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10 Best Free Proxy Sites in 2024 (100% Working)

Last updated: April 2, 2024 13 min read
10 Best Free Proxy Sites

Many streaming sites implement country/ISP restrictions on their content, preventing users staying in specific locations from watching it. Fortunately, you can use a proxy server to bypass these restrictions and start streaming! We compiled a list of the 10 best proxy websites that allow you to browse freely without spending a dime.

Unblock All Streaming Platforms

Sometimes, when trying to watch a video on platforms like YouTube or Disney+, you may get a message that indicates you’ve been blocked from watching the video.

That is due to the country’s restrictions on the content available on the videos. If you’re still insistent on watching the video, you will need a tool that can help disguise your IP location as one that can access the video. That’s where a video proxy site comes in!

10 Best Free Video Proxy Websites – Quick List

10 Best Free Video Proxy Websites
  1. ExtremeVPN ProxyThe most reliable free proxy site on the web that assures you of complete privacy and anonymity.
  2. ProxySite – Offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to hide your IP address with ease.
  3. Kproxy – A popular proxy site you can use to surf the web anonymously.
  4. CroxyProxy – Offers advanced security features for its users.
  5. Webshare – An amazing service that offers a reliable and secure way to browse the internet.
  6. VPNbook – Boasts of a service that keeps your internet connection anonymous.
  7. Hide.me Proxy – A reliable VPN provider offering a proxy server. It lets you easily bypass restrictions from a site.
  8. 4everproxy – An anonymous and secure web proxy that offers many server locations for you to choose from.
  9. HideMyAss – A proxy service maintains a strict no-log policy, ensuring online privacy.
  10. Hidester – Alongside its proxy service, Hidester provides additional tools like a password generator.

What is a Proxy Server?


A proxy server is a useful tool that lets you connect to a website anonymously using the server’s IP address instead of your own.

The web proxy server masks your IP so that the website you visit will only see the proxy’s IP. However, proxies tend to work only on the application you set it up with, unlike a VPN that protects every app on your device once connected.

Regardless, most free proxy websites only require you to input a web address to get this freedom at no cost. But you can subscribe to a premium plan for a better browsing experience. This article highlights the best video proxy servers you can use, alongside their pros and cons, so you will know what to expect when using them.

Types of Proxies

There are many different proxies available today, which include:

Proxy Server
  1. Forward Proxy delivers data to a group of individuals connected within an internal network. When a user requests to enter a site, the proxy server checks your data to see whether you can access it and establish a connection.
  2. Public Proxies, as the name suggests, are for everyone. These proxies allow users to hide their IP from anywhere worldwide. However, one drawback is their security risk – these proxies can lead to several data breaches.
  3. Residential Proxies assign an IP address to a user that reflects a particular physical device where all requests are obtained and assessed.
  4. Anonymous proxies are designed to hide a user’s internet activities to provide maximum security.
  5. High anonymity proxies are an advanced form of anonymity proxy. These proxies take your anonymity to the next step by deleting the user’s data before the proxy directs to the requested site.
  6. Shared proxies let multiple users connect with the proxy simultaneously. They unblock websites, spoof your location, and bypass restrictions.
  7. Semi-dedicated proxy is relative to shared proxies but limits the number of users sharing the proxy. A semi-dedicated proxy is best for marketing, SEO research, and web scraping.
  8. Dedicated/Private proxies assign a special IP address to a single person. This proxy works best for streaming, marketing, eCommerce, etc.
  9. HTTP proxies lack encryption and aren’t safe to use, as many snoopers can hack your data. It’s important to note that these proxy servers are recommended for general web surfing and browsing.
  10. Secure Socket (SOCKS/SOCKS5) proxies allow only legitimate and trustworthy users to stay on the network when you’re using it. These proxy servers are best for gaming, VoIP calls, and downloading torrents.

