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Lovense App Malware: Are Smart Adult Toys Safe to Use?

Last updated: April 3, 2024 16 min read
Lovense App Malware Are Smart Adult Toys Safe to Use easy

Have you noticed how popular remote-controlled adult toys like Lovense are becoming? It’s pretty wild! But with this rise in popularity comes some valid safety concerns. These toys could open up some security risks, making you wonder if it’s safe to use them. Continue reading below to learn whether these smart adult toys are safe and how to protect yourself from malware.

As more long-distance lovers seek options to make their relationships work, companies like Lovense that produce remote-controllable adult toys continue to grow in sales and profitability. Lovense and its adult toys work great for their intended purpose. However, you may be worried about your safety and confidentiality while using such toys.

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Does the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) in bedroom affairs make you more visible and susceptible to hackers? When it comes to being adventurous in sexual experiences, most people would prefer a private or controlled environment without spies. This article will discuss the Lovense app, how it works, whether it can spy on your online activities, and how to prevent it from being hacked.

The History Behind Lovense Company Conception

The History Behind Lovense Company Conception

Before we explore how the Lovense app works and the safety concerns surrounding it, let’s dive into the story behind the company’s conception and its founder and current CEO, Dan Liu.

Back in 2009, Dan Liu found himself in a long-distance relationship, and one of the notable downsides he felt at the time was the lack of physical intimacy. It got him thinking about whether there was a way to address that concern, especially in this modern era. That is where the idea of love sense came from.

Soon enough, he stumbled upon the concept of teledildonics, which involves remote-controlled sex toys. Liu wanted a solution to make long-distance relationships more physical. So, he decided to take matters into his own hands and started working on it.

After trying different concepts and prototypes, he developed the first-ever remote-controlled vibrator using Skype. Sure, the early versions had their fair share of flaws. However, as people’s interest grew in remote-controlled sex toys, Liu kept refining his original idea.

Lovense finally launched two groundbreaking products, Max and Nora, in late 2013. They were the first remote sex toys with a more reliable Bluetooth connectivity. Max was the remote-controlled male masturbation device, while Nora was a revamped vibrator designed for couples to obtain pleasure together.

Liu carried the prototypes to the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, where he raised some hundred thousand dollars, which he used to bring his idea to market. It paid off handsomely. Lovense developed the more modern Lush bullet vibrator soon after this investment.

The company’s innovative approach to marketing went viral, with videos all over the internet showing shoppers in grocery stores with vibrators controlled by strangers. It might not have been what the manufacturers originally thought, but it proved that anyone can discreetly use Lovense products anywhere.

Fast forward to 2017, and Lovense’s success continued to soar with the introduction of new products like the Ambi bullet vibrator, the Edge adjustable prostate massager, and the Domi wand massager. Let’s not forget to mention Osci, an oscillating G-spot massager said to deliver new sensations to users all over their bodies.

To further cater to their consumers’ needs, Lovense also expanded its brand to include water-based lubricants and even a Bluetooth-enabled butt plug. Lovense’s journey is a testament to viral marketing and innovation, proving that sometimes the most unconventional ideas can lead to incredible success.

What is Lovense?


The sex tech giant Lovense is an incredible company based in Singapore that develops smart adult toys you can control from afar. They’re perfect for couples in long-distance relationships or anyone looking to add excitement to their intimate moments.

To get your Lovense adult toy up and running, you just have to connect it to one of their apps using Bluetooth. From there, you can take control or let your partner take charge from wherever they are.

There are two apps you can use with Lovense toys. These are the Lovense Connect by MINI PIE and Lovense Remote by Wolkin. The latter is excellent for regular users, while the former has extra valuable features for those who work on cam sites.

How Exactly Does the Lovense App Function?

Now, let’s talk about how the Lovense app works. Lovense has long evolved since the days of steamy Skype calls. Nowadays, there are many ways that you can connect your Lovense sex toys via Bluetooth. Whether you’re using an Apple mobile device with iOS 10.0 or later, an Android device with version 4.3 or later, MacOS, or a Windows PC, as long as your device has Bluetooth 4.0 or newer, you’re good to go.


Getting started with the Lovense app is pretty simple. Head to the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, or visit Lovense.com to download the Lovense Remote App. Once you and your partner install the app and add each other as contacts, you can pair any of your chosen Lovense toys and get down to business.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. The Remote App comes packed with features to spice up your freaky time. For one, the in-app messaging system allows you to chat while you play. Also, with Lovense’s long-distance Live Control, your partner can take the reins and control the toy from wherever they are. How’s that for an intimate connection? If you’re big on discretion, you’ll love the super stealthy Ninja Mode, which helps you keep things down low.

What’s more? The app even lets you sync your toys with your favourite music on your phone or your Spotify Premium account to help you enjoy some seriously rhythmic fun. Talk about setting the mood. If you still have further questions on the Lovense app’s features or how it works, check out their software guide for some handy tips or contact their tech support team for expert assistance.

Can Lovense Sex Toys Spy on You?

