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Best Proton VPN Alternatives in 2024

Last updated: May 12, 2024 12 min read
Alternatives For Protonvpn

If you are considering changing your VPN provider from Proton VPN to another or are curious about its competitors, our guide will help you with all your queries. No matter the reason, you can always find an alternative that provides more robust security features, vast server networks, and lower costs. Our guide will help you find the best alternatives to Proton VPN that will help you satisfy your needs.

The popularity of Virtual Private Networks is increasing daily as they are essential for those who want to secure their online identities. A VPN provider ensures that users can conduct their online activities without fear of being hacked or traced. While using a VPN, users can surf the web with complete anonymity.

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Proton VPN, among all providers, is a prominent one. It provides strong encryption, fast connection speeds, and VPN protocols that keep users safe while browsing. However, technological advancements have resulted in a modern age of VPN services. Today, there are hundreds of options available for customers. Let’s dive in to discover the alternatives to Proton VPN.

Best Proton VPN Alternatives – Quick List

Best Proton VPN Alternatives

Although ExtremeVPN is a top Proton VPN alternative, below is a list of additional options:

  1. Tunnelbear: An optimal VPN service offering customers an easy-to-use interface and robust security features to keep them safe online.
  2. Hide.me: It is a VPN service that focuses on user privacy and provides users with a no-logs policy and fast servers.
  3. PrivadoVPN: A VPN provider that prioritizes user privacy and secures user’s data by its encryption protocols.
  4. Windscribe: A VPN provider with many features, including ad-blocking and robust privacy protocols, and lets customers customize protocols per their needs.
  5. Hotspot Shield: A VPN famous for its optimal performance and fast servers allows users to surf the web safely and anonymously.

Reasons to Look for a Proton VPN Alternative

Proton VPN

Whatever VPN service you use will all serve the same main purpose: protecting your online identity. The primary distinction between VPN providers is how well they can give you the security you require. Some utilize advanced features for users’ safety, while others use basic features that hackers can readily harm.

Bypass Restrictions

Proton VPN is a reliable provider. However, it falls short in some areas where other VPN companies excel. It has a server network of 2697+ servers spread over 68 countries, which is the primary justification for looking at alternatives. Like ExtremeVPN, several other VPN service providers provide a vast network with over 6500 servers spread throughout 78 nations. A sizable server network is required to get around geo-restrictions and access users’ needs. As a result, Proton VPN users may experience slower connections and trouble accessing material in other countries.

Second, despite having a free plan that gives users access to 65 servers across three different countries, Proton VPN’s premium plans are comparatively more expensive than those of several rivals. Many competitors provide better features and security for less money. Due to this pricing consideration, customers may have an excellent cause to search for Proton VPN alternatives.

What Makes ExtremeVPN One of the Best Proton VPN Alternatives?

Why ExtremeVPN is the Best VPN for Expats in 2023

ExtremeVPN is undoubtedly the best Proton VPN alternative in 2024, properly balancing quality and price. It improves users’ security with a vast server network and a steady connection speed.

ExtremeVPN provides advanced security features like split tunneling, threat protection, dark web protection, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection that can improve your entire browsing experience. It also uses military-grade encryption AES-256 and advanced VPN protocols such as WireGuard. The above features ensure unmatched privacy and security shields that no hacker can breach.


ExtremeVPN is also compatible with various operating systems, including Linux, Smart TVs, routers, Android, and iOS. It employs a strict no-logging policy, which means that even ExtremeVPN cannot recognize you as a customer if the government or a third party requests your data.

You get exceptional internet safety by connecting to servers that filter risky websites, advertisements, viruses, trackers, and malware. Moreover, users can pair up to ten devices simultaneously with a premium ExtremeVPN subscription.

ExtremeVPN costs only $3.29 monthly for a one-year subscription, less than Proton VPN’s $6.56/month yearly plan.