Unblock Any Website Using a Free Proxy – Quick Guide


Here are simple steps you can do to access a website with a free proxy:

  1. Pick a proxy site that works best to unblock restrictions and limitations. ExtremeVPN proxy is the best choice among all, with fast servers worldwide.
  2. Head to the ExtremeVPN proxy site.
  3. Select a server from the list of “Locations” available. ExtremeVPN offers proxy servers from 3 countries (Canada, Singapore, and Netherlands).
  4. After selecting the location, copy and paste the link you want to unblock in the address bar.
  5. Hit “Enter” or press “Secure Browse” to access the website without limitations.

Detailed List – Best Free Video Proxy Servers


The list below contains the best free proxy servers available. However, we strongly recommend setting up a reliable VPN service like ExtremeVPN so that you can use all the apps on your device with unlimited freedom. Nevertheless, knowing the free proxy sites that are perfect to use is not a bad idea. Let’s start.

1. ExtremeVPN Proxy

ExtremeVPN Proxy
Our Rating


It offers high-speed proxy servers

Works only on single tab

ExtremeVPN Proxy outshines as the best proxy server on the internet and allows you to access video content anywhere worldwide without interrupting your internet speed. Alongside a fast speed, you can browse the internet completely anonymously and privately without paying a fee.

ExtremeVPN Proxy

ExtremeVPN proxy has an easy-to-use interface and offers fast servers from 3 countries (Canada, Netherlands, and Singapore) that allow you to access the site of your choice in seconds. All you have to do is visit the proxy site, type in the website address you wish to visit, and click the browse icon. It will successfully direct you to the website, and you can access anything without any limitations.

For a more secure experience, you can subscribe to our VPN for a budget-friendly price.

2. ProxySite

Our Rating


Hides your IP address

Contains ad popups

ProxySite is a free premium VPN option that allows you to connect to a server available in the US and EU. You can add it to your browser as an extension or use the web interface.


One interesting thing about this site is that it’s perfectly optimized for social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

3. Kproxy

Our Rating


Offers Chrome, Edge, and Firefox extensions

Logs your activity

If you’re searching for a free proxy site that will never require upgrading to a premium plan, Kproxy is your answer. A quality proxy service that won’t make you break a sweat when setting it up on apps or using it as a browser extension.


You can use this site from any location. Although it does not help bypass geo-blocked sites, you can bypass local network restrictions. The Kproxy free plan only gives you access to two server locations: Canada and France.

4. CroxyProxy

Our Rating


Supports HTML5 videos

It doesn’t allow manual server selection

CroxyProxy is a fast and reliable service you can try. It works well with YouTube and supports many other video proxy sites that support full video streaming. You won’t have to spend a dime to use this service. Plus, it can be easily configured on your web browser.


You can subscribe to its premium package to get advanced features. CroxyProxy provides quick links to popular platforms like Reddit and Facebook, which can be useful.

5. Webshare

Our Rating


Easy signup process

Limited bandwidth

Webshare is another typical example of a premium proxy site you can use without a fee. You can use this service with any app or on your web browser, and it offers a premium option for you to upgrade.


This service grants you access to 10 premium video streaming proxies once you sign up without asking you to input our card details. Plus, every month, you will get free bandwidth to use online. Depending on your preference, the platform’s web interface can be customized into a dark or light theme.

6. VPNbook

Our Rating


Simple interface

It may slow down your internet speed

VPNbook is an excellent and free proxy that you can use on its web UI. It provides how-to guides on setting up the platform on your device, which varies according to your device’s operating system.


This site is particularly best for users living in the US, UK, and Canada.

7. Hide.me Proxy

Our Rating


Hides your IP address

Annoying pop-ups

This is another video proxy site offered by a VPN provider that can unblock websites you can’t access. It has many free tools like a DNS leak test, IP checker, password generator, and WebRTC leak test.

Hide.me Proxy

Hide.me is very strict regarding protecting its users from data leaks, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy when using it.

