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The Best Video Streaming Services to Watch Movies and Shows in 2024

Last updated: June 14, 2024 36 min read
The Best Video Streaming Services Available Today

Streaming services have completely redefined how companies distribute entertainment media and how people access them. For many, the million-dollar question is, “Which streaming service should I choose?” Read more to see the answer to this question and learn what are the best streaming services available today.

Uninterrupted Streaming

Gone are the days of cable TV when people spent hours in front of their TVs just to watch their favorite shows and movies. The emergence of on-demand video streaming has made it easy for viewers to jump on whatever content they want to watch whenever they are online. However, with hundreds of options, deciding which to go for can sometimes be a hassle.

Worry less, though. You’ve just landed on the most comprehensive piece on the topic. In this article, you’ll learn about the 13 best streaming services available today, understand what is going well for them, and review other alternatives for maximum flexibility.

The 13 Best Streaming Services – A Quick List

The 13 Best Streaming Services

Are you short on time? Here’s a quick list of our 13 best streaming services for movies and TV:

  1. Netflix: The world’s most popular streaming service for a reason.
  2. Amazon Prime Video: Next-level entertainment, including hit movies, live TV and Amazon originals.
  3. Disney+: Watch Star Wars, Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and National Geographic on the original Disney streaming service.
  4. Hulu: Get access to over 90 channels to watch your favorite shows, sports, and live TV.
  5. Peacock TV: Affordable service that’s rapidly becoming a household name locally and internationally.6
  6. Max: Binge-watch Warner Bros’ entire catalog of content on Max and also enjoy original hit movies and shows.
  7. YouTube TV: Affiliated with the Big Three broadcast networks to deliver content across various genres.
  8. Crunchyroll: Best streaming platform to watch anime worldwide.
  9. Tubi: A streaming platform having a massive library of over 50,000 movies and TV shows with the very best in the streaming space.
  10. Fubo TV: Your one-ticket passport to various sporting events worldwide.
  11. Kanopy: Valuable for academic and family content and enables creators to make money.
  12. Plex: Get live and on-demand TV for free on virtually all devices.
  13. Kweli: Recommended choice for black-focused entertainment and international content.

Streaming Services Explained


A service describes a firm, company, or corporation’s assistance to its customers. As you’ll see from our streaming services, they all have a recognized organization or multiple companies backing them, and most cost certain fees. You can think of that fee as a service charge.

By paying, you enter into an agreement with the company until your payment expires. During that period, the streaming service must provide various entertainment content on its platform, like blockbuster movies, shows, and even foreign content like anime. When you also have an issue, a customer support agent should be available to assist you.

Streaming services generally have the legal right to provide whatever content you watch or download on their platform. Based on licensing agreements, they pay the movie or show owners a portion of the fees they charge their users. This means that using streaming services has no legal consequences whatsoever.

What is a Streaming Site?

Contrary to streaming services, a streaming site (or streaming website) is a website that allows you to download or watch movies, usually for free. Most streaming websites have no known owners and distribute content illegally.


As you would expect, numerous regions and governments have blocked many streaming websites due to their illegal nature. These websites have also responded by creating mirror links that, while still containing the same content as the original website, have very different URLs.

With streaming websites, there’s no such thing as customer service. The owners of most of these websites completely hide their identities to avoid getting in trouble with law enforcement agencies. Some also require log-ins for access, similar to how you have torrenting websites. However, these are very special cases. Virtually all streaming sites are free to access. Also, like streaming services, they provide a wide variety of content, including movies, series, shows, and animes. 

The Difference Between Streaming Services and Streaming Sites


Although people use them interchangeably, there are more differences between streaming sites and streaming services than there are similarities. Below, you’ll see some of these differences:


Streaming services usually belong to established businesses and organizations. Streaming sites are often the brainwork of mysterious and unknown individuals who will never show their faces at any point unless uncovered.


While you may find some free streaming services, most require a certain subscription fee or service charge. This payment enables the service to remain in business by paying for copyrighted materials and clearing staff salaries. Streaming sites are generally free to access, requiring no payment for registration or downloading content.

Type of Content

You can find streaming services for virtually any entertainment and media content. There are endless streaming services dedicated to movies, series, and shows. You’ll also find streaming services that broadcast live channels, TV, news, sports, and current affairs.

Streaming websites don’t offer the same level of variety as streaming services. Their catalogs are generally smaller compared to streaming services libraries. They typically also lack live TV, so you can’t watch sports, live events, news, and current affairs on them.

