Activate Split Tunneling in ExtremeVPN Android App
May 2, 2023
June 14, 2023
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One of the coolest features of the ExtremeVPN app is the Split Tunnelling feature. It allows you to divide your internet traffic between a VPN and your normal device network. It ensures your browsing safety when your location strictly censors the internet.

You can choose which websites and apps run through the encrypted VPN and which do not. Split tunneling maintains your access to local content while you enjoy international content at the same time.

It is easy to turn on the Split Tunneling feature in the ExtremeVPN app. Here are the steps you can follow to activate it on your app 👇

  • Click on the Hamburger icon (≡) at the top left corner of your screen.Servers
  • From the drop menu that appears, click on Settings.


  • Select the Advanced tab.

General Settings

  • Select the Split Tunneling option in the Advanced Settings tab.


  • The feature will be set to ‘All apps will use VPN’ by default.

Spilt Tunneling

  • Choose the apps you want to use through the VPN by clicking ‘Allow selected app to use VPN’ first.

App use vpn

  • If you do not want only some apps to run through VPN IP, tap on ‘Do not allow selected apps to use VPN.’
App use VPN

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