8. 4everproxy

Our Rating


Offers HTTPs encryption

Exposes users data

4everproxy is an excellent service that offers servers in up to 22 locations, making it suitable for unblocking online content. This site allows you to customize sites such that you can choose to remove page titles or scripts.


Unfortunately, it can expose your data to third parties, which makes it easy for them to track your online activity.

9. HideMyAss

Our Rating


User-friendly interface

Doesn’t unblock Netflix

HideMyAss offers a free and fantastic proxy search, which you can choose to upgrade to its premium version. It boasts one of the world’s largest networks and also provides a commercial VPN.


The platform can unblock many streaming platforms and offers servers in Germany, the USA, and the UK.

10. Hidester

Our Rating


Strong encryption

Doesn’t work well with Netflix and other streaming sites

Hidester is a service that ensures that all your online activity performed through the site remains anonymous. The platform is web-based, so you don’t have to download or set up anything on your device.


Apart from its proxy service, it offers tools like a password generator, browser fingerprint, and a DNS leak test.

Free Proxy V/s VPN: Drawbacks of Using Free Proxy Websites

Free proxy sites let you access any website by assigning you a new IP address. However, they aren’t as secure as VPNs and have many limitations. Firstly, you may notice that these free proxy websites limit the encryption of your monthly cookies, and you have to face traffic limitations.

VPN Vs. Proxy

Another drawback is that a proxy site can sometimes display a website in a weird way. Suppose you visit a site and you are blocked from accessing some tabs on the website. Moreover, third parties like ISPs and the government can track your data if you’re using a proxy site. Note that a proxy site can’t unblock all sites and may lead you to experience bad performance.

All of these factors can create serious trouble for you. Hence, instead of putting your security at stake, subscribe to a premium VPN service like ExtremeVPN. We value your security like nobody else does. ExtremeVPN offers 6500+ secure servers in over 78 countries worldwide and implements a military-grade 256 AES encryption that keeps your activities secure on the web, no matter what.


Free video proxy websites can help you surf the web anonymously and unblock content that is not accessible in your location without spending a dime. But remember that these sites are not completely foolproof. So, while using them, you should avoid sharing sensitive information like your credit/debit card information or logging into important accounts. For better online protection, we recommend upgrading to ExtremeVPN, which offers thousands of server locations, advanced security features, and ultra-fast internet speed.


Is a proxy site the same as a VPN? Up
No, but they are similar. While both help mask your IP address so you can access blocked sites without revealing your online identity, a VPN encrypts all your traffic to protect you from external threats further.
How can I set up a video proxy site on my MacBook? Up
Follow the instructions below to do so; 1. Click on your Apple menu, which you will find in the upper-left corner. 2. Click on . 3. Select . 4. Choose the network service you want to use the proxy with (either Ethernet or WiFi) from the options on the left panel. 5. Select . 6. Select . 7. Under , check the box beside . 8. Enter the proxy server’s IP address and port number on the Web Proxy Server field. 8. Click to save changes.
Are proxy sites safe? Up
Generally, proxy sites can be considered safe. However, when it comes to free proxies, they tend to have intrusive ads and popups. Some of these ads may be embedded with malware. So, it’s best to exercise caution when using a free proxy site.
How can I manually set up a proxy site on Windows? Up
Here’s how you can do so; 1. Go to your . 2. Click on . 3. From the options on the left menu, select . 4. Under , switch on the option. 5. Under and , type the IP address and port number of the proxy server you wish to use. 6. Click on .
Is a VPN better than a proxy? Up
A VPN is a much better choice than a proxy site due to the extra protection it gives your device. Unlike a proxy that works only on the app you set it on, a VPN safeguards your internet connection from external threats.
Can I use a VPN and Proxy together? Up
If you are using a VPN, you don’t need a proxy. You automatically hide your IP address once you connect to a reliable VPN. It also helps to encrypt your internet traffic and protect your data, which a proxy site can’t do.

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