Customer Service

Streaming services provide excellent customer service to their customers. You’ll find that they have call centers that are always available to answer calls. Besides this, they have dedicated support webpages on their website and a Contact Us section. They also interact with users via various social media handles. Streaming websites don’t have all of these features due to the shadiness of what they do.

Accessibility and Geo-restrictions

Because streaming services operate with licenses and want to protect copyright, their platforms will often have geo-restrictions. This means that only the people within a geographical boundary can access them. Anyone outside that boundary will not get access unless using a VPN.

For streaming sites, the reverse is the case. Even though they’re distributing the same copyrighted material, they don’t emphasize legal protection. However, for this reason, many governments have blocked most streaming sites in their regions. You will either need a mirror link to access them or register with a premium VPN like ExtremeVPN.


Popular examples of streaming services include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Max, Disney+, and every other entry on our list. Our list isn’t exhaustive, though. There are hundreds of streaming services for you to choose from. Examples of streaming websites are Onionplay, VHMovies, FMovies, and Yesmovies.

The 13 Best Streaming Services – Detailed List

Best Streaming

Below, you’ll find our comprehensive list of streaming services and prices in 2024, their primary features, and their most popular titles and channels:

1. Netflix

Our Rating

$6.99 monthly (with ads)

Expansive content library at an affordable fee

Your content selection depends primarily on your location

Still the king of streaming services, despite unfavorable recent situations.

Even if you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Netflix. You have either “Netflix and chilled” alone, with your friends, or you have a friend who has. Netflix’s humble beginning as a movie rental service doesn’t prepare one for its eventual status and position as the world’s largest streaming service.

What makes Netflix so popular is the sheer number of content in its catalog. Due to having libraries in virtually all the countries it exists in, there’s no definite number for the size of Netflix’s catalog. Netflix is one of the best streaming services for movies.


Some of Netflix’s most popular titles include The Umbrella Academy, Bojack Horseman, Life on Our Planet, and Jumanji. From hit series to cartoons and documentaries, Netflix carefully curates its titles to serve a large audience base.

You can download Netflix on your mobile devices, whether iOS or Android, to stream movies on the go. On your PC, you can access Netflix via a VPN and experience all the platform offers. To cater to its growing customer base, Netflix is available on smart TVs, digital media players, and gaming consoles like Xboxes and PlayStations.

How much does it cost?

Netflix’s fees are also very affordable, and you can even get it cheaper by using a VPN and switching to one of the countries with the cheapest Netflix subscriptions. Countries like Pakistan, Egypt, and India have very cheap Netflix plans for almost the same value quality as UK, USA, and Canada customers. Until early 2022, the company also allowed password sharing, allowing numerous people without accounts to enjoy Netflix’s entertainment.

There are generally three packages you can subscribe to on Netflix, depending on the quality of entertainment you wish to get. They are Standard with ads, Standard, and Premium. Standard with ads costs only $6.99 per month and enables access to Netflix’s entire library in HD. As the name suggests, you’ll come across ads between movies and shows. Additionally, you can download any content to your device to watch later with this plan.

The Standard plan ups the ante, providing access to Netflix’s entire content library without ads. You can also watch movies in full HD and download them to two devices with one account. This plan costs $15.49 per month. Finally, you can subscribe to the premium plan for $22.99 monthly. This plan enables you to stream simultaneously on up to four devices and download to watch later on about six devices. You can stream your content in ultra HD and get premium sound quality with spatial audio.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video
Our Rating

$14.99 monthly

Lets you rent or buy movies and TV shows 

A smaller content library compared to competitors like Netflix

A strong contender for the king of the streaming crown.

Prime Video is a streaming service from Amazon, one of the largest technology companies in the world. Trusted by many fans worldwide for its content quality and library size, Prime Video has established libraries for itself in various countries worldwide.

Prime Video’s library contains globally recognized series and shows like The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. The company also continues to add new titles so that there’s always something to watch.

Amazon Prime Video

The Prime Video app is available for all major devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. This app lets you download movies on up to three devices simultaneously with the same account.

Doesn’t matter your location; you’re always one click away from streaming your favorite movies. The Prime Video app is available for all major devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. The app lets you download movies on up to three devices simultaneously with the same account.

How much does it cost?

One of Prime Video’s greatest competitive advantages over Netflix is the free trial that it provides. Before paying for the app, you can use it for seven days to see if its catalog contains your desired movies or if its service quality is to your taste. You can cancel this free trial whenever you decide.