The simple answer is no. The toys don’t have any sneaky spy features if you’re using them solo without the app. Lovense sex toys aren’t equipped with a microphone, built-in camera, or any GPS trackers, so the dildos and butt plugs function just like any other sex toy. However, privacy concerns may arise when connecting your smart toy to one of their apps.

The word “spy” might make you think of secret activities, like hidden cameras in the toys. However, spying is slightly different in this case as it’s mainly about collecting data. Nowadays, many companies like Lovense gather data on their users. This is why the company has specific terms and conditions outlining how it uses that information that users must agree to before using. 

Privacy Concerns of Lovense App


Both the Lovense remote app and Lovense connect app need your permission to access features like your microphone (for audio) and camera (for video chat) and even your device’s location (for Bluetooth connections). Also, both apps gather information, such as:

  • Your login details, which typically entail the email, username, and password you used to sign up.
  • Device identifier data, including your OS type, device details, and Bluetooth connection status.
  • Your log file information, such as your login record, device usage patterns, app version, and app crash details

Lovense Connect goes further by collecting sensitive data like your friend list and pictures, audio, text, and video content. However, they assure you through their privacy policy that this data only personalises content for you and your lover. Moreover, the app uses default encryption, with video chats featuring end-to-end encryption for extra security.

You should know that an anonymous Californian user once sued the company over data collection concerns in 2018. The said user was especially concerned about Lovense collecting data like time, date, and user vibration settings while using the Lush vibrator. Plus, these details were tied to identifiable email addresses.

The Lovense spokesperson argued that users had consented to the company’s privacy policy before using its products. But in the end, the court deemed the vibration intensity data as “content” under the Wiretap Act, raising some eyebrows about privacy and consent.

How Does Lovense Respond to Claims and Lawsuits?


In the face of concerns regarding the compromised user data, Lovense acted swiftly to address privacy issues head-on. For the hacking worries, the company investigated thoroughly to pinpoint the root cause and introduced heightened security protocols to protect users’ data. Lovense’s representatives also acknowledged the presence of bugs in previous programming, particularly regarding cached data not being cleared after a certain period. Thankfully, the company rectified this issue already.

Lovense also revamped its privacy policy to allow better transparency and ensure user consent is explicit for data collection. All users can now readily access the company’s terms and conditions to get a more detailed breakdown of why and how Lovense gathers user data. Following the trend of many modern apps, Lovense users now have greater control over what information to share with the company.

Lovense now actively engages its user community, tackling concerns head-on, sharing regular updates, and providing direct instructions on ways to safeguard personal data. The company also diligently completed all legal proceedings. They presented their case to get a fair ruling and secure the company’s reputation. Privacy remained a top priority throughout the process.

A previous class-action lawsuit against Lovense resulted in a $3.75 million settlement. However, it’s crucial to note that the settlement’s interpretation and any implications of fault remain subject to debate. The fact that they paid the settlement doesn’t necessarily mean the company was at fault legally.

Through these concerted efforts, Lovense has showcased its unwavering commitment to users’ privacy. The company demonstrated its resolve to bring about meaningful change. Lovense has worked proactively to address its app’s vulnerabilities and still strives to always provide its users with a more trustworthy and secure experience.

Is the Lovense Adult Toy Hackable?

How to Know if Your Phone is Hacked – 9 Common Signs

You must be cautious while using the internet these days because the sad truth is that almost everything is hackable online, and that includes your adult toys. Cybercriminals can access sensitive information by hacking your Lovense sex toy by various means.

One common way they do that is by exploiting vulnerabilities in software or network connections to gain control of the toy remotely. You should know this is not only a Lovense or an adult toy issue. Any determined criminal hacker can attack Bluetooth-connected devices using blue bugging or bluejacking techniques. While these names may sound silly, the implications are severe.

Such attacks can lead to unauthorised people gaining access to your device, sending malicious data, or completely taking over the device. It may also enable the hacker to engage in data theft, where they collect user data. With an adult toy, the information is pretty intimate. There are a few instances of Lovense adult toys being compromised.

For example, in 2017, one user on Reddit stated that the Lovense app recorded a 6-minute audio snippet of an intimate dildo session. The company replied through an official representative that the audio was stored temporarily in the application’s local folder as a cache file and wasn’t transmitted to the company’s servers. Interestingly, only Android users were affected by the said minor bug. Lovense repaired the bug in the following app update shortly after the complaint.

Earlier that same year, Lovense faced another concerning incident involving their Hush butt plug, which became vulnerable due to a Bluetooth glitch. A security researcher, Giovanni Mellini, uncovered the vulnerability that left the device susceptible to attacks via Bluetooth. Simply put, it was feasible to pair the butt plug with a PC without any authentication and make it vibrate. This was mainly due to some security flaws within the BLE protocol.

There are many other instances of sex toy hacking involving other teledildonics companies. From cases of chastity belt ransomware to the unsettling prospect of spying on dildo cameras, it’s possible to be hacked in various horrifying ways. Imagine unwanted creeps gaining access to your usage data, audio recordings, and even intimate details. That can happen if your security and privacy are compromised. Sometimes, the hacker may even use malware to control the toy without your permission or knowledge remotely.

