users may encounter while buying products. Despite its low prices appearing attractive, if you do not look at the company’s customer service and security transparency, your online transactions may be compromised. Therefore, before buying anything, think of the reliability of that platform. Lastly, always ensure you use a quality VPN service while shopping online. ExtremeVPN takes your privacy seriously and makes you secure online with its military-grade AES encryption. Start your safe online shopping journey with confidence today!


Does Temu operate in China? Up
PDD Holdings, a Chinese online retailer, is the owner of Temu. Temu says it functions from Boston, US. However, PDD is primarily headquartered in Shanghai, China.
What makes Temu’s sales so low? Up
Since Temu produces many of its goods in bulk and uses low-quality materials, users may not get the expected quality. While they could appear similar to well-known brands, you often purchase inexpensive replicas. It’s also possible that the business is operating at a loss overall to control the online retail sector.
Are free items on Temu authentic? Up
Temu occasionally gives away free merchandise. Users may earn credits by asking others to sign up for the service. Once they have enough credits, they can purchase online without using money. Although a free Temu item is unlikely to be a costly or high-quality item, it is legitimate.

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