If you upgrade your plan from the free trial to a premium account, you can go the Amazon Prime or the Prime Video route. Prime Video via an Amazon Prime subscription costs $14.99 per month or $139.00 per year. This allows you to stream on three devices in ultra HD and 4K quality. A standard Prime Video subscription only costs $8.99 monthly and provides the same features as the Amazon Prime membership.

3. Disney+

Our Rating

$7.99 monthly (with ads)

Home of the world’s most popular entertainment franchises like Star Wars and Marvel

Massive focus on America and American media

The home of Star Wars, Pixar, and Disney movies.

Star Wars is so popular in the USA that it has become an American tradition. In a survey, about 80% of 1,186 respondents in the country said they’d seen at least one of its movies. In 2012, Disney acquired the rights to the film and has used it to lure people to its streaming service, Disney+.

Disney+ is also the home of whatever Disney and its subsidiaries, like Pixar and Marvel, produce. This means Disney+ is where you can watch superhero blockbusters like Doctor Strange and Captain America and widely acclaimed animated movies like Encanto and Wreck-it-Ralph. This family-friendly platform provides access to National Geographic content and classic Disney animations like The Lion King and Mulan.


Disney+ is available for download on all major operating systems, including iPhones and iPads, Android devices and tablets, Amazon Fire tablets, and Windows PCs.

How much does it cost?

Disney+ has two pricing options: with ads or without ads. Disney+ Basic, which has ads, costs $7.99 per month, while Disney+ Premium, which has no ads, costs $13.99. You can also opt for the yearly plan at $139.99 for premium.

Beyond the removal of ads that you get with Premium, you can also download unlimited content from the platform. This isn’t available for Disney+ Basic subscribers. Both Basic and Premium subscribers get up to 4K playback with HDR and Dolby Vision support on select titles, can stream on up to 4 separate devices simultaneously, and can add up to seven profiles.

4. Hulu

Our Rating

$7.99 monthly (with ads)

Affordable pricing

A small selection of content compared to competitors

A wonderful blend of on-demand and live TV.

Despite being owned by The Walt Disney Company, Hulu has its separate identity from Disney+. A core area in which the service excels is how successfully it blends live and on-demand TV. You can watch over 90 channels, including ABC, Animal Planet, Adult Swim, Fox, and ESPN. Hulu ensures you’re always updated, from sports to live news and events.


Entertainment lovers can also discover some interesting movies and shows on Hulu, like Family Guy, Avengers Endgame, Star Wars The Mandalorian, and DIsney’s Cruella. The platform also has original content, including Only Murders in the Building, Faraway Downs, and The Artful Dodger. Hulu is available to watch at home and on the go. You can download the app for Android and iOS devices or stream it on your laptop via the website.

How much does it cost?

Unlike other services on this list, Hulu only works in the US. Over there, it has two plans: “Hulu with Ads” and “Hulu without Ads.” The Hulu with Ads plan only costs $7.99 monthly and grants you access to Hulu’s entire content library and channel list. You can also have up to 6 user profiles and watch two different devices with the same account. However, you can’t download shows to watch later.

Hulu without Ads provides all the benefits of the Hulu with Ads plan with the additional benefits of downloading to watch later and having an ad-free streaming experience. Being a Disney service, there are special packages of Hulu that you can subscribe to with other Disney services. You can get the Disney bundle to merge content from Hulu and Disney+ for $14.99 monthly. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Hulu + Live TV package to watch Hulu, Disney, and ESPN+ at $76.99 per month.

5. Peacock TV

Peacock TV
Our Rating

$5.99 monthly

Quality content at affordable fees

Limited original content and programming.

Affordable streaming service with an impressive catalog of movies and TV shows.

Peacock TV is a streaming service focusing on content quality and affordable fees. Already a favorite in most American households, the platform offers over 50 channels for streaming, including NBC and all its affiliate channels. Some of NBC’s greatest hits are Friends and Seinfeld, due to being NBC’s original content.

Peacock TV

The Office, which was on Netflix, is now exclusive to Peacock. Other popular shows in Peacock’s catalog include The Continental from the World of John Wick, Saturday Night Live, Superstore, and This Is Us. Peacock offers a degree of flexibility characteristic of only the best streaming services in the world. You can download the app on iOS and Android devices, Roku TV, Fire TV, and Android TV. The service also exists on gaming consoles, Chromecast, Xfinity, and Flex devices.

How much does it cost?

Like other streaming services, Peacock also makes ads the defining differences between its two packages. However, rather than just calling them “With ads” and “Without ads,” the company decided to be creative, opting for Premium and Premium Plus.