If this all sounds concerning, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Thankfully, there are solutions you can adopt to stay safe online and prevent creeps from snooping around your Lovense connection. Taking strong security measures and updating your apps is essential to preventing unauthorised access and protecting personal information from prying eyes.

How to Protect Your Lovense App from Malware

Lovense App Malware Are Smart Adult Toys Safe to Use easy

While there’s no single means of protecting your Lovense app from malware and other cyber attacks, there are precautions you can follow to ensure the experience is safe. These practices will help you enhance the overall security of your Lovense devices by minimising potential vulnerabilities and prioritising your privacy.

For example, we know that Lovense Toys can’t spy on you if used disconnected from the app. So, you can always turn the toys off if they’re not in use to reduce the chances of someone detecting your smartphone via Bluetooth. Read some more of these precautions below.

1. Download the App from Legitimate Sources

The Lovense app is legally available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Downloading the app from any other source may infect your phone with malicious software, like rootkits, killware, or spyware. Such unknown sites that host applications may be controlled by hackers trying to breach your online security.

2. Always Use Strong Passwords

It’s no secret that stronger passwords are more difficult to crack. You can always use a password creator to suggest complicated and long passwords containing symbols, capital letters, and numbers to fortify your Lovense account. ExtremeVPN has a free, reliable password generator tool you can use.

Try to set different passwords across all your accounts online for better security. You can also get a password manager, like LastPass, to keep track of all your credentials. Also, this goes without saying, but it’s safer to keep your passwords known only to yourself. If you must share the password, it should be with someone you trust.

3. Set a Security Pin

Aside from the password required to log in, Lovense offers an optional security pin option. Consider setting one as an added security layer and protect your Lovense adult toy from unwanted Bluetooth access. It would be much harder for hackers to bypass the password and security pin barrier to access your toys. The security PIN works as a two-factor authentication in addition to your password.

4. Only Connect to Secure Wi-fi

Ensure your wi-fi is secure before accessing your Lovense account. Using your Lovense toys or apps on unsecured networks, like free public wi-fi outside, can be risky. If possible, always use your password-protected private wi-fi in your home. Either that or connect to your cellular data. If you must connect to public wi-fi, ensure you do so using a reliable VPN like ExtremeVPN.

5. Update the App Regularly

Updating firmware minimises the risk of getting hacked. Newer app versions usually repair system vulnerabilities, so strive to regularly update your Lovense app to use the latest bug-free version. For instance, when a user noticed the audio bug in 2017, Lovense fixed the issue in the next released app version.

6. Review the App Permissions in Your Settings

Whenever you install a new app or software, you can turn various app permissions on or off. You can protect your privacy by only allowing the requests necessary for the app to function. For context, you can restrict camera access if you don’t use the video chat function while using your adult toys.

7. Change Your Default Router Settings

Once you get a new router, changing the default username and password is a good idea. Hackers can sometimes find a list of multiple default passwords online. If your default password falls in such lists, it can be much easier for unauthorised criminals to access your router. Fortunately, most routers these days come with very random, unique passwords, but still, you can never be too careful.

How Do We Detect When a Lovense Adult Toy is Already Malware-infested?

Don’t wait until your Lovense smart toys begin to act up before you suspect the app might be infected with malware or hacked already. Some signs should tell you that your smartphone may contain a malware-infected app.

Malware Program

For example, if your phone starts rebooting randomly, you can suspect an infection somewhere. Do you notice your phone working slowly, lagging, or overheating without plugging in? Does the battery life also decrease significantly? All these signs can help you detect that one of your device’s apps has malware, which might be the Lovense App.

Another big tell is discovering unfamiliar apps on your phone’s app list. Chances are one of your apps already contains malware. Remember, you can protect yourself online and prevent malware attacks in the first place by connecting to a reliable VPN.

ExtremeVPN stands out among others because of its robust security and privacy features. It uses AES-256-bit encryption to ensure all your sensitive information does not leak. We follow a strict no-log policy, so you can be sure your privacy is always protected as long as you’re connected to the VPN.


To summarise, it’s best to be careful when using a Lovense smart toy or any remote-controlled adult toy. When connecting to these devices, your sensitive information can directly affect your privacy and security.

If you now decide you must try Lovense adult toys anyway, stick to the security recommendations we provided above. It would also be best to read the app’s privacy policy to understand how Lovense might use your information as a user.


How far away does the Lovense app work? Up
About 20-45 feet. Once connected to the Lovense Remote App, you can control your toys via Bluetooth at 20 to 45 feet. You can also connect through the internet over long distances, where you and your partner can control the vibration intensity, pattern, and amount using the app.
How did Lovense originate? Up
Dan Liu established Lovense in 2010 to break the barrier of romantic intimacy between long-distance couples. Liu was inspired by teledildonics and developed Lovense’s first app-based sex toys in 2013 – Max and Nora. Max was the first male vibrator, and Nora was the original Bluetooth rabbit vibrator.
Must I use a VPN to access the Lovense App? Up
No, using a VPN is not mandatory. However, if you care about your privacy and want to prevent hackers from accessing your personal and usage data, you should connect to a reliable VPN. ExtremeVPN has advanced security features, so you can rest easy knowing your data will not leak using the service.

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