Best Alternatives to Proton VPN – Detailed List

ProtonVPN Logo

Whatever you do online, your privacy should always be the top priority. ExtremeVPN is an excellent alternative to Proton VPN because it safeguards your devices against security risks and malware. Five additional VPNs have been highlighted carefully as alternatives to PrivateVPN. Consider their advantages and disadvantages as you go over each one in detail.

1. Tunnelbear

User-friendly interfaceUnsecured traffic leaks
Strong securityNo multi-platform support
No-logs policyLimited functions for iOS
Vigilant mode acts as a kill switchLimited advanced features
GhostBear feature to bypass censorshipCompatibility issues

Tunnelbear is an easy-to-use VPN service, well-known for its charming and friendly layout. It offers a reliable and secure VPN service with top-notch features. Users can easily access geo-restricted content with TunnelBear. The VPN provider offers a free basic plan for its users with up to 2GB of secure browsing. Additionally, since its 5000+ servers are in 47 countries, you can search for your preferred websites.

The unique “GhostBear” feature of TunnelBear enables users to circumvent VPN limitations and restrictions. Those residing in nations with limited Internet access could find this function to be of great use. Additionally, it offers users encryption and a trusted no-logo policy. The monthly fee for the unlimited plan is $3.33.

2. Hide.me

No-logs policyData cap on the free plan
Strong encryption protocolsLimited access to geo-restricted content
Optimal speedsLack of dedicated streaming servers
Multi-device supportPoor customer service

Hide.me promotes user privacy and high-quality encryption. Its 2100+ servers spread across 79 countries enables users to get around geo-restrictions. Users can protect their identity while doing online activities. The emphasis on user privacy on hide.me is a distinctive characteristic. Due to its stringent no-logs policy, it does not gather personal information from users.

The VPN provider additionally offers robust security and a variety of VPN protocols to allow consumers multiple choices of secure connections. Additionally, it guarantees that users can easily browse the internet, ensuring that no one is keeping track of or recording their online activity. With its convenient interface, it is dedicated to user privacy. It is a compelling choice for individuals seeking a trustworthy VPN solution. Although, Hide.me provides a free plan with limited features. However, a premium subscription costs around $2.59/month for its 27-month plan.

3. PrivadoVPN

Pros Cons
Fast speeds Accessing Netflix is sometimes not possible
Robsty security Some servers do not help in accessing geo-restricted content
Free plan Poor customer support
Secure servers Small server network

PrivadoVPN offers advanced security features, like AES 256-bit encryption, an automated kill switch, and a defined no-logging policy. It includes DNS and IPv6 protection. PrivadoVPN is a good choice for citizens with multiple devices or huge homes because it supports up to 10 connections and offers free and premium plans. It offers P2P traffic on over 400 of its servers.

It provides fast downloading speed and works well with popular torrenting programs like Vuze and qBittorrent. Meanwhile, it contains SOCKS5 proxy servers, offering more speedy torrenting than a random VPN. Your torrenting remains safe and secure with a kill switch, a no-logs policy, bank-grade encryption, and robust leak protection. However, it lacks additional features such as split-tunneling and a built-in speed, and it’s missing advanced security features unsuitable for streaming. It costs $2.50/month for its 1-year plan.

4. Windscribe

Advanced securityNot easy to use on a PC
Stealth modeFewer audit reports
Unlimited simultaneous connectionsData transfer limit
Optimal download speedsSmall server network

A full-of-features VPN service, Windscribe has become famous for its accessible approach and strong dedication to privacy. In 50 locations with 480 servers, this VPN helps users to access geo-restricted content. It allows users to maintain their online anonymity. The feature that makes Windscribe unique is its free plan, which offers users a limited amount of monthly data at no cost.

Additionally, Windscribe offers both free and paid plans with unlimited bandwidth and enhanced security features. To enhance the browsing experience, It also provides features like ad blocking and malware protection. Whether they are VPN newbies or more seasoned users looking for a safe and open online space, Windscribe appeals to both. Users looking for a free VPN service might find this alternative entertaining. The monthly price for a 1-year plan is $5.75.