Premium costs $5.99 monthly for unrestricted access to over 50 channels, new and popular older shows from NBC, films, and original content. The company also provides an annual plan for $59.99, providing the opportunity to save $12.

Premium unlocks Peacock completely, but the presence of ads can sometimes make streaming frustrating. For this reason, Peacock also has an ad-free package, costing $11.99 per month. This package is $119.99 annually, allowing subscribers to save as much as $24. It gives you access to all the benefits of Premium, and you can download content to your device for offline viewing.

6. Max

Our Rating

$9.99 montly (with ads)

Accessible on all major devices

Smaller movie selection yet slightly higher price compared to competitors

The streaming service prioritizes quality over quantity.

Max (formerly HBO Max) is a popular streaming service in the US and Europe. Pooling content from HBO, DC Comics, Warner Bros, and more, this streaming service’s consistent focus on quality has helped it reach an audience of over 75 million and is still growing.

You can watch popular movies, shows, and TV series and also get exclusive access to Max Originals. Some of the big service’s biggest titles are The Last of Us, Sex and the City, Sesame Street, Chernobyl, and Gangs of London. It also has highly-rated movies like Parasite, Dune, and other popularly discussed older classics. You’ll most likely find a show to your viewing pleasure by exploring the platform.


HBO has also made its service available on all major platforms to keep the competition tight and reach a large audience. You can download the app on your iOS and Android smartphones to keep up with your favorite content and shows. Want more? Download the app on gaming consoles, smart TVs, and various streaming devices.

How much does it cost?

While its catalog is moderately sized and lets you steam quality content, HBO Max is a little pricey compared to competitors. The regular “With Ads” plan costs $9.99 monthly and $99.99 annually. If you prefer your streaming not to be interrupted by ads, you can go for the “Without ads” plan at $15.99 per month and $149.99 per year.

At the moment, Max is also offering a B/R sports add-on for free until February 29. Once that period elapses, this add-on will cost $9.99 monthly on top of your max subscription.

Regardless of whether you choose the base plan or the Without ads plan, you get unlimited access to every movie, series, and show on Max. Both also allow you to stream in HD and on two devices simultaneously. Beyond the absence of ads, the number of offline downloads is another reason that makes the second plan worthwhile. Buying the without-ads plan grants you 30 downloads for offline viewing.

7. YouTube TV

YouTube TV
Our Rating

$72.99 monthly

Over 100 live channels for unmatched, endless streaming

Expensive fee compared to other plans

YouTube means business with its content-filled streaming service.

YouTube’s entry into the streaming industry is quite different and unique. The world’s most popular video-sharing platform offers live and on-demand content while blending shows, series, and movies from the Big Three broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC). This means you’ll get what most other channels offer from YouTube TV alone.

A strong contender for 2024’s best streaming site title, YouTube TV offers more content by size and category than most traditional streaming services. By paying for this service, you can access over 100 live TV channels, including television networks and sports. To supplement this massive library size, YouTube TV also provides unlimited cloud DVR storage to save and watch content later.

YouTube tv

You can use YouTube TV across numerous devices, making streaming seamless whether at home or on the go. Supported devices include gaming consoles, most smart TVs, streaming devices, smartphones, and PCs.

How much does it cost?

When a streaming service offers diverse and quality content like YouTube TV, you can expect its subscription to be mildly expensive. Normally, YouTube TV costs $72.99 per month, but you can leverage first-time customer benefits and get it for only $50.99. There’s also a 7-day free trial for you to experience what the service offers.

In addition to the Base Plan, YouTube TV offers the less-expensive Spanish Plan. This plan provides the same features as the Base Plan, including unlimited Cloud DVR storage space, special key features, six household accounts, and three streams. However, while the Base Plan lets you watch 100 live channels, the best this plan does is provide access to 30 Spanish channels. As previously said, it’s less expensive, costing only $34.99 monthly.

8. Crunchyroll

Our Rating

$7.99 monthly

Extensive anime library for dubbed and subbed content

Only anime content, which means no original programming

The best streaming service for anime.

Crunchyroll is an anime-focused streaming service from the US. The United States has a very large anime fan base, coming in second only to Japan, the original home of anime. What makes Crunchyroll the number one anime destination is its massive catalog size. By scrolling through its library, you’ll think the company has a deal with every anime studio in Japan. You can spend hours binge-watching shows from classics to modern titles without running out of content.

Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, and One Punch Man are only some of the big names in Crunchyroll’s database. There are also moderately popular titles like Mob Psycho and Mr. Osomatsu. For some fans, what drives them to Crunchyroll is that it can broadcast anime very quickly. You can find most titles an hour after they’ve aired in Japan.


Crunchyroll works on devices such as iOS and Android, gaming consoles, and media players. However, the availability of the platform on some devices depends on territory.

How much does it cost?

There are three different packages you can subscribe to on Crunchyroll: Fan, Mega Fan, and Ultimate Fan. Fan costs $7.99 monthly, contains ads, and only lets you stream on one device at a time. Mega Fan costs $9.99 monthly and lets you stream simultaneously without ads and on up to four devices. UIltimate Fan costs $14.99, removes ads, and lets you stream on six separate devices simultaneously.

Subscribing to any of these plans also lets you watch shows in 1080p for crystal-clear streaming. One interesting about Crunchyroll is that it also offers a free account with ads. This significantly limits your access to Crunchyroll’s content library, but you can still watch certain animes you’ll struggle to find on most streaming sites. Additionally, the company offers a 14-day free trial for a full experience to help you decide whether you want the service or not.

9. Tubi

Our Rating


Free access to a variety of content

Lacks original content

A massive content library at no cost.

No list of the best streaming services will be complete without adding Tubi. This streaming service’s library contains over 50,000 movies, shows, and series for over 74 million monthly active users. For a completely free streaming platform, Tubi is giving the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video a run for their money.


Some of the more popular titles in its library are Everybody Hates Chris, Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Although Tubi generates most of its revenues from ads, we were quite surprised how minimally the service shows you ads. On average, you see about three ads for every hour of content you watch, which is manageable by all standards.

How much does it cost?

You already know the answer if you’ve followed the conversation up to this point. Tubi is a completely free-to-use streaming service without monthly or annual subscription fees. Just create an account and stream your favorite movies and shows without any restrictions.

10. Fubo TV

Fubo TV
Our Rating

$74.99 monthly

Hundreds of sports, entertainment, and kids channels

Relatively expensive fees compared to other streaming services

Netflix, but for live sports.

When you need to watch sports content, Fubo should instantly come to mind. Many review websites think that aside from being the best sports streaming service, Fubo is the best streaming service overall. Fubo’s extensive channels offering of about 50 sports channels enables you to catch up on any sporting events live. If, for any reason, you’re unable to watch live, you can record for later using the cloud DVR storage that the platform provides.

Fubo’s area of strength might be sports, but you’d be wrong to think that’s the only content it offers. Fubo provides over 200 channels for kids’ shows, entertainment and lifestyle content, movies, and shows. You can watch just about anything on this versatile streaming channel. Some of the best channels on Fubo are ESPN, Fox Sports Network, NBA League Pass, and MLB Network.

Fubo TV

Boasting channels like Nickelodeon, Paramount Network, BBC America, and Disney Channel, you can also watch various American shows on this platform. Some popular ones include Family Guy, Saturday Night Live, This Is Us, and The Simpsons. Fubo is available on multiple platforms, including game consoles, browsers, iOS and Android devices, and multimedia streaming devices.

How much does it cost?

You can subscribe to four different Fubo plans: Latino, Pro, Elite, and Premier. Except for Latino, each grants you access to at least 150 channels. Fubo’s Latino plan costs $32.99 per month and unlocks Spanish-language TV. It provides 250 hours of cloud DVR storage space, and you can stream on two separate screens with a single account at the same time.

Pro, Elite, and Premier cost $74.99, $84.99, and $94.99 monthly, respectively. By buying Pro, you can watch Fubo on up to 10 screens on your home network and three additional devices outside. You also get 1,000 hours of DVR space to record important shows and watch them later. Above Pro, you have Elite for the truly elite sports and entertainment lovers. It offers everything in Pro, but now, you can stream in 4K for an immersive experience. You also receive a News Plus subscription and additional channels.

Finally, you can subscribe to the Premier plan and experience a different dimension of Fubo’s programming. This plan offers everything in Elite plus additional channels and Showtime live and on-demand. You can customize your viewing experience with add-ons such as STARZ and MLB.TV.

11. Kanopy

Our Rating


Thousands of on-demand free shows and movies

Restrictions on the category and genre of available content

The best streaming service for educational and family content.

Kanopy is a truly unique streaming service, which may explain why you’ve probably not heard of it. This streaming service partners with public libraries and universities to deliver thoughtful, brain-stimulating entertainment. That means you’ll come across numerous documentaries, educational videos, foreign films, classic cinema, family-friendly, and independent films on this platform.