5. Hotspot Shield

 Hotspot Shield
Trusted by 650M usersExpensive than competitors
No-logs policyNo open-source protocols
Kill switchNo compatibility with routers
P2P downloadingPoor customer support

The main feature for which a hotspot shield is widely known is its focus on speed and security. Hotspot Shield enables its customers to get over geo-limitations. Its 3200+ servers are spread across 80 countries. Hotspot Shield also provides its customers with free and premium plans.

One of the unique features of Hotspot Shield is its proprietary Hydra protocol. This feature is to deliver fast and reliable connection speeds. These features make it an optimal choice for streamers and gamers. In the meantime, it offers its users an automated kill switch to encrypt user data. In addition, to focus on speed and security, it is the best privacy solution for users. It costs $7.99/month for its 1-year plan.

So, What’s the Best Alternative to Proton VPN?

The number of servers counts towards choosing a VPN solution. Some people prefer the less expensive solutions because of cost, while others value privacy. While some VPN providers offer a basic free plan for users, they provide limited features, and users’ security is at risk. For only $3.29 per month, ExtremeVPN offers all the features required for the best privacy.


ExtremeVPN gives you end-to-end encryption for internet access with only one click. 78+ countries and more than 6500 servers are available through ExtremeVPN. With a 10 GBit connection speed, these servers enable users to view geo-restricted content anywhere in the world.

Military-grade AES-256 encryption is the best available and is used by ExtremeVPN. You may connect up to ten devices at once with ExtremeVPN. It stores no information about your activities. Its no-logs policy forbids retaining info, so users may browse freely without worrying about being watched. Users get the best security from ExtremeVPN with its security protocols like L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, IPSec/IKEV2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard.

ExtremeVPN’s Internet kill switch prevents data leaks when your internet connection drops. The customer service staff at ExtremeVPN is ready to help at all times. By concealing your IP address from prying eyes, ExtremeVPN allows you to download and anonymously upload P2P files. It employs features like dark web monitoring and threat protection that increase the privacy and security of your browsing.

Secure Public Wi-Fi Connections

Even while utilizing free public wifi, ExtremeVPN offers complete privacy and protects your online activity. With ExtremeVPN, you may encrypt your internet connection and shield yourself from distributed denial of service (DDoS) assaults while playing games. Use ExtremeVPN’s speedy VPN servers to stream your preferred programs uninterrupted. ExtremeVPN relocates your virtual IP address. It makes it possible to watch geo-restricted content, browse the web anonymously, and engage in other online activities.


Finally, as we all know, VPN services are growing, making it difficult for beginners to choose which provides solid security and encrypted connections. People are becoming increasingly concerned about their web search history. It is difficult to put your trust in any VPN. VPNs are becoming increasingly important since many governments prohibit residents from accessing restricted Internet information.

Without any doubt, ExtremeVPN is the most widely used and trusted VPN around the globe. Its vast server network offering P2P downloads and a strict no-logo policy allows users to browse the web anonymously. It ensures strong encryption for its users’ security. In the meantime, users can connect 10 devices at a time. All this makes ExtremeVPN the best alternative to any other VPN.

As a result, select an alternative that best suits your needs and provides you with the best security features. While using a VPN, you must be sure that your data won’t be compromised and that you are surfing the web anonymously.


Is there a VPN that is better than Proton VPN? Up
VPNs can be good or bad depending on the user’s choices; for example, if cost is an important consideration, some individuals may find Proton VPN too expensive. Some may consider alternatives because other providers give more features and privacy than Proton VPN. ExtremeVPN is thus the best alternative and outperforms Proton VPN.
Is ExtremeVPN superior to Proton VPN? Up
Both are reliable and widely used, but ExtremeVPN outperforms Proton VPN in every way. It has a more extensive server network and more robust security measures. ExtremeVPN offers greater security and privacy at a lower cost than Proton VPN.

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