Accessing Kanopy requires either your university email or library card. This is possible because the streaming service has partnered with various public libraries and universities around the world. If your library or university is one of the supported ones, you’ll get access to shows like Mr. Hublot, Captain Fantastic, and Moonlight on Kanopy. In all, this platform offers thousands of titles for streaming, and all are available on demand.

How much does it cost?

If you can access Kanopy through your university or with your public library card, then you don’t need to worry about any subscription fees. Kanopy is completely free because those partner universities and libraries have covered all associated costs, enabling you to stream content without ads.

12. Plex

Our Rating


A perfect blend of a streaming service and a personal media server

Some aspects of the media server setup may require technical expertise

The best service for personal media server setups.

Plex is a platform capable of a surprising number of things. You can use it as a traditional media service and binge-watch content from various production houses like Warner Bros, MGM, Lionsgate, and many more. Providing over 600 channels in total, Plex can help you unlock your inner couch potato for quality and enjoyable streaming time.


Plex’s software is also perfect for you to set up your collection of movies, shows, music, and even pictures. The software integrates perfectly with virtually all streaming services, enabling you to keep a single, unified list of every TV show or movie that you hear about. It doesn’t end there. Plex also helps you add theater releases to your list, so you don’t have to hop about various sites and services to add movies to your wishlist.

How much does it cost?

Plex operates on a model called ad-supported video on demand (AVOD). This means you can create a free account and access content in return for occasional ads that the company shares. While it’s not entirely necessary to create an account, creating an account comes with various benefits. This includes access to your universal Watchlist, customizing the streaming services that appear in your search results, and picking up where you left off on any device.

Plex does have a paid plan, though, called the Plex Pass, that costs $4.99 per month, $34.99 per year, and $119.99 for a lifetime subscription. The standard free account already offers screen casting to other devices, support for various media formats, and 4K streaming. You retain all these with Plex Pass.

Additionally, Plex Pass subscribers get Premium Photos and Music options, including auto-tagging and automatic lyrics, support for Live TV via an antenna and tuner, and offline mobile syncing. Plex Pass also features multi-user support, a Timeline organizational view, and early access to new Plex features.

13. Kweli

Our Rating

$2.99 monthly (with ads)

Offers content from various continents and countries worldwide

Limited content due to the emphatic focus on black and African movies and shows

Trusted streaming service for streaming black content from anywhere in the world.

There’s only one thing that Kweli brings to the table: black excellence. This platform primarily focuses on content from black creators in and outside of Africa. Whether it’s a classical or modern movie, if it has a black producer, chances are you will find it on Kweli.


There are numerous content categories to stream here, including indie films, web series, animation, wellness, audio stories, and business. In all, this platform boasts over 700 titles from the African diaspora, and you can stream on the web or one of the platform’s mobile apps.

How much does it cost?

By now, you should have discovered a pattern amongst these streaming services regarding their subscription plans. They offer a plan with ads on the one hand and a plan without ads on the other. It is exactly this same trend that Kweli decides to follow.

You can subscribe to KweliKIDS for ad-supported streaming at just $1.99 per month. This plan focuses on kids, providing access to over 100 children’s movies and shows. Aside from access to member-only programs and events, there’s not much going on with this plan. If you don’t want that plan, other available plans are monthly with ads for $2.99, monthly without ads for $5.99, and annual with ads for $49.99.

Each of these plans lets you access Kweli’s entire content library, which is over 700 channels, alongside other perks like brand discounts and Kweli merch.

Problems with Free Streaming Sites

63 Best Free Streaming Sites for Movies and TV Shows

Usually, before you register with or pay for any streaming service, you’ll first argue with yourself about why you should choose them when streaming sites are available. Not only are streaming sites free compared to most streaming services, but they also typically don’t have geo-restrictions.

However, these benefits are simply blessings in disguise, and you should avoid free streaming sites as much as possible. Firstly, the owners of these sites typically never come out to claim them. This makes them huge security risks because nothing guarantees they don’t belong to hackers or cybercriminals looking for ways to infiltrate your device. You may pick up a virus from the numerous ads you’ll typically find on these sites.

Most streaming sites are also illegal websites that compile content from different sources and distribute it without permission. Since this infringes on copyright, governments worldwide typically find these websites and either ban or block them. That means despite lacking geo-restrictions, there’s still a high chance that you won’t be able to access a streaming site from where you are.

From this, we can bring out another point. When a government blocks something, doing it can have legal consequences. If you’re accessing streaming sites in a location where they’re banned, and law enforcement agencies catch you, you can become the subject of litigation. The fine for this can range from a few dollars to spending time in jail.

Imitators will often develop copies and clones of that website to bypass these government restrictions but under a different URL. The interface, catalog, and content of the website remain the same for the most part, but the streaming speeds can be slow, and audiovisual quality suffers. For platforms like this, the risk of malware incursion is also high due to increased ads.

So, the next time you visit a free streaming site, you should know one simple fact. Whatever you save in terms of money, you’ll pay with your online security, privacy, and anonymity.

Use a VPN to Protect Yourself on Any Streaming Site


Ideally, you should avoid streaming sites as much as possible. Due to their free nature, though, hundreds and thousands of people will prefer to go to them rather than using a streaming service. In this situation, being someone who values privacy, you start thinking of how to protect yourself.


Tips like using antivirus software and not submitting personal information to the site are highly recommended and helpful. Above all, ensure you always use a premium, high-quality VPN like ExtremeVPN. It values your privacy over everything and ensures you stream whatever you want from anywhere worldwide.

VPNs help you get the best of legal services, like streaming platforms, if you’ve subscribed to any. On illegal services like streaming sites, VPNs help keep your privacy and security intact, ensuring nothing ever compromises them.

Other Streaming Services Available

Seamless Streaming

In our list, we’ve covered the 13 best streaming services that your money can currently get you, but know that our list isn’t exhaustive. Any thriving market always has fierce competition, and the streaming industry isn’t any different.

Some high-quality streaming services not covered in our list that you can also subscribe to include Paramount+, Apple TV+, Sling TV, and BBC iPlayer.

Sling TV is renowned for its budget-friendliness without any compromise on content quality. When you weigh it against other top streaming platforms, you’ll see that you’ll save close to $20 on monthly subscriptions.

When you subscribe to Paramount+, you’ll be localizing all of CBS’s content and Paramount’s movies and shows. Overall, you can access original movies and series, live sports streaming and coverage, and news and current affairs. Despite its massive library size, this platform is very affordable, with the lowest plan costing a mere $5.99 per month.

Beyond these mainstream services, you can also choose from local streaming services, focusing only on local content and channels. You can explore these other streaming platforms and compare them with the streaming services in our list to see which serves your personal needs.

Buying Guide: Which Streaming Services Should You Pay for?

Before you give any streaming service your money, there are some important criteria you must first look out for. Firstly, you have to consider the catalog size. This is so important that we have dedicated an entire section to it in this article. Next, you consider the quality of the content, how affordable the streaming service is, and, finally, the features.

There isn’t a particular order for ranking these factors. Beyond having a massive library size, which everyone intuitively searches for, you can rank the other three based on needs and personal preference. Choosing a streaming service with high-quality content means that you always have something to look forward to. The feeling you get from watching trending and highly-rated shows or movies is different from what you get when you watch one with a lower production value.

Cost is one of the ultimate determiners of the streaming service people eventually use. While some streaming services charge fees that match the type of programming and content that they offer, some are just overpriced. Research thoroughly to ensure that you get value for your money. Also, rather than pay for one overpriced streaming service, why not pay for two and significantly expand your options?


Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are so affordable that the cost of subscribing to both is still cheaper than what some streaming services charge per month. It’s also helpful to consider what the streaming service can do feature-wise. For example, one of the standard features of modern-day streaming services is that they can record shows and movies to watch later. If your chosen streaming service can’t do that, then you may need to reconsider.

No Catalog, No Streaming Service

If a streaming service wishes to stay in business, its catalog must be relatively big and contain shows with high production values. The top streaming services are aware of this, which is why they also produce original movies, series, and shows. Typical examples are The Boys, The Umbrella Academy, and The Handmade’s Tale from Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu, respectively.

Some of the greatest competitive advantages of streaming services over traditional cable TVs are the diversity they offer in streaming options and the creativity in their programming. To completely displace these cable TVs, these streaming services now even have live channels for news, entertainment, and sports.

For example, YouTube TV lets you watch over 100 live channels for a completely diverse streaming experience. Platforms like Fubo and Crunchyroll also manage to keep their relevance due to focusing on one entertainment category and being incomparable at it.

Consolidation and New Channels

Fast streaming

Competition is at an all-time high in the streaming industry today. Any streaming service that’s either not resilient or incapable of giving what it takes to survive will close down or get acquired by another company. To bolster their presence in the streaming space, companies have been forming mergers, launching new services, and rebranding and improving existing ones.

CBS and Viacom banded together to launch Paramount+ alongside a Showtime bundle. Disney bundles Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN together for a definitive sports and entertainment experience. Crunchyroll has also reduced its competition after absorbing its main competitors, Funimation, VRV, and Wakanim. Amazon bought MGM for $9 billion, considerably enhancing Prime Video’s library, and Warner Bros and Discovery partnered to form Max, a new streaming powerhouse.

This ever-changing streaming landscape isn’t without consequences for consumers. Firstly, it removes the flexibility that attracted numerous consumers to most of these streaming services over cable TV. It also comes with its challenge of streaming rights and new services, generally accompanied by increased costs. Live TV streaming services also struggle to adjust to the rising costs of broadcast rights from cable channel owners.

How Do I Livestream Sports Online?

Smooth Streaming of Your Favorite Content

Among many sports fans, there’s this misconception that you lose access to sports content when you ditch cable TV. There are, however, numerous streaming services that let you stream content. Beyond sports-dedicated streaming services like Fubo, some of the streaming entries in our list also provide sports content to varying degrees. Disney+, through the ESPN bundle, provides vast access to sports events and competitions across the world, while YouTube provides live channels where you can also catch up on the latest in the sporting world.

You may expect to find some limitations in the range of sports competitions that some of these streaming services offer. This issue generally occurs due to failure to obtain broadcasting rights for that particular competition. Nonetheless, you can watch some of the world’s most popular sports, including MLB, NFA, NBA, NHL, and Soccer.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Our list contains 13 of the best streaming services that you can subscribe to in this period. You should know, though, that this list is by no means exhaustive. There are hundreds of streaming services available out there, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

This list doesn’t rank the streaming services based on which is best or worst. In selecting these entries, we considered major factors that can influence the choice of streaming services, like features and functionality, cost, and content quality. You can still explore alternatives though, based on what you actually want to see or watch.

For example, if you want to binge-watch Stranger Things, Netflix is the streaming service to go. On the flip side, finding Star Wars movies or shows on Netflix might be a waste of time, as those belong to Disney. You might even be the type who prefers local shows from your country rather than what streaming giants provide. In that case, you may need to go to one of the local streaming hubs in your country.


Regardless of your streaming service, you’ll need a fast internet connection and a compatible device to stream. After that, register with a quality VPN, such as ExtremeVPN. Virtually every streaming service features some form of geo-restrictions, meaning a VPN will come in very handy. Since most of these services are only active in the USA, ExtremeVPN can help geo-spoof your location to that region to unlock the streaming service.


When it comes to selecting streaming services, your taste and preferences will be the ultimate decider. Some streaming services have built their reputation through the years and become household names in the industry. You can select from one of these services as there’s a high chance that you’ll find what you need in them. However, if you’ve used other services that our list doesn’t cover, share your opinion about it below.


Why is it called a streaming service? Up
It’s called a “streaming service” because it continuously transfers files from a server to a client. Unlike cable TV, which lets you watch pre-scheduled programs and shows, streaming services enable you to choose precisely the shows you want to see rather than what is currently on air.
What makes streaming services so popular? Up
The simple answer here is flexibility and content quality. You can watch whatever you want, whenever, and the quality of content usually also outmatches what’s obtainable with cable TV. Additionally, video streaming services also let you remove ads, which is typically impossible with cable TVs.
Can you access every streaming service globally? Up
Virtually every video streaming service features a kind of geoblock. For them, content distribution depends on licensing and agreements. If the streaming service doesn’t have the right to broadcast content in a region, it’ll be unavailable.
What Netflix’s library has the largest title? Up
Despite being the home of Netflix, the US doesn’t have the most extensive Netflix library. Slovakia holds that title with 8,427 titles. The other four countries that make the top five are Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, and Iceland, with 8,272, 8,092, 8,071, and 8,012 titles respectively.
Will I lose my subscription immediately if I unsubscribe from any streaming service? Up
This depends on the date you cancel and the service’s policy on canceling subscriptions, but that will not happen for the most part. Say you sign up for a service on the 10th of January and cancel on the 12th. For most video streaming services, you’ll retain access to the service until the 10th of February.
What are the most popular streaming services? Up
Netflix is, by far, the biggest streaming service in the world, with over 247 million paid subscribers globally as of September 2023. In second place is Amazon Prime Video with 240 million subscribers, then Disney+ with 150 million.
Can I get local channels with streaming services? Up
This generally depends on your country. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video partner with local movie producers to develop homegrown content, but they don’t have local channels. We recommend finding a local streaming service to subscribe to if local content and channels matter